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Re-stock of these beautiful dresses from Skye swimwear. Can be worn strapless or halter. Comes in two prints and solid black.
Want to get away? How about taking a trip to the Maldives! #maldives #islands #beach #vacation #getaway#mustdotravels

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Cuáles son los tres pilares de nuestro trabajo en las escuelas de Panamá? What does our work consist of?
1. Mejoras de infraestructura 🚧
2. Clases de inglés 🇬🇧
3. Actividades de natación 🏊 y surf 🏄🏽
Somos una fundación panameña que está siendo patrocinado por
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Vídeo hecho por: @ramonmartinezdop @nicozanafotografia
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First take! Hey there! So My fellow famous professional yoga teacher bud has a request. His name is @ryanorrico And He wants us to become more comfortable talking or he's kinda sick of how boring Instagram has gotten. I guess I agree. It's all like butterflies and puppy dogs.
Well so he requests we shoot a video of ourselves talking into and staring at our phones. It's A #randomtalkingvideo .
He thinks it's good for us. He thinks it's more "real" .
I like the idea of us talking and being ourselves instead of posting pretty pics, but this still isn't real. I mean at least it's different and a bit spontaneous but it's still not "real."
To me nothing will compare to face to face interaction or even a phone call ... when I teach yoga one of my mantras is to stop relying so much on our phones and be comfortable just chilling w no interruptions, distractions or a phone in our face.
my chiropractor says he's never had so many clients with neck issues and he thinks it's cause we stare so often looking down at our phones..
I was in a class earlier this year and we all had to go around the room and talk about ourselves. And barely anyone could without freaking out or getting nervous. And I think it's because we spend so much time staring at our phones, interacting electronically with one another and so we're rarely comfortable speaking face to face.
Since I like @ryanorrico I thought I'd share my own video. Since I'm a musician , dj and now a famous professional yoga teacher I've never felt shy talking even in front of a Camera..
I hope this video gets me on television ...
That's what all yoga teachers want, to be famous and be repped by @spiritualgangster .

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