How to Make CBD Oil – Beginners Guide to CBD Extractions 2024

Every year or so, a new fad comes up in the health and wellness industry and disappears just as quickly. Reasonably, people tend to be doubtful when a new super diet or a new herbal and natural remedy becomes popular. However, there is a new boy in town who seems to be breaking all these barriers, CBD oil.

CBD oil in the past few years has become one of the more popular natural remedies available in the market at the moment. It has several medicinal properties, and as a result, helps the human body heal when consumed. The CBD oils also have many miraculous benefits to the physical body. Researchers claim that the oils could prevent fluctuations of blood pressure normally caused by stress. Also, recent research links cannabidiol with benefits for the circulatory system and the cardiovascular system as well. Lowering blood pressure is another of its benefits.

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is one of the active cannabinoids found within the marijuana plants. CBD naturally binds with receptors sites in our body (the immune system and the brain), working to replenish your body to its required level to function well. By assisting the processes controlled within the body’s receptors, CBD oil is famous for its utility in terms of managing anxiety, depression and pain, neurodegenerative disorders, muscle spasms, insomnia, psychosis, and many other ailments or diseases such as diabetes.

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In this article that we did in collaboration with site, we shall look into how to make CBD oil for beginners at the comfort of their homes and with easy to use tools.


How to make CBD oil:

  1. Alcohol Extraction
  2. Hydrocarbon Extraction
  3. Lipid Extraction
  4. .Oil Method

How to Make CBD Oil

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Alcohol Extraction

The alcohol extraction method is also commonly referred to as the ethanol method. An advantage of this method is that it does not require advanced tools or specialized skills, thus an excellent option for beginners.

Alcohol, in this case, is used as the extracting agent once it interacts with the plant.

Ethanol extraction offers several different ways of extracting CBD oil. The overall process, however, involves obtaining decarboxylation by heating the hemp and then soaking the plant material in ethanol for a specific amount of time.

The last solution is filtered when the time has elapsed so as to separate the hemp plant from the liquids. The liquid is then put inside an open dish afterward to let the ethanol evaporate.

As ethanol is plant-based, it is believed that this is the most efficient method which maintains the chemical ratios which exist naturally in hemp.

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Hydrocarbon Extraction

Hydrocarbon extraction has lost favor in modern times, having been one of the first methods of CBD extraction. This method is popular for beginners as it has low costs, easy to use, and is simple to extract.

The method uses solvents such as acetone, isopropyl alcohol, hexane, propane, isopropyl alcohol, and butane. These solvents have low boiling points, which in turn makes extraction of CBD quick and easy.

The method possesses some challenges as the concentration of CBD in the oil is usually low. This method also fails to completely remove the THC. Another issue is the purity of the CBD, which can have long term health effects on the user.

A glaring issue is the quality of CBD; hence the method is not as popular anymore.

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Lipid Extraction

The method uses fats or lipids as the solvent used in extracting cannabinoid compounds that are found within the plant. This method proves to be quite straightforward and can be administered at home simply. However, the quality of the end product may vary drastically.

The process, similar to the oil method, uses heat, pressure, and time to absorb and extract the CBD into lipids or fat, for example, olive oil, hemp oil, or coconut oil. The method is simple but tends to be effective in preserving the nutrients that are beneficial with minimal processing.

The majority of CBD distributors avoid this option as they do not see it as a viable method to use. The method yet has seen a niche development within CBD companies that want to focus on a more natural, homemade, and DIY approach.

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Oil Method

The method is one of the oldest forms people have used to extract cannabidiol. CBD enthusiasts claim that it is the best. They claim it does not cost a lot, is the safest, and it’s simple to do.

As the name suggests, oil is used as a solvent. The oil could be anything for hemp seed, coconut oil, but olive oil is used most commonly.

Initially, the material in the plant is decarboxylated. Decarboxylation is the process of introducing heat to a plant at a specific temperature for a specific time, cooking it in a way that the chemicals within the plan are activated.

Afterward, the carrier oil is added into the plant material and heated again for a few hours. As a result, the cannabinoids are driven out of the plant and settle into the carrier oil. The method proves to be affordable and does not put the user at the harm of ingesting any contaminants.

On the flip side, this method is not to be considered as very effective. The oil that is extracted is perishable unless the user adds preservatives, and this produces a low amount of active cannabinoids. The CBD oil extracted using this method is not very potent and is not as concentrated.

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Making Cbd Oil At Home: The Bottom Line

Choosing to make your own CBD oil at home proves to be a valid option that is effective and easy to do. The quality of the oil may not compare to processes like CO2 extraction but will be a rewarding experience for the user. Safety may also not be completely guaranteed unless one strictly follows the measures given.

Having said, making CBD at home should be a fun and engaging process with minimal expectations on quality and potency. If you intend to use CBD to treat a specific health condition, it is recommended to buy the commercially made CBD products. These Commercial products have the exact concentration of CBD as well as its potency. They are also made to deal with specific conditions and have no THC.

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