Let’s Go To Flavortown!

Switch To Vape And Leave The Bad Taste Of Cigarettes Behind

Sweet and savory, bold and rich, tart and sour – these are all descriptions of taste and flavors. Most people would read those descriptors and think about food or drinks but it doesn’t only apply to your favorite entrée or preferred beverage; it also applies to vaping. More specifically, e-liquid and vape juice.

Think about the last cigarette you had. Do you remember the strawberry flavor that was in it? How about the sweet aftertaste? Of course you don’t! That’s because most cigarettes taste harsh and smokey unless you are smoking a menthol.  For the most part; there is a not-so-great taste of some sort but it’s probably true that you are not smoking cigarettes for the taste  – instead you are chasing the kick of dopamine that nicotine gives to you.

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The dopamine from cigarettes teache the brain to keep needing  and repeating smoking cigarettes over and over. However, it is completely possible to get your nicotine without smelling like cigarettes when you trade smoking cigarettes for a vape.  Not only to vapes smell and taste better, but it’s also possible to wean yourself off the nicotine slowing since you can vape at varying levels of nicotine.  Some vapers end up keeping the habit, but completely eliminate nicotine from their vape setup.

There are over 7,000 different options when selecting a vape juice. This number can increase or decrease depending on your preferences. If you are a cigarette smoker that is curious about vaping and need your nicotine, then you would select juices that contain nicotine. Not only do the juices contain nicotine, you have the ability to select how much of it you want to vape. If you prefer the taste of tobacco, there are juices for that too. Let’s say you want to try something different and venture into flavors. Well, that’s not a problem either.

Everyone enjoys tasting something good whether it’s food, drink or a good vape. That can happen when you make the switch to vaping. It’s easy to get started, do a Google search for the nearest “vape shop near me” and check out their reviews. You want to make sure you go to a vape shop that has high reviews that talk about helping employees and a good selection of juice (house lines and premiums).

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So do your research and then hop into your nearest vape shop and start the search for your new favorite nicotine source. Vape shop employees are always willing to spend time with you, explaining everything and helping you find something that works for you.

Once you find your preferred flavor, decide how much nicotine you want to start with. Talk with the staff of the shop and figure out the best amount for you and your needs. The simple fact that you can choose your nicotine level allows for a lot of flexibility whether you are on the road to quitting altogether, just making the switch to be a long-term vaper while eliminating nicotine altogether or if you are just wanting to try something new.

Many vape shops sell small bottles of juice that are low-cost so that you can try a myriad of flavors without having to invest much into it. And most vape shops (like thevapebarportland.com in Oklahoma City) carry hundreds of juices in store, so you may be there for a while, but the more time you take, the better you will feel with your new smoking alternative.

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Ok – so you found the flavor you want, You got a new vape device, and you’re ready to start. What’s next? Right? Well, essentially, there’s nothing left to do but enjoy your vaping journey. If you found one flavor you enjoy, you might be more open to try some other new flavors.

Just think about it, you’ve got 6,999 other flavors to try out – you’ll never get bored. Have fun with vaping! Change up your juice choices each time and even though you will enjoy vaping from the very first puff, you will have a new experience with every new juice. Cigarettes can’t do that, can they? They’re always the same and even worse, they’re much more expensive.

Be ready to socialize when you start vaping, too. It is not uncommon at all for you to take a puff of your new vape device and juice and someone nearby asks you, “Hey. I like that. What is the name of that flavor?” There’s a whole community of people who share the common interest of vaping and with that, comes the possibility of discovering new flavors and variations of juice and e-liquid.

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If you want to get even deeper, there are clou competitions that many vape shops hold to see who can produce the largest cloud, who can mix juices and create fan-favorite juices and more. So if you are the competitive type and want to dive in head first, those are for you. But wait. There is more! I mentioned mixing!

Let’s say there are exactly 7,000 juice flavors and variations out there. Well, if you decide to become your own mixologist, that number multiplies significantly. There will be no end to the combinations you can create on your own. To do this, you have to find two or more flavors you enjoy and maybe try to mix them together.

You may find your new favorite juice this way. You will have to invest some money up to begin making your own juice, but it ends up being less expensive than getting juice at your local vape shop.  Most people prefer the easier way of just going to their local vape shop.

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You can also ask around to shop owners and other vapers to see what they have come up with. The amount of creations that can be made are limitless, and only your imagination can stop you. All of these options while still getting your nicotine fix. What more could you ask for?

Long gone are the days of the tobacco cigarette. They are still present today, but why? There are many people who have put down the smokes and reached for a vape, and you should too. Don’t let cigarettes wreck your taste, get to your local vape shop, post-haste! Happy Vaping!

Bogdan Radicanin
Bogdan Radicanin

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