5 Pros and Cons of Using CBD Oils for Anxiety – 2024 Guide

Anxiety is today a pretty common condition between people of every age, even teenagers, and it may be caused by so many reasons. Many persons reported that they were having worse symptoms after the strict COVID-19 measures, especially those who suffered job loss, payment cut-offs, or even got infected with the coronavirus. At the same time, the CBD products are getting even more popular, as they are followed by more and more scientific proofs that they can ease some anxiety symptoms, and make people feel better. There are many proven benefits of regular and properly dosed usage of cannabidiol oils, or similar products, to treat anxiety, depression, and mood changes too.

The anxiety symptoms may include continuous worries, chest pain, panic attacks, bad mood, sadness, no interest in anything, due to selective serotonin inhibition. People who have these problems are also more prone to addictions, because they consider it as a getaway from reality, and it helps them to feel good even for a few hours. CBD oils are pretty new on the market, and there is no particular study that shows they can be used to treat the conditions we described above, but sure there are a lot of indications that show some positive effects. In many cases, the usage showed positive effects that are durable, and the people reported they are feeling better after someone (their therapist usually or the family doctor), helped them to properly dose the CBD products, so they can ease the anxiety or other mental health issues. Also, we must say it’s not a whole covered treatment, and you need to take the medicines your therapist is recommending,
The best thing is that it doesn’t contain THC, and you can’t get “high” on these oils, no matter how strong they are. Here is how it works:

1. Treating some particular symptoms

Pro: There are proofs that hemp seed oils will help you with a wide range of mental issues, including anxiety, depression, sleeplessness at night, panic attacks, mood changes, and so on… According to thecbdsupplier.co.uk, you can use their or similar products for your general wellbeing, and maintain a balance between your mind and soul.

Con: It may be a real challenge to find the brand, product, and concentration that work for you. If not dosed properly, it may worsen some of the symptoms you have, such as even stronger panic attacks, and more problems with night sleeping.

2. Regulations in your country

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Pro: Many countries and governments are voting progressive laws, and they let people use CBD products as needed, but they all need to be approved by the local healthcare system.

Con: Approved products often contain small concentrations of active ingredients, because the laws don’t let the producers make products with a higher percentage of cannabidiols. That means, even if you have access to these products, you may not be able to find the one that will help you get better.

3. Chances for side effects

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Pro: You can be almost 100% sure that low concentrations won’t cause strong and intense side effects, even though some of them are expected, including initial stomach discomfort, mouth dryness, or feeling dizzy after you take a few drops. The good thing is that they occur pretty rarely, and disappear in less than an hour.

Con: Homemade CBD products are more likely to cause side effects, because the concentrations may wary, and no home equipment is able to properly “squeeze out” the THC. So, you may be suspicious about the quality of the oil in the store, and you may think you need a stronger product, but also you must be aware that the homemade oils or less known brands may worsen the side effects.

4. More research is required

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Pro: Until now, these products are always a top research topic, but you, as an independent user, should also be aware that this market still needs more research, to identify all the benefits for your mental health, anxiety, and the way it works to treat them. That doesn’t mean you need to be skeptical about every CBD product on the market, but you need to be cautious when taking it, and not holding just onto it when it comes to your mental health issues.

Con: The lack of researches gives enough space for the non-registered producers to place their products on the market, and make the people believe they are getting better oil. This is so specific area, and you shouldn’t risk that. Be aware that the researchers are ensuring we are getting the best products, without the risk of side effects due to toxins or other bad substances.

5. Successful, but not an inexpensive treatment

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Pro: The fact that you need to pay more for your dose is showing you that you are getting a licensed and approved product, which is the most important thing when it comes to alternative health treatments, no matter what symptoms they treat. By paying a realistic price, you know all the time that you are getting a quality product that won’t cause you any side effects.

Con: This fact is giving even more space to illegal producers to say they have a better product for you. For those who suffer it may seem logical to use high concentrated products, but the golden rule “less is more” applies in this case too. But, that’s not the reason for the illegal sellers and producers to still be active on the market, offering cheaper products they confirm work better than the approved ones.

Even with the approved products, you must be careful where do you buy them, who is producing them, which parts of the plant are used to derivate the oil and drops, and so on. The world is embracing CBD oil as a treatment for mental health problems, especially anxiety and panic attacks, but even in the mildest cases, a consultation with a doctor or some expert in this field is highly required, so you can avoid all the side effects we already mentioned in this article.