Top 4 PDF Converter Software to Try in 2024

Working and studying using technology has become the optimal way of doing things years ago. Since the mass adoption of information technologies and all of their perks, the ways of doing business and schoolwork has changed dramatically, and only for the better.

The amount of different things our computers allow us to do is seemingly never-ending, which is why you can now see at least one desktop or laptop device in every office and classroom. Without them, it is so much harder to look for, use, and edit the important documents we need every day.

As you probably know, there are dozens of file types in existence reserved for different purposes and different programs. By far one of the most dominant of them is the famous PDF, short for portable document format. It was first created by the heavyweight in the tech industry Adobe all the way back in 1993. It is used to present documents with text formatting and images and it is a format independent of any hardware, operating system, or application software.

These features make the PDF the universal means of viewing and trading information of all sorts, from important documents to literature. Therefore, we have to have many ways of implementing it and using it. But what if we need some other type of file, or if we have some other type but we need a PDF? Well, this is where the always-welcome file converters come in. In this article, there is going to talk about the top PDF converter software that will make your life easier in 2024. Read on to learn more about them.

A Good PDF Converter

Before we move on to the best PDF converters on the market, we must take some time and determine what quality PDF converters have to provide. Of course, they must support many different file formats so that you can convert to and from a variety of well-known and not-so-well-known files. Secondly, the conversion quality and speed have to be at a higher than average level. Interface design and usability must be simple and clear, and optical character recognition (OCR) is a must for most users. This being said, the following is a list of top PDF converters to try right now.

1. StarzSoft PDF WIZ

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We start things off with an amazing PDF converter that guarantees faster and safer conversions every time. It is an all-in-one PDF toolkit that will boost your productivity no matter what you need to do. There are no privacy risks involved, and no file size limit is set for your files. It works on Windows 7, 8, and 10, and it is extremely simple to use. After you have chosen the conversion type and direction, the drag and drop option will make it easy for you to choose the file you want. Click the convert button, wait a little bit, and that is it! Word, PowerPoint, Excel, TXT, JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIF, HTML, EPUB, and XPS are all available for you to make from a PDF file. You can also turn many of them into PDFs. Premium options including splitting, compressing, merging, extracting, and password adding and deleting of PDFs are all present with this PDF converter.

2. GorillaPDF

The second converter we have for you is GorillaPDS, advertised as the PDF tool for busy people. This easy-to-use converter with a smooth and clean interface that is able to convert your docs and images into PDF files quickly and efficiently. Once you open it, you will be met with eight options. Conversion options include JPG to PDF, PNG to PDF, Word to PDF, TXT to PDF, Excel to PDF, and PowerPoint to PDF. Furthermore, you will be able to password-protect your PDF files and unlock the ones that already have a password. If these options seem low to you, do not worry as there are hidden features. For example, the Word to PDF option allows the conversion of all file types including DOC, DOCX, DOTX, DOXM, and ODT. When PowerPoint is concerned, you can convert PPTX, PPT, POTX, PPSX, and ODP. The same goes for Excel which supports XLS, XLSX, XLSB, and ODS. The converter receives regular updates and new features are being introduced from time to time. It is an online converter, however, but do not worry as they delete all the files you upload after only 12 hours. An SSL encryption is also present with each upload for safety.

3. Soda PDF Converter

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Here is another free converter worth considering. This is a famous software accessible from any device. Apart from conversion, you can use it to edit, read, annotate, and create PDF files, both online and on your device. Supported software and formats include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, RTF, TXT, and JPG, both to and from PDF. Conversion is truly a walk in the park with Soda. Uploading is easy if you choose the online option, while the drag and drop are even more convenient for the desktop variety. Simply proceed to select the format and let the program to the rest of the job. Easy peasy! The OCR feature is present too, as you can convert scanned documents. Similarly, the batch convert feature allows the conversion of multiple PDFs into different formats. Furthermore, 3D file viewing, real-life page flipping, reading multiple documents, and regular updates are all present with Soda. Lastly, apart from English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Japanese languages are supported.

4. KDAN’s PDF Reader

KDAN’s PDF Reader top free app is also worth mentioning for its fantastic features and its title of the best productivity app both on iTunes and Mac App Store. It not only provides its users with all the essential options they need, it also has multiple advanced options such as the extraction of the text content from images, signing directly on the screen and adding handwritten notes. You can easily view, highlight, underline and strikeout text as well as add or manage notes whether they are pre-designed stamps or sticky notes. With a couple of clicks, you can enhance your productivity and optimize your work fast. Kdan PDF reader allows you to choose the background and brightness for your documents, to avoid straining your eyes. The interface is simple to use, and it’s convenient for both mobile, desktop and tablet usage. Protect your files and restrict unauthorized people from opening and viewing them, by using passwords, watermarks and link protection.

Convenient for everything from reading books on your phone or desktop or filling in contracts, to commenting and creating your own school material. Kdan is also a converter app that allows you to convert a file from and to a document in Microsoft Office, text, HTML, RTF, pub or MOBI. Saving the premade columns, you don’t have to worry about losing your scheme when formatting, but to completely focus on editing. If you need to delete certain pages of your PDF, simply select them and leave only the ones you need. Pages with confidential information or images that need to be cut out can easily be removed by clicking the Page Edit icon and preview, selecting and deleting them. This tool is a must-have in today’s extremely fast evolving environment. Simple to use yet rich with features, it will help you to be your most productive self.

Five More Top-Quality Converters:

  1. Wondershare PDF Converter – Simple and fast to use, limited format support, OCR, comments, notes
  2. PDF Architect – Over 300 formats, editing, digital signatures
  3. Smallpdf Converter – Dozens of formats, edit, merge, split, compress, protect and unlock, signatures
  4. Foxit Phantom PDF Standard – 41 languages, dozens of formats, drawings, multimedia, OCR
  5. Icecream PDF Converter – Dozens of formats, no number and size limit, passwords, easy, fast


As you can see dear readers, there are some truly useful and easy to navigate PDF converters out there. You cannot go wrong with any of the top three options listed above, while the next five are also worth your time, effort, and trust. Try a few of them and check to see which one suits you best! In any case, your life will be much easier with a top-tier PDF converter by your side at all times.

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