Signs That Someone May Have an Eating Disorder

An eating disorder can be caused by so many different reasons, however, in most cases, triggers are emotional and environmental. The good news is that this is something that can be cured. The sooner you detect that you are facing an eating disorder, the higher chances are that you will recover faster. Logically, to detect a problem of this kind, you primarily need to be aware of some crucial warning signs.

Someone who is struggling with an eating disorder may not have all the signs and symptoms at once. However, we prepared for you some of the most typical eating disorders, so you can check the general overview and see whether you are noticing some of these behaviors and symptoms that can indicate a problem.

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Eating disorders types and their symptoms

There are three main types of eating disorders: anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating. However, there are many others as well. We are going to list some of the most crucial signs of these three disorder types, however, if you are finding yourself in some of them, you should check and consult with experts and identify your eating disorder type. In general, common symptoms of the eating disorder can be physical, emotional, and behavioral.

When it comes to the anorexia nervosa eating disorder, people that are having this condition do not eat enough. This is the main sign of this disorder. People with this condition are also very thin. Although they are not eating as much as they should, they are facing symptoms like extreme tiredness, insomnia, dizziness of fainting, and irregular heart rhythm. Additionally, they have some physical appearance as well such as brittle hair and nails, bluish nails, very dry skin, and problems with constipation. This is all because they are not having the energy and required nutrients that they should get from the food.

When it comes to bulimia nervosa disorder, people are overeating and then purge in order to avoid gaining weight. They also can use some diet pills or laxatives, just to get rid of the food and calories they are taking. The crucial sign of this disease is the fact that people are fearing that they will gain weight. They force vomiting after every meal, or they choose to use weight loss supplements or exercise extremely.

When it comes to binge eating disorders (BED), people are eating uncontrollably until they are uncomfortably full. They always take large portions of food, and they insist to eat alone in many cases. Also, they are eating even though they are not feeling hungry. Many people with BED conditions are overweight or obese, but some are having normal weight.

The cause of the eating disorder

The real and exact cause of eating disorders is unknown. However, there are a couple of factors and triggers that can contribute to the occurrence of this condition. It is important to highlight that people of all ages can face eating disorders, however, it is most common for teens and young adults. This is because young people are forcing themselves to create a better image of themselves.

However, emotional disorders such as anxiety and depression can increase the risk of the occurrence of these conditions. It would be best to be aware of these signs because, in a long term, eating disorders can cause serious health complications.

Unfortunately, many people deny the problem, however, symptoms are not lying that a person is having problems with food. There are special criteria for an eating disorder that needs to be met while a diagnosis is set. Those special criteria are included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) which is published by the American Psychiatric Association (APA).

Understanding Your Triggers

A person needs to understand the triggers if he or she is facing an eating disorder. This type of condition and specific eating habits can impact the quality of a person’s life in every aspect, as well as the happiness of that person and overall mindset. In case you are noticing some of the mentioned signs, you can feel helpless or out of control.

However, we are here to tell you that there is hope and that you do not have reason to worry. With adequate treatment and professional doctors by your side, you will get all the support and help that you need to overcome this obstacle and get back to your normal life.

However, we must say that understanding your triggers can help you understand why are you facing an eating disorder in the first place. The trigger can be so obvious but you never realized it. Once you identify what your triggers are, you can arm yourself to stand up to them and not let them affect you.

Common Triggers and How You Can Avoid Them

Eating triggers are playing a major role in the occurrence of the eating disorder. As we said at the beginning, they can be emotional or environmental.

Emotional Triggers

In the case of BED eating disorder, people are eating not because they are hungry, but because food provides comfort to them. Food reminds them of a positive experience or some comforting memory or feeling.

When it comes to some other eating disorders when people do not want to eat or to gain weight, they often struggle with anxiety, stress, past trauma, etc. If your emotions are guilty of your eating disorder, you should identify them and accept them. Doing this can help you find other healthy ways to cope with your feelings.

Environmental Triggers

As we said, some environmental triggers can cause eating disorders. Interestingly, they can even be mixed with emotional triggers. When it comes to the BED disorder, environmental triggers can make a person eat at social gatherings or events even though that person is not hungry. Large packaging of foods can also trigger a person to eat food until he eats all of it, even though he is full.

When it comes to other eating disorders, a person can feel pressure from the environment and change his or her eating habits. For instance, fashion trends are constantly displaying thin girls and models which can put a lot of pressure on a young person because she or he may think that should lose weight.

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