5 Best Voice-Over Microphone Under $100 in 2024

The future is in audiobooks and podcasts, and everyone who realizes this knows that this industry can make you a lot of profit, fast. It may take weeks and even months to finalize one product, and if you don’t have the right equipment, you may end up redoing every single thing you try to do. Experienced people know that the microphone is one of the crucial parts of the equipment, but they can cost thousands of dollars that not everyone has.

If you are looking to start your own voice-over business, but you don’t have the budget for professional equipment, we are here to help! Here you can read about the best microphones of 2024 that you can find on the market for under $100.

1. MXL V67G Large Capsule

img source: bigcommerce.com

The first device on this list is something that would be a great choice for anyone who wants top quality without spending thousands of dollars. The way it’s made will ensure that your voice will get that deep richness we want out of a mic, and everything you say will get that velvet tone.

It is a tube microphone, and as you all know, these models can cost up to one thousand dollars. The unit we are talking about won’t cost you more than 95 dollars, and that will fit right into your budget. It is one of the best products you can find for podcasts and audiobooks, so this is something you are doing, then don’t think twice.

The only issue you may encounter with it is that if you don’t keep it in the right place and if you don’t maintain it, it may rust.

Try to use a pop filter that will help you avoid this problem, and clean it regularly.

2. Blue Snowball iCE

img source: imgix.net

This is one of the cheapest models on our list and it retails for just under 50 dollars. Even though it is a really low-budget device, it can still do a great job. It is said that this is the newest model of the original device and it was made to satisfy the needs of the customers who don’t want to spend too much on a microphone.

It is a great unit for the price it comes with, you won’t need a lot of time to set it up and use it, plus it does not require any drivers to be installed. It does not offer any special features, and you cannot really do much with it, but if you are looking for something that is literary plug and play, then this is the model for you.

With this device, you won’t experience statics or interruptions, so you won’t have to go back and record your voice-overs. You won’t have to invest in a pop filter and it is also a durable unit that will get the job done.

3. MXL 990

img source: guitarcenter.com

Users report that with this unit you will be able to get that studio quality and crisp voice-over. One of the best things about it is that it eliminates all the static and white noise you may notice in other cheaper models, and it will improve the overall quality of the recording.

It has a sleek design that is great for a recording studio or for any home office you may work from. The vintage body will make you feel like you are part of those old-school radio shows, plus you will be able to choose between two colors – champagne or midnight.

This model comes with a price tag of about 70 dollars, and you can even find it on discount depending on the retailer. According to voxelectro.com, if you want to get the best of a low-cost microphone, you need to spend some time looking for the right artist that will help you get to a great final project.

4. Marantz Pro MPM1000

img source: rackcdn.com

Everyone who knows a bit more about professional equipment knows that Marantz products have been on the market for decades. The reason for this is that they produce quality gadgets that are durable and reliable.

The voice-over will not get interrupted by other equipment, and the device itself has minimal self-noise. It has a lot of additional gear that comes with it including the tripod, windscreen, and shock mounts. It is really easy to set it up and you won’t have to spend a lot of time figuring out how everything works. The price tag that it comes with is just under 60 dollars.

5. sE Electronics X1

img source: bhphoto.com

This device will be right on the budget for you, retailing for 99 bucks, and it is another great device you can use in your studio. One thing that users report is that this model feels like you are using one a professional device, not a low-budget one. With it, you will not only be able to make recordings for audiobooks and podcasts, but it also works with recordings of musical instruments including guitars and drums.

Most of the other devices on this list have at least one negative thing about them, but this one has none. Every user who’s invested in this mic says that it runs perfectly and that you won’t have any issues with it. If we are splitting hairs, the only thing we can say is that if you put the pop-filter too close to the device itself, you may notice a little bit of resonance.

These devices all fit into your budget and whichever one you choose you won’t make a mistake. One thing that you need to remember is that you cannot find a device that works fast, is cheap, and provides high quality. So, if you are looking to stay in your budget, and if you want to have a unit that will produce the best possible sound, chances are, it won’t be as fast as you want it to be.

Investing in a model like these will help you start your business and later on you will be able to invest in a more expensive device. Just know that many people who decided to go with these units, they loved them so much that they never changed them. Have patience, test several models out, and find the one that will be a great fit for your business and your specific needs.