Why Are Offshore Sportsbooks Becoming So Popular Among Bettors?

Offshore betting has taken the US bettors by storm but why the sudden increase and what’s driving US bettors to use offshore sites after it’s been declared federally legal to gamble at betting sites? That’s what we shall be looking at in today’s article as well as a few tips to assist your wagering fun.

What Are Offshore Bookies?

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To begin we must first understand what offshore sportsbooks and online bookies are.

Online Bookies

Online bookies essentially are bookies but found on the internet and digital space rather than in a physical location. These have allowed bookies to provide their odds and services to punters while on the go whenever and wherever they wish to wager as long as they have a solid internet connection.

Offshore Bookies

Offshore bookies essentially are online bookies. The major difference between an Online Bookie and an Offshore bookie is the fact that offshore bookies run from out of state or from a different country altogether. These offshore betting sites allow people from all over the world to join them, as they are based on foreign soil.

There is plenty of information regarding Offshore sportsbooks and it is important to get your information from a trustworthy and reliable source such as the one we came across from the experts at AugustaFreePress which provides an in-depth guide to the top Offshore sportsbooks.

So why the use of offshore bookies?

Gambling Laws

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Gambling laws in the US are intricate and rather confusing. Even though sports betting has been declared federally legal, certain states have still not legalised sports betting or online sports betting. In basic terms, the legalities of gambling will strictly depend on the state and for the most part, is still years behind markets across the pond like those found in Europe and the UK.

Due to many states requiring residents to travel long distances to find a basic brick-and-mortar bookie in an incredibly fast-paced and digital world, offshore bookies have grown significantly in popularity.

Even though your particular state might ban or make sports betting illegal, offshore bookies offer a legal grey area for punters to wager without fear of prosecution. Since offshore bookies operate offshore from the state’s jurisdiction they cannot prosecute the operators for providing you with a place to the game nor you for using a service.

Why Are They So Popular?

Well, offshore betting sites have made sports betting fun, easy and certainly more accessible.


Punters before the days of online bookies would have to endure travelling costs, waiting times and waiting in queues before being able to place a wager. Today to place a bet it’s much easier and more accessible. For starters, newbies can use review sites to find quick and easy information regarding bookies.

This has opened a gateway for punters looking to get into sports betting without long-distance travel costs. It’s also become much easier to access through the use of mobile devices such as IOS or Android.


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Mobile phones are the prime way people are placing their bets at offshore sites. Today it’s estimated that 6.64 Billion people own a smartphone that’s a whopping 83.72% of the entire world population.

The top Offshore bookies all provide mobile compatibility and most will even provide a mobile app to make wagering an even more seamless and enjoyable experience. Mobile phones are our lifeblood and betting companies know this.

Today punters can enjoy placing bets at any time they choose at any place so long as they have a solid internet connection. No need for bookie opening hours, queues or travelling. Instead, you can wager while travelling, waiting for your next appointment or even while the game is live!


Due to the sheer amount of volumes and lack of overhead costs these sites have, they can offer unbeatable incentives when compared to land-based bookies. That being said, today’s competition is stiff. Today there are several trustworthy bookies one can make use of and one of the ways bookies look to swing customers their way is through offering better bonuses and promotions over their competition.

In fact today some of the best betting strategies include using the free bet many sites offer to place a bet on their site and using another free bet offer on a different bookie to bet against the same bet. Either way the bet you placed cost you nearly nothing apart from the initial deposit and you are guaranteed a win!

Payment Methods

Another great benefit of offshore bookies is the sheer amount of payment methods available. Today one can even use cryptocurrencies to wager online and use 3rd party payments. Having the ability to use a plethora of payment methods also punters to make use of gaming sites without repercussions from banks.

Selection Of Sports & Bet Types

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Most offshore bookies cater for a wide range of clientele from around the world. Having such a huge range of different cultures means the bookies also need to offer the particular sports most bet on in the said region.

Henceforth offshore bookies tend to offer some of the fastest sports bet options available, from sports like the NFL to the premier league. Similarly having so many sports has led to having a vast amount of bet types one can make use of.

Most popular are prop bets such as the ones found in MMA fights such as first blood.


Just like one should follow tips on how to properly design a printed circuit board there are plenty of tips you should follow when wagering. Wagering can be great fun and it’s no wonder offshore bookies have been increasingly popular in the US. This is especially true in states where sports betting is deemed illegal because of the lack of legal legislation on the taxes to be made. While governments discuss and debate how to best tax gambling, punters have had enough waiting and it’s clear that offshore bookies are gaining revenue.

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