Light Therapy for Horses: How Effective is It? – 2024 Guide

Light therapy, also known as phototherapy, is made with a combination of superluminous (evident) and infra-red (hidden) light to handle skin damage, as well as problems with tendons, muscles, ligaments, and bones. Light therapy for animals is also getting famous day by day, especially when it comes to horses.

The procedure goes by inciting the blood supply in the region, adding extra nutrients and oxygen to the damaged tissue. It also rejuvenates the lymphatic system, enabling waste materials to be removed more quickly, decreasing swelling.

Light therapy enhances the creation of collagen, an essential protein applied to repair damaged tissue. Other related effects of the treatment include spurring the generation of endorphins, our body’s natural painkillers, and enhancing the body’s ability to restore damaged cells.

What Is It?

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Red Light Therapy produces short wavelengths of light that can penetrate one’s skin efficiently enough to rejuvenate it in the process. The kind of impact that it can have on rejuvenating one’s skin is unprecedented.

This device’s benefits and perks are not limited to one’s rejuvenation of skin, as it also has a lot of impact on our metabolic networks. And it goes without saying that it can have a good effect on our immune system.

People use this device to their advantage. A lot of research has already been published regarding it, and a lot more is on its way.

Why Is It Used?

Treating Hair Loss

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Just like how Red Light Therapy heals wounds, it has the same effect on your hair’s skin. Different studies suggest that patients of Lichen Planopilaris have had an increase in hair concentration after the usage of months. There are records of less erythema or alleviated reddened and uneven skin due to Red Light Therapy in patients.

A Good Night’s Sleep

When we use digital devices, they emit a sort of blue light that is harmful to our good night’s sleep. Red light has the potential to change that as it has the opposite effect. Although the devices we frequently use now have the option to block the blue light, the reddish effect the screens provide does not make you fall asleep because they are not truly red light.

Younger Skin

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Red Light Therapy has been identified to be applied as a tool to heal different sorts of skin. Not only that, but it has also been adopted in different anti-aging firms to sell anti-aging laser processing. With the help of the progress of technology, we can now buy LED red lights to heal our skin at home.

It’s FDA Approved

We already understand that Red Light Therapy is now one of the successful methods of pain relief. Red Light Therapy is utilized to tackle a lot of pain-related ailments from secondary aches to osteoarthritis.

Recent data reveals that Red Light Therapy, not just operates, it operates very well. So well, that FDA approved it for the practice of minor pain to arthritis.

Red Light Therapy for Horses is designed to:

  • Identify areas where there is difficulty without diagnosing what that query actually is.
  • Heal those domains using a mixture of different kinds of light therapies.

How It Works

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The system uses a small metal comb-like structure to pinpoint regions of damage by regulating the flow of electrical impulses around the horse’s body. When there is an asymmetry in the electrical current, the Red Light Therapy devices used to treat horses emits a signal to disclose this. These domains are then treated with light therapy.

Reading the irregularities in the horse’s electrical impulses around the body can allow queries to be picked up before any apparent signs are evident, or the horse’s appearance is affected. Shortcomings will also occur where the horse has been neutralizing for an old injury.

How It’s Administered

Once the horse is scanned and the difficulty areas noted, only then light therapy can be administered.

Red Light Therapy is applied through two hand-held circular cluster heads, each of which contains thirty or more light-emitting diodes between the range of 8-40mm.

The heads are held in place over the problem areas for connecting 30 seconds and one minute to stimulate the cells.

The different tool heads also feature a pulsed electromagnetic ring that can be switched on or off as required. This ring generates a pulsed electromagnetic field, which infiltrates to a depth of around seven inches. This is practiced for managing areas with deep muscles such as the hindquarters.

Red Light Therapy can also be given through associate tools containing LEDs such as leg wraps, hock boots, and the light cap.

Effective for Multiple Problems

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In more than 40 years of independent studies and analysis worldwide, light therapy has been determined to have a wide variety of therapeutic benefits. It is particularly suitable for treating the subsequent problems in horses:

  • Treating aching muscles
  • Fixing low tissue damage
  • Lessening pain
  • Discovering and addressing problem areas before performance is influenced
  • Combating infections
  • Developing better recovery time from injury

Red Light Therapy originated in the United States of America, where it is now used extensively by vets and trainers. High profile followers of the system include Dr. Gerhard Grenz of the Wiesenhof Veterinary Clinic for Horses, Germany. He also worked with the German Olympic dressage team before the Atlanta Olympic Games.