Why Students Need Help From Apps

First of all, today’s students have problems with planning their time. That is why special online applications allow students to establish time management and plan their schedules and distribute things more carefully. Many experts argue that such applications are simply necessary because they allow you to improve the organization of the student. There is also an app for collaborative work and doing various everyday things. The lives of modern people have been greatly simplified thanks to the development of mobile applications that allow us to save time and money. Today we can order food delivery or call a cab, download a foreign language app or a pedometer, the options are many, the main thing is that students can now use the achievements of technology in learning and leisure.

Examples of useful apps for students

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Experts in educational technology have identified a tentative list of applications that are of great benefit to students’ daily activities. Most of them are aimed at optimizing time and its proper distribution, accumulating resources, and helping with routine tasks. They make learning interesting, bright, and easy. Until a few years ago, students could not even think that soon there would be an opportunity to get free help from apps or an opportunity to use an essay writing service to hire a personal writer on any subject. This is an incredible achievement that makes education more efficient and less stressful for most students and teachers.

1. Blackboard App

It’s a great app for students to memorize material much faster, develop their associative memory, and save time and conserve their energy. With the Blackboard application you can:

-Quickly view course and material updates;

-Perform tasks and tests;

-Review grades for courses, assignments, and tests;

Bright flashcards make the learning process easier and more enjoyable, so students’ results improve many times over.

2. Canvas Student

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This is a convenient and functional application for students, through which you can send your projects, access your assignments, and view your grades, course calendars or make To-Do list. It is a one-stop repository for all the assignments, materials, and other things that are so important in learning. This app provides systematization and order, so the student is sure not to be confused by the navigation and will find what they need right away.

3. Duolingo

It is one of the best helpers in learning foreign languages. It is a great opportunity for students to practice a foreign language, improve their knowledge of grammar and vocabulary, and simply expand their horizons. The application is aimed at faster and more effective learning more than 35 languages. The whole learning process is accompanied by bright graphics and pictures that evoke certain associations, making the process of memorizing new words harmonious and easy. This application has already helped thousands of international students to adapt to new circumstances and speak a foreign language more quickly.

4. Evernote

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This is a unique app for creating notes and planning important things to do. It is an invaluable find for students who often forget everything. Now, you can quickly write things down in Evernote and improve your life. Synchronization between devices and many other benefits are available in the app. Thanks to it, students organize their day more smartly, allocating their time according to their strengths and resources. Taking notes is important for today’s students because they can keep their activities under control and not miss anything essential.

5. Google Calendar

This app is just perfect for planning important events, activities, and to-dos. It is convenient, affordable, and as effective as possible because students often forget about many things. It is this calendar that allows them to fix all the important plans and not to miss them.

6. Google Drive

This is the handiest application for group work on various student projects, where everyone has access to a file. You can store different

documents or write your term papers, essays, presentations, and other files and share your files and folders with other users. Also, Document scanning for Android and IOS will help to easily scan documents, business cards, receipts, and other paperwork. This will turn into easy-to-read PDF files and boot into a cloud. Everything is convenient. The application is quite user-friendly and functional.


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We see that online applications are indispensable aids for every modern student. They allow to normalize the learning process, make it easier, more accessible, and enjoyable. We live in the twenty-first century. So, there is no need to deny any apps or other inventions to make your student and personal life easier. If you think that your smartphone works only as a distraction for you, it is prime time to change your views. If you do things right, a distraction can become a good tool in improving your grades.

Also, if you are a student, an essay writing service Darwinessay.net is always able to help you with writing assignments in a short time. They significantly save time and effort, allowing students to direct their resources in a different direction. The online apps that we reviewed are a real achievement, the use of which gives a lot of pleasure not only to students but also to teachers, who also have some benefits from it. For example, the planning of classes and the organization of various projects can now be partly entrusted to the app. It is practical and useful because, with the app we need, we can learn anywhere with our phones.

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