How To Make Money By Playing Games?

“The further you get into technology, the further you go into gaming. That’s the general rule.”

The professional basketball player, Nick Johnson, had a clear idea about online gaming too. According to the statement, he refers to the fact that any advancements in technology are making progress in gaming too.

We live in the 21st century, where we are surrounded by technology in the form of gadgets, appliances, and many more. Every minute, there is progress happening in the world of technology, which is making our lives even more comfortable. Even the world of gaming has gone from offline to online. You can play games anytime, anywhere. In the last couple of years, the world has seen gaming emerge as a profession. It has proved to be a viable revenue stream for many people.

Gaming started as a source of entertainment, but who knew that it would also help you pay your bills? You can become a full-time gamer, or you can choose it to be your side hustle. Any which way, you can earn enough money depending on the time you dedicate. Professional gamers can earn anywhere between $20 an hour to $200 an hour, depending on various factors.

If you are a beginner to online gaming as a profession, then explore these ways to make money by playing games.


1. Start a YouTube channel

If you have skills, show them off to the world. YouTube has given many people the opportunity to showcase their skills to the world; people upload cooking recipes, funny sketches, interviews, and many more. Choose YouTube as a platform to run live streams of your gameplay. You can even upload a pre-recorded gameplay that you outperformed. You can share some tips & tricks in different games, upload tutorials, game reviews, and many more. And the best part is once you are popular, there is no looking back, and money will start pouring in if you are consistent. You can take the example of PewDiePie, the famous YouTuber who simply uploaded the games on YouTube.

2. Try different platforms

If you are interested in gambling, then you can explore online gambling platforms that allow you to win some amazing prizes. Platforms like and others have a variety of gambling games like poker, slots, and many more. They even offer fantastic joining bonuses and daily rewards with easy payment methods. Online gambling has become very popular in the last few years because of many reasons.


3. Set up a gaming coaching business

Once you are an established gamer, you can try teaching your skills to others. Many beginners in gaming look for someone who can teach them the nuances of gaming. You can take advantage of that and earn some bucks. You can make tutorials or provide video sessions one-to-one to the players, which will make the session more personalized. Gaming coaches can earn plenty of money, between $26,000 to $75,000 a year, depending on various factors like their expertise in different games.

4. Become a QA or Game tester

Many gaming companies hire professional gamers who can test their games and quality before launching in the market. A QA tester, i.e., Quality Assurance tester, is a person who reports to the developers of the game about how they feel about the new game or upgraded design in the game. This person plays every level, every design, every build, multiple times so as to report any glitch. While a game tester is a person who finds ways to mess up with the game by using any cheat codes or tricks. This person grades the game if it was fun or not.


5. Become a Twitch streamer

Twitch is one of the most popular gaming platforms, which is owned by Amazon today. It is a live streaming video platform that is used by dedicated gamers to stream video game playing. It can be a game-changer platform for any gamer as it allows them to monetize their streaming of gameplay through advertisements, subscriptions, and many more. It allows you to interact with gamers all around the world and learn from them.

6. Compete in tournaments

Now that gaming has become such a popular thing, there are gaming tournaments held every year. There are many games like Call of Duty, Fortnite, and others that have world tournaments every year. While this is not a regular source of income, it can definitely make you win some huge cash prizes and incentives. If you are confident about your gaming skills in a particular game, then you can register yourself in tournaments to march towards the wins. The only trick is to start with smaller tournaments and then climb the ladder to higher tournaments. Many e-sport companies offer millions of dollars to the winners of the tournaments.


7. Contact potential sponsors

After you have reached a milestone with enough following and bucks that can easily pay bills, you can contact potential sponsors who can help you generate some revenue. Before contacting any sponsors, be prepared with your statistics and worth, which will lure them into sponsoring you. You have to assure them that you can bring in business for them from your following. You can start by contacting small brands and businesses that interest you, and then you can pitch in for bigger brands. Sometimes, there are brands that will contact you on their own. Make sure to do a background check before investing your time in a brand. You can use social media to find potential sponsors.


There is no doubt that getting paid for playing games is an amazing feeling, but make sure that you do not take your wins or losses of the game to your head. It should not mess up with your mind and body. Gaming can easily turn into an addiction, and more so when you are playing it to make money. Try out the above-mentioned ways to make money off your gaming skills. It might take some time and money to reach a particular level of substantial pay, but it will come, rest assured!

Radulovic Jovica
Radulovic Jovica

I started my career at following the completion of my studies in Agricultural Economics at the University of Belgrade. My fascination with this field arose from recognizing the pivotal role marketing plays in companies' business strategies.