8 Ways to Completely Stand Out When Applying to Jobs – 2024 Guide

With the economic turmoil and a tremendous number of candidates applying for new job positions, being creative and taking extra steps can help you get noticed and land your dream job! You can go outside the norm and establish yourself as an authority on the subject before you even apply to your desired company by blogging on the industry or establishing social media accounts that cover relevant industry topics. Reaching out directly to the hiring manager or even a founder can help convey your commitment to reaching your dreams and thinking outside the box.

Below, we have compiled a list that is sure to help you completely stand out when applying to desired job positions:

1. Start social accounts on the industry topic:

img source: theladders.com

Social media is a powerful tool to not only share your knowledge on the industry but also develop relationships with industry leaders. Instead of using social media only for entertainment purposes, think outside the box and start social media accounts that cover the most interesting things in your industry. For example, if you want to be a future marketing director or an agency owner in a company like amraandelma.com, start an Instagram account that covers the best tips from top marketers in forms of quotes. Interesting quotes and statists often generate a lot of attention and get re-shared. Also, don’t forget to tag the people who you are quoting for extra attention; they may even comment on your post.

2. Write blog posts that analyze industry data:

In addition to your social media accounts, be sure to share a more in-depth article that analyzes trends in your industry. Be sure to keep the blog posts neutral – data and objective analysis are really valuable and they may catch the eye of many industry leaders looking to hire analytical employees.

3. Comment on posts by industry leaders:

img source: speakeasyinc.com

If you have set up a professional social media account, be sure to start engaging with all the industry leaders by leaving them a thoughtful comment. Target industry leaders with the moderate following but high authority, and be sure to engage with them on at least 10 of their latest posts. Make sure they know that you read their work and that you find it valuable. Offer details about what you specifically find interesting, and you will be surprised just how many will respond back. Over time, you will be able to develop relationships and let them know about your expertise.

4. Contact founders on their personal blog sites and ask to be a contributor:

Many founders have their personal blogs where they share news on the industry in the form of an opinion piece. Contact them directly and let them know if you liked one of their pieces and if you could be a contributor in the form of developing supportive infographics or graphs. Don’t ask for a job right away, but be sure to be a contributor for at least a couple of months in order to develop a relationship. When the day comes, let them know that you are interested in a particular position, and ask if they would have any advice. You will be surprised how many times they will offer to speak or meet directly.

5. Email the hiring manager or even the founder:

img source: fluentu.com

While many will only go so far as to address the HR personnel, sending a personal message about your passion and what it would mean to obtain an opportunity to showcase your commitment to excellence will intrigue almost any hiring manager and even a founder. Be sure to highlight past commitment examples, such as continuous work at a specific organization, an internship that lasts longer than just one summer, or other types of work you have done that showcase your consistency and perseverance.

6. Present your cover letter as a business pitch:

Be sure to think from the perspective of the hiring manager and highlight your skills in bullet points. If you are skilled in researching data, be sure to emphasize this attribute in a form of “data expertise – graph, table, and infographics professional.” If you like fashion and are applying to a fashion marketing position, be sure to emphasize style influencers that you follow and that may have followed you back on social media as your “network of industry insiders.” Consider the job position and list out those points that you think would particularly help you achieve success in that specific position.

7. Follow up at least 5 times:

img source: blr.com

Consider the fact that many businesses often receive hundreds or even thousands of applications when they advertise a position. If you don’t receive a response, be sure to follow up at least over 5 times before you give up. Many times, hiring managers especially in smaller companies will consider interviewing candidates just based on how determined they are and their consistency. In case your resume got lost, they will be able to note it and retrieve it based on your reminders.

8. Offer free services for a week:

If you are looking to land a job in finance or other professional disciplines, yet your experience may be lacking, offer to provide other services free of charge in exchange for an ability to shadow teams or assist the founders. For example, you may be well-versed in photoshop, infographics, blogging and more, and you can suggest these services and receive an opportunity to meet with the hiring managers, founders, or other senior team members. Get creative and offer to re-design their outdated case study template or update their graphs to make them look more appealing. Brands will be sure to notice your work and may offer you a full-time position.

Being relentless in your pursuits will ensure success when it comes to job search. By thinking outside the box, you will be able to expand the number of opportunities and receive a position in your dream company.