How to Play Chess for Beginners – 2024 Guide

Chess has been a very popular sports game since ancient times. It is believed to have originated in the sixth century. It is a game recognized in more than 100 states, and ever since 2018, it debated on the Winter Olympic Games. Not only it is full of excitement, but also a strong physical and mental training for both players.

The game is intended for two players, and the board on which the game is played is divided into black and white fields placed alternately. Each player received 16 figures. One game can last for hours, as this is a strategic game that requires a lot of thinking. Older people found it very amusing, and younger people are also showing an increasing interest.

Many people today play it online, although experienced players say it is not the same pleasure to look an opponent in the eye and sit in front of a computer and play against a computer or other online player.
Learning to play chess is not difficult, you just need to remember certain rules, it is important to know which figure is allowed to move what direction. For example, a jumper moves in an L shape, a hunter can move diagonally, while a queen can move in all directions. Queen is also the most valuable figure. Today, many chess tournaments are organized, both among the older and younger population.

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Grandparents very often teach their grandchildren this game, enjoying the conversation and time spent together. Chess boards can be made of various materials such as vinyl or wood. Of course, wooden boards are of better quality and last longer. What is interesting is that there are also E-boards. To make the right choice when buying a chessboard and accessories, will help you.

Folding chessboards are very practical to carry on trips or anywhere you go. Once the board is assembled, it becomes a box for the figures. This way you will have everything at hand, without fear of losing your figures.

Now that you are equipped with the appropriate board, you can start learning and play this interesting game. You’ve probably already heard that chess enhances concentration and thinking. Many people from pedagogy and psychology believe that chess should be introduced as a subject in schools. Research has shown that mental ability in children who play this game develops faster and better than in those who do not. It has been proven that children also achieve better academic success in further education. There are also five types of intelligence that chess develops: logical-mathematical, special, intrapersonal, interpersonal, and linguistic. It also helps children mature. Many studies have also proven that chess improves memory, encourages creativity, and helps solve problems. Regular play stimulates and activity of brain cells.

Now that you are familiar with all the benefits that chess brings, it is time to go through a short guide on how to learn to play. We give you tips on how to learn to play and what to look out for. Here are some you may find useful:

Learn the basics

As we have already mentioned, to learn to play this interesting game, you need to know the rules of moving figures. This is not difficult, but be prepared to take the time to master it. You can learn the rules of playing chess from your acquaintance, but it is also possible online. You will find a beginner’s guide on many YouTube channels, so you don’t have to wander.


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It is said that repetition is the mother of knowledge. We mean this in the sense that you will learn something only if you are willing to practice and repeat the action over and over again. It is important to be persistent and have a competitive spirit in you. For start, you can practice with a weaker player or even online thanks to many game sites. To become extremely good at this game, you need to play at least one hour a day, which is not much at all, especially when you are doing something you like.

You can also join a chess club. Here you will have both a coach and opponents at the same time. You will also have the opportunity to watch other players play. You will realize that everyone has different tactics and that you will surely learn a lot by watching.

Chess has to be played slowly and carefully, with no pressure.

Learn to lose

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Don’t let your loss demotivate you. As with everything else, it takes a lot of time to master the game and start winning. Chess, as well as any other sport, should primarily be seen as fun because when you are relaxed, you are better and more concentrated. On the other hand, tension can only create a nerve that leads to loss of concentration.

Make a strategy

Now that you have learned the basics, you are ready to play. As you may have already learned through the rules, the king is the most valuable figure and the game aims to capture the opponent’s king. Try to protect it by castling, while creating weakness around his king. Also, it is important not to move queen too early but also think twice before moving even pawns. They can’t go back.

You can divide the game into three stages: opening, middle game, and end game.

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When it comes to an opening, it is important to follow the opening principles, meaning to control the center squares, develop minor pieces toward the center, castle, and connect your rooks.

After completing Opening Principles, you are reaching the middle game. We can say it is the most complicated part of the game. What you have t do here is to scan your opponents and look for weak pawns.

In the last stage of the game, you have to start with basics, meaning to learn basic mates, learn opposition, king and pawn endings. It is important that you recognize the opponent’s strategy, but also that you have developed your tactics. The plan is halfway to victory.

All you have to do now is listen to these tips and focus on learning this amazing game!