Should You Invest in Palm Jumeirah Property?

There are no words to describe the beauty of Palm Jumeirah. Even the words of “excellent” or “marvelous” fall short when trying to put into words the appealing icon of Palm Jumeirah. It’s known as the 8th wonder of the world, and rightly so.

It’s an artificial island which spreads 5km in the waters of the Arabian Gulf from the coast of Dubai. One can even see it from the sky as an arrangement of archipelagos. It resembles a palm tree and serves as a top tier tourist attraction.

Still unrivaled, it’s main trunk boasts 17 fronds which are further divided to east and west directions on the water. Moreover, there is another structure having the form of a Crescent situated at the top of the tree on all 3 sides.

The Palm Jumeirah is an iconic property development of the world. Each year, property development projects are presented here along with houses for sale.

The Palm Jumeirah exceedingly satisfies it’s goal and intent both as a luxurious residential island and as a top tourist attraction.

All the investors agree that Palm Jumierah Community is worth the investment due to the remarkable engineering and other benefits listed below. For more details the community, you can visit

Property on the trunk, crescent and the fronds of Palm Jumeirah


Palm Jumeirah is a residential man-made island and a legendary retreat in Dubai’s real estate market. There are three main parts of the Palm. Each part boasts lucrative facilities, upscale apartments boasting a high-quality lifestyle and top-level retail.

1. Property on the trunk


The trunk locates 3 huge marinas for couples and boat owners. There are many restaurants, homes, stores and hotels situated there. The homes in the Trunk consists of:

● The Golden Mile
● Oceans residencies
● Marina residencies
● Shoreline apartments
● Tiara residencies
● The Fairmont Palm residence

2. Property in the crescent


The Crescent has an area of 11km. It’s residencies include:

● Kempinski Palm Jumeirah
● The Grandeur residences
● Royal Amwaj
● Emerald Palace residences
● The Palm

3. Property on the fronds


17 fronts are located at each side of the Trunk. The front yard is actually a beach and residencies in this area are:

1. Signature Villas having 5-7 bedrooms and 2 story unit
2. Garden Homes having 3-5 bedrooms and 2-3 story units
3. Townhomes having 3-4 bedrooms and 2-story units

Now that we have covered the structure of this iconic location, let’s move on to the tempting reasons why you should invest in The Palm Jumeirah. The top 5 reasons are listed below.

1. A thriving economy with modern innovations


Investing in property is also investing in the country’s economy. Therefore, the economic growth of a country should be kept in mind before making any investment. The economy of any place can be observed from the graph of the economic growth. Even after the oil crisis, Dubai is expanding greatly.

Most of its economy is fed by the real estate market and tourism. As for oil, it accounts for only 5%. The city is the 5th fastest growing economy globally. It has gained a spotlight in commerce and real estate because of the ever-increasing innovation everywhere. Expats from other parts of the world are attracted towards Dubai.

2. UAE residency

This is one of the best advantages while investing in Palm Jumeirah property. The residents of this location are given the chance to gain a residence visa of the UAE. This further increases the chance to obtain greater advantages especially for the foreign investors.

A demand to get the residency visa is that the person should have bought at least AED 1 million worth of property in Palm Jumeirah, excluding loan or mortgage.

3. Security


Buying property is only good when a considerable effort is made for security and safety of the residents. You will never hear cases of disputes, robbery, kidnapping or public altercations in Dubai. Anyone can roam around freely at night without any fear. No one would try to harm or steal your car even if you leave the door open for a while.

Since the government pays a handsome salary to the police, they are reliable and do their job to guarantee peace efficiently.

Moreover, the Dubai’s government boasts a Ministry of Happiness which is determined to calculate the happiness levels of its residents. This Ministry will also maintain that happiness along with improving that happiness.

So, you should invest and purchase the property for sale at the Palm Jumeirah because the government is steadfast in keeping the residents happy.

4. Affordability and tax-free lifestyle


The cost of living in the Emirate is surprisingly low. There are no personal, corporate, real estate or sales taxes. As opposed to the west, it’s cheaper to buy property in Dubai and there is higher ROI. The average cost per square foot is way cheaper than other Western cities. Buying a house in Palm Jumeirah and then putting it on rent will provide an even better yearly ROI.

5. Extensive leisure and entertainment amenities


One of the greatest benefits of living in Palm Jumeirah is the availability of so many hotels. Examples of the most iconic Palm Jumeirah hotels are: Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, Atlantis, the One&Only and much more. These hotels boast high-quality restaurants. For instance, 101 Dining Lounge, Nobu and Club Vista Mare are just a stone’s throw away. Recently, The Point was also added to the list of premium eateries.

If you want to do something else besides enjoying the dynamic cafes and alluring restaurants, you will definitely be spoiled with the extensive list of leisure amenities. One of the best water parks of the UAE is located in the Palm Jumeirah, called the Aquaventure Waterpark. At the right side of the Palm Jumeirah, you can find Lost Chamber Aquarium, Dolphin Bay and The Sea Lion Point. All these places are family friendly and offer top-level entertainment.


Expats are interested in the Palm Jumeirah houses on sale. It’s a great investment opportunity. However, it’s crucial to have specialist advice and be familiar with the property purchase process beforehand. This location is solid gold in the real estate market.

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