What Score Is Needed To Pass The G1 Driving Test In Ontario?

If you want to get a G1 driving license, you will have to pass the G1 test. It is a written test that tests knowledge about traffic rules and signals. There are three exams in total that one has to pass to get the license. The first one is the written exam, whereas the second and the third ones are the in-vehicle examinations.

Do you want to pass the G1 test but don’t know anything about it? Do not worry we have got your back! In this article, we will discuss everything about the score you need to pass the G1 driving exam in Ontario.

Passing Score Of G1 Test

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The G1 exams consist of two sections. The first section consists of the road rules, whereas the second section consists of the road signs. Every section consists of 20 questions. The passing score is 80%, and you must attempt at least 16 questions correctly in each section. To increase your probability of passing the G1 exam in your first go, attempt practise exams at drivingtestcanada.ca

Rules And Requirements Of G1

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A very basic requirement for G1 is that you have to be at least 16 years old to be eligible for the exam. You need to show your age proof, and immigration certificate to appear for the exam. Also, keep the following criteria in mind before appearing for the exam.

If someone is caught cheating, the person might be barred from the exam without any refund or retest.

If someone is unable to pass the test, they will have to pay for a new form and give the exam again.

The exam results remain valid for one year. Also, if you apply for a retest within the same year, you will have to answer only those sections in which you were unable to clear.

The Timings Of The G1 Test

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There is no particular timing for the exam. The exam is held in multiple-choice questions format. In case someone has a reading or a writing issue, they can request a verbal or audio based exam. Generally, it takes around 20 to 30 minutes for the candidate to complete the exam.

Things To Bring With Yourself For The G1 Test

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If you are planning to give the G1 exam, make sure that you carry the following things with yourselves:

You must have cash, debit, or credit card to pay the exam fees.

You must carry at least two original identity proof documents. The photocopy of the identity proofs will not be considered. Identity proof is required to verify your immigration status, signature, legal name and birth date.

After the G1 written exam, there is an eyesight exam. Thus, in case you wear glasses or lenses, make sure that you carry them.

G1 Test Failure Rate

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The G1 test failure rate is around 50% to 75%, which is very high. Examinees who haven’t memorized the rules well or haven’t paid much attention to the context of the syllabus tend to fail the exam. If you want to increase your probability of passing the exam, make sure that you have read the MTO handbook and take some online practice exams.

How To Improve The G1 Test Score?

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Here are some tips that will help you improve your G1 test score:

Get Your Hands On The Mto Driver Handbook: You can easily get this handbook in Ontario. The book costs around $14. The book has some great tips and information, which is important to know if you want to appear for the test. Start taking notes from the book as you read, as it will help you to get a good score on the G1 test.

Always Attempt Some Practice Questions: Practice questions will help you to know the areas in which you need more attention. However, don’t rely only on practice tests to prepare for the exam. Refer to a few other credible sources as well.

Read The Mto Handbook Several Times: A single reading of the MTO handbook might not be the best strategy to study. Rather you should give the book multiple readings. See where you have made mistakes, and then study those topics again. Re-reading will clear all the concepts in your mind. You might think that the MTO handbook is boring, however it is not true. It contains real life scenarios that you will soon face while driving.

Make Sure To Study Well: People often take the G1 test very lightly. This is the reason why the G1 test failure rate is so high. Since the overall score required is not less than 80%, the examinee has to be well prepared for the exams. Poor preparations will result in failure to pass the exam.

Practice As Many Questions As Possible: Practice makes people perfect. Thus, make sure that you practice as many online practice tests as possible. Keep practicing until you score at least the passing marks.

Have A Good Sleep The Night Before The Test: You must get a good night’s sleep before the test. Good rest before the exam will help you to stay focused and increase your concentration level.

Take Your Time And Read The Question Carefully: Read every question carefully. Some questions might be twisted, and they might confuse you; therefore, it is important to read the questions carefully. Do not skip any question; try to answer all the questions. In case you get confused in some questions, leave the question for the end and then answer it to the best of your knowledge, common sense, and reasoning.

Stay Calm Before The Exam: Don’t be nervous or stress too much before the exam. There is no point in getting stressed as it will only increase your chances of making mistakes. Be positive and solve the questions carefully.

Final Word

G1 tests are not very difficult to qualify provided that you get the right guidance and study well. The tips mentioned earlier will help you in clearing the exam with a great score

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