9 Best Movie Streaming Apps for iPhone & iPad in 2024

It is very rare that a person doesn’t want to have things that come for free. Find yourself lucky enough to have free movies and TV shows on your Apple TV and iPhone including all your iOS devices. There are many apps for Apple TV which let you stream movies and TV shows for free, and these apps also a smartphone version for iPhones too. You can use many such apps on your iPhone and iPad as well though you won’t get to enjoy the newest release. The libraries of media content on these movie and TV show streaming apps offers many popular classic titles like Seinfeld, all-time hits, old documentaries, international films and much more that you would have thought. You will be shocked to see the amount of media content available for streaming at free of cost on Apple TV.

In this article, we are sharing some of your best picks for Apple TV and iPhone which you can enjoy for streaming free movies and TV shows. As you know, each app is different from other as some offer movies and TV shows from the public domain, some offer their Originals, while some offer premium content based on which some of these apps might popups advertisements and promotional content which is a source for their monetization. It is possible that you might not find new and latest movies, but you can be sure to enjoy the greatest classic content among movies and TV shows.

1. Rewinder

Rewinder finds its spot on the top in this list and so is because of its amazing content and the large collection of public domain movies and TV shows. Claiming itself as one of the largest repositories of free classic movies, Rewinder hosts some of the greatest titles such as ‘The 39 Steps, The Man Who Knew Too Much, The Lady Vanishes, etc.’ Not just movies, here TV shows are also amazing and some of the titles its library are Dragnet, Jack Benny, and The Lucy Show. You can find many interesting titles across Classic horror films, Retro classroom films, Silent comedies, Legendary B-Movies, and Cartoons. When it comes to Classic titles, Rewinder steals the top position.

2. Viki

Viki is just another great app for streaming free movies and TV shows on all Apple devices including iPhones and Apple TV. This app is a great substitute if you are interested in watching Asian TV dramas. There are shows beyond what a basic cable TV offers and users can stream content with their subtitles in more than 200 languages. The app has content from Asian countries like China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, etc. and covers movies, dramas, lifestyle, and fashion. Viki also let its users connect and chat with each other. Check this legit place now if you love Asian movies and TV dramas.

3. Pluto TV

Pluto TV makes it to this list because of the number of reviews and ratings it has received in the App Store. You can watch over 100 channels live and stream more than 1000 titles across movies. Pluto TV offer movies from some of the giant names of the like of NBC, Bloomberg, WB, CBS, and others. Here, you can watch series and movies which are not on Netflix, and Hulu including Anime, and wrestling videos. Some popular channels are CBS News, Fight Channel, NBC, CNET, 4K TV, Anime All Day, etc. which we think a true soul would certainly love to enjoy. Just hop in and start streaming for no fees or credit card details.

4. Crackle

Crackle is a popular name on the internet for streaming free Hollywood movies, exclusive shows, and TV series. This app popups few advertisements while streaming a video which is, of course, a monetization practice for the free app. Crackle is a service from Sony Pictures and promises always free streaming of its media content. What you will find here is Ocean’s Eleven, Grown Ups, Hitch, and others. Stream Seinfeld and Community including several others and from Sony Crackle Originals. Some of its Originals are Super Mansion, and, The Oath. This app has rich content across genres such as comedy, drama, thriller, fandom, and action.

5. Public Domain Movies

The name of the app tells that the movies available for streaming in its library are from the public and are not entitled to copyrights. Users can enjoy more than 100 movies and the library gets updated frequently with newer public domain content. The app allows the content to be sort in different ways such as by their release years, genre, actor, and director. This app can be enjoyed at all Apple devices including Apple TV and an iPhone. People will soon be able to enjoy features such as user ratings, reviews, push notifications, etc. which will help them have a better experience with Public Domain Movies.

6. Tubi

Tubi has a huge number of movies and TV series for movie freak people out there. This has been one legit place for streaming a great collection of movies across various genres, Korean dramas, and British TV shows. You don’t need to share credit card details or purchase subscription to enjoy its services. Despite a few ads, Tubi makes a great alternative to basic cable TV service. It provides shows from studios like MGM, Lionsgate, and Paramount including several award-winning movies. If you are into it, you can watch any newest anime show the very next day it is aired in Japan. Some unique categories such as ‘Not on Netflix’, and ‘highly rated on Rotten Tomatoes’ include more than interesting content.

7. Snagfilms

Snagfilms is another movie treasure on the internet for streaming full-length movies and TV series. This app is for you if you have a true movie soul as you will find more than 5000 movies and TV shows across multiple genre categories. Critically acclaimed movies, documentaries, adventure films, drama, comedy films, cult classics and what not you will discover here. Movies are available in different languages such as Russian, English, Dutch, Arabic, etc. The library is updated with new titles across movies and TV series episodes every month. This is a must try for you all as this is rated as the best iPad video app by Huffington Post.

8. Free Classic Movies (for Apple TV)

As the name suggests, this app is exclusively for classic films. This app has a great and impressive collection of movies for such people and its collection includes works of stars like Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton. You can enjoy unlimited classic movies with this app on your Apple TV. All you must do is install this app in your Apple TV and you can start streaming movies as soon as it is installed. The app is easy to navigate through and has a simple UI which makes it easy to get through even for a naïve person. Most of the content is picked from the public domain and is hosted by  http://www.archive.org

9. Viewster

If you want to start streaming movies, TV series and Anima shows instantly on your iPad or iPhone, just download Viewster from the App Store. You may experience a few ads, but the app has a decent library of movie titles and Tv shows. The content is legally owned by the app itself, and offer exclusive Anime shows which you may not find anywhere else. Full-length content across different genre categories is accessible as soon as you’re on board with this service. Users can do favorites, create watch-lists, and do Airplay or Chromecast to their TV screens.

Takeaway: These are our picks of 9 best apps for iPhone and Apple TV for streaming movies and Tv shows. If you have an iPhone or an iPad but don’t have an Apple TV, don’t worry you can still use these movie streaming apps by mirroring your iPhone with AirBeamTV. All these apps are officially available in the App Store on all Apple devices which authenticates their reliability and offer more than just free streaming of movies and TV series. For better streaming experience, we recommend you use a good internet connection. Readers are free to leave their thoughts in the comments. Good luck streaming.