How To Learn Japanese Fast In 2024

Nowadays the Japanese language is highly demanded by language learners for many different reasons. You can start learning Japanese, having in mind some certain goals. With time they can certainly change and as you master your language skills, you will have more opportunities to implement your goals. Let’s look into more details about why this language is so attractive for learners.

1. Culture of Japan

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Learning Japanese will help you to feel it’s culture much deeper. Japan is the land of the rising sun, which attracts many people with its rich ancient and modern history and unique culture. All people around the world heard such terms as origami, bonsai, ikebana, martial arts like aikido, karate, judo and so on. Many people are attracted by their modern pop culture, including anime, manga, games, movies, etc. Everybody will definitely like something about the culture of Japan.

2. Trip to Japan

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As you know, most Japanese do not speak English or speak with an accent, which can be difficult to understand. That is why without knowing at least some basic vocabulary, it will be not easy and quite boring to travel around Japan on your own.

3. Communication with Japanese

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Japanese is one of the top languages in the world with a big number of native speakers. More than 130 million people in the world speak it natively. By learning Japanese, you will better understand their mentality and lifestyle. Also it will give you an opportunity to make friends among native speakers.

4. It is great for self-development

By learning Japanese, you can train your brain really hard. The reason is that Japanese is very different from most of the languages, which makes learning it a real adventure. Developing memory and great effect on brain activity are nice bonuses. By the way, if you are interested in knowing what the easiest languages to study are, check this

5. Hieroglyphs

Learning hieroglyphs is very interesting and exciting. A hieroglyph is not just a set of features, but a whole image with its own history.

6. The beauty of the language

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The Japanese language is very beautiful and melodic. If you have ever heard a Japanese speech or song, you probably understand what it is about.

7. The uniqueness of the language

Japanese is really unique in its kind – grammar, writing, and pronunciation – everything is totally different from other popular languages. So if you can “conquer” this language, you will definitely become more confident in your abilities.

8. Ease of pronunciation

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Japanese pronunciation is very simple and it’s easy to repeat their words.

9. The economy of Japan is the second in the world

Many Japanese companies such as Toyota, Casio, Sony, Honda, etc. occupy the leading positions in their spheres. Knowing Japanese can positively affect your career, especially if you have some business or work in international relations, information technologies, electronics, IT, and so on.

You get the opportunity to get a very good education. Japan is a country of advanced technologies, that is why Japanese education is highly regarded in the world.

So if you are not scared to start this journey of learning Japanese, we will tell you about some of the most popular ways of learning this language nowadays. Today, the amount of learning resources and techniques is enormous, so you shouldn’t have a problem in choosing the best one for you.

If you don’t have an opportunity to travel to Japan immediately for practicing language skills with the native speakers for a few months, then create an immersive Japanese learning experience at your place, using special language learning apps on your devices. There a lot of mobile apps on the App Store and Google Play that make studying much easier than before. You can study anytime and anywhere at your own pace, dedicating as much time as you have every day. Moreover, you will easily see your progress as most apps have statistics and other analytical reports that will show how far you are from your target goal.

11. YouTube is a great platform for learning languages

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And it doesn’t matter, whether it is Italian, French, or Chinese. With YouTube, you have free access to interesting content, which will help you to improve your language skills. There you can find video lessons according to your level of proficiency, and needs (asking directions, visiting restaurants, etc.) Listening to the interviews of Japanese native speakers on different topics is also a good practice.

Movies and TV shows can provide you with a wider range of terms (including slang) and provide you with an enjoyable experience. You can even use subtitles to help you understand the plot. Perhaps you will like the popular Japanese anime. These cartoons are not only for children, but they also have adult themes, such as marriage, work, etc.

12. Look for Japanese books, manga, or newspapers

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As you read, you will learn new words, improve your language skills, and experience Japanese culture. An advantage of this tactic is that such materials never end and you will definitely find something interesting for yourself.

13. Video chat with a native speaker is a fun way to practice the language

Look for online resources that bring together language partners. If you find the right person, start working with them 1-2 times a week. By the way, this is a very beneficial way of studying as you can agree with your language partner that you will teach him or her your native language in return. This way you will not only make friends and get contact in the country you want to visit in the future but also make your communication fun and useful for both sides.

14. There is a huge number for Japanese video games

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It’s the resource for learning material that never ends. Japanese gamers are especially fond of large-scale roleplaying games and visual novels, which are basically interactive books with pictures and animations. Even if you are not a big fan of playing video games, this way of learning is good to try something new if you are bored with studying with books and videos.