4 Best Beach Umbrella With Wooden Pole in 2024

On hot summer days, people seek refreshment on the beaches or sipping a refreshing drink while hiding in the shade of a large umbrella. However, to help you hide from the sun, it is important to pay attention to the material from which the umbrella is made because there are many materials under which you will not be able to breathe when the temperature and humidity are high. An even worse scenario is that the handle of an umbrella is not stable enough, and you fear it will collapse. These are things that can certainly spoil your enjoyment.

If you are choosing an umbrella for your yard, it is important to pay attention to color in addition to quality, not only for aesthetics but also for practical reasons. For example, a black umbrella may fit perfectly, but we all know that black attracts the sun. That is why it is better to choose a lighter one. Still, there are more and more people who claim black color is the best one and blocks 90 percent of rays.

In addition to polyester, the material for making sunshades can also be cotton. As a natural material, it is more breathable than polyester, but on the other hand, it is probably a little harder to maintain. And of course, in case it rains, the chances are higher that it will leak water.

The materials used to make the supporting part are aluminum and wood, most often an ash wood, as it turned out to be high quality and strong. Bearing in mind that wood is a natural and solid material, it, therefore fits better into any open space. The advantage is that it can be repainted in the desired color, and at the same time you will protect it from insects and rot.

To find out more about this and many other topics, Beachrising will help you, and we will bring you a few suggestions about what umbrella with the wooden pole is the best to choose.

1. Frankford Umbrella 7.5 ft. Steel Commercial Grade

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The great thing about this umbrella that will especially make tall people happy is that it has a good height. Namely, it can be raised to 7 ft. above ground. This is one of the specifications that make this umbrella unique. Installation is very easy, and the umbrella can be purchased in several colors. Olefin fabric is in charge of sun protection and consists of UPF 50 sun protection. It also protects against UVA and UVB rays. These umbrellas are two-tone and striped and will perfectly fit in any environment. Since they are made of the same material as awnings, the probability that they will fade is small. As for the price, it could be said to be one of the more expensive, but given the quality, you don’t need to regret it.

2. 7.5 ft. Steel Commercial Grade Heavy Duty Beach Umbrella with Ash Wood Pole and Acrylic Fabric

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Lovers of the beach and enjoying under umbrellas will love it. It is very light, but it should not a reason to underestimate its quality. Still, the sand anchor is something it will keep it firmly on the ground. This sun umbrella is made of acrylic fabric with UPF 50+ sun protection, and it is mold resistant which is a very important fact having in mind it is always outside. Another good characteristic is it is firm and stable. Acrylic material is ingrained with color, which reduces the chances of fading and it will also serve the purpose when it is raining. This fabric is much heavier than other types, but at the same time provides better protection from harmful sun rays. It is suitable for windy areas because it is much more resistant to wind gusts. It is very easy to transport and is designed for shadow structures. The spring is made of stainless steel and the pole is made of ash. Triple-layered ribbed pockets prevent tearing.

3. Fiberglass Beach Umbrellas

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What we can say about this model is that it is the standard one. To make it firmer, there are fiberglass “ribs” for support. The difference between these and metal ribs is that fiberglass is stronger. Another positive thing is that the end of the bar is sharpened, so you don’t need a stand, just stick it in the sand. This is a classic umbrella that will meet the criteria of most customers and the price is acceptable, too.

4. Tommy Bahama Sand Anchor Beach Umbrella

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If you are someone who pays more attention to quality and purpose, and not to the visual appearance, this umbrella will surely serve well. When we say that the visual appearance is distorted, we mean the huge Tommy Bahama logo that stretches along with it. Although it is seemingly lightweight, be sure it is sturdy, thanks to the built-in sand anchor.

Today, the offer on the market is amazing, so it is possible to buy not only classic umbrellas but also those that are aesthetically more beautiful and practical for certain spaces. We are talking about the so-called hanging umbrellas because it is practically hung on the pole. However, the disadvantage of these is that even the weakest wind will sway, not the pedestal, but the umbrella itself certainly will.

Many people are surprised when they get sunburns even if they have spent all their time in the shade of parasols. That is why it is very important to pay attention to the material from which it is made and to read the specifications. Some of them will protect you well, and yet there are plenty of those that require the use of sunscreen. It is important to adjust the umbrella to your needs. Also, pay attention to whether the bar has a flexible part that will allow you to tilt it to the appropriate position without having to move it all the way.

For the practical ones, who like to have everything they need on hand, there are also those with a folding table on the pole big enough to put your favorite drink on it and enjoy!

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