10 Blunders to Avoid on Your Trip to Aruba – 2024 Guide

Aruba is a fantastic destination if you want to get away to a place that has tranquil beaches. For some countries, you don’t even require a visa to enter Aruba, and that is the fun part as whenever you want to head out to Aruba, you can easily do so. This island gives the best experience to the tourists in terms of fantastic beaches, excellent facilities, and incredible sightseeing attractions.

If you are visiting Aruba for the first time, there are high chances that you don’t know much about the island. It works best to do some research and learn about the place you are visiting to get prepared about what will be coming next to you. It doesn’t matter that you are visiting Aruba for the first time, or you are a regular traveler, the island will never fail to surprise you, and there are some mistakes which you might even make then.

There are some tips which you must follow if you want to make your vacation the best that you have ever had. There are some things which you must know before you go for your dream vacation to Aruba as you just don’t want that anything should not go wrong on your trip. That’s why we have got the list of mistakes which you should avoid making on your trip to Aruba.

1. Driving in Aruba

If you are not accustomed to driving the left side of the road, then it is best to avoid trying to drive when you are in Aruba. Your vacation in Aruba should not be filled with tension as going with new rules and a different side might screw you up. The local transport is very cheap, and also you can always hire a taxi to roam around the island. That would be a safer and a better option rather than trying to drive in a new place.

2. Currency in Aruba

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Don’t make the mistake of not carrying enough cash when you are in Aruba, as there are some places where a card machine would not be available. It is always wise to carry enough cash in case of an emergency. The best part about Aruba is that you don’t have to convert your US dollars in Aruba Florin as in the majority of the places, dollars are accepted. Also, from the ATMs in Aruba, you can easily withdraw US dollars.

3. Internet Facility

Avoid making the mistake of thinking that everywhere you will go, you will get a great Wi-Fi connection as there are many places in Aruba where you might not get Wi-Fi. Besides your hotel/Aruba villa, there are high chances that you might not get great network and Wi-Fi coverage in the other places, so be prepared for this. Also, if you are staying at the Aruba villa rentals, then make sure to check the speed of the internet connection. If you always have some urgent work which requires internet, then make sure to buy an international data plan for it.

4. Local People

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Interacting with the locals of Aruba will be the best conversation that you have ever had anywhere else. The people here are extremely warm and welcoming, so make sure that you don’t make the mistake of not interacting with them. This island is known to be One Happy Island majority due to the warm and happy Arubans.

5. Explore the Island

Don’t just be confined to your resort or hotel/villa when you are in Aruba, as that might be the biggest mistake of your trip. There are amazing attractions that Aruba has, and if you are here, make sure that you visit the sightseeing places. Apart from the hotels, you can also opt for Aruba villas which are located in prime areas. You must choose luxury Aruba villa from www.VacationAruba.com which is very near to the sightseeing places so that you won’t have to travel much. There is a lot to explore on the island, so plan your vacation days well to get the best of everything in Aruba.

6. Buy from Duty-Free

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It is a great tip to buy liquor at the airport duty-free shop, or you will have to pay quite a lot for it when you are in the hotel or restaurants. Avoid the mistake of not buying enough liquor at the duty-free store. It is a smart move to save a lot of money during your trip to Aruba by buying liquor in advance, and then you can carry them around in the coolers.

7. Shopping

Don’t plan a shopping day in Aruba on Sunday as most stores are closed. The downtown stores of Aruba are closed on Sundays. Therefore, it is best to do all your shopping before it.

8. Guard Your Skin Against the Sun

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Sunscreen is really important when you are visiting Aruba, and make sure that you don’t make the mistake of not carrying your sunscreen along with you as you will have to reapply it again and again. In Aruba, SPF 30 does not work, so make sure that you apply a higher SPF one and which is reef safe. You can also buy the local SPF from Aruba, which might be a bit expensive, but it will surely save you from getting significant sunburns. Also, make sure that you apply it to your whole body.

9. Adventure Tours

Make sure to try the off-roading tours in Aruba like the ATV/UTV/Jeep tour, as they are worth it and will provide you with an adventurous experience. Avoid the mistake of skipping it and only sticking to the beaches as you will not be able to view the other beautiful attractions of the island.

10. Clear Drinking Water

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Avoid making the mistake of buying bottled water during your vacation in Aruba. The drinking water of Aruba is pretty safe to drink, so all you have to do is carry your water bottle and refill it wherever you see a tap. This will save on the money which you might spend on buying unnecessary water bottles.

Here were the mistakes that you must avoid on your trip to Aruba, and they will be really helpful to you. Aruba is a terrific escape from the monotonous city life to the tranquillity of island life.

Get the amazing experience of enjoying the fabulous white sand beaches and scenic landscapes. Make the most of your trip and avoid making some mistakes that can just spoil your trip. Enjoy exploring the beautiful One Happy Island.