Does Vaping Make you Smell Bad like Cigarettes – 2024 Guide

Vaping is becoming increasingly popular among those who would like to quit smoking and has shown as a great alternative. When using vaping pens a person inhales the vapor containing only nicotine, instead of smoke containing nicotine, tar, and other harmful substances that can cause medical conditions such as cancer. The nicotine inside the vapor satisfies the need for it, and also offers a taste similar to cigarettes.

It has proved to be a lot less harmful, does not stink, does not pollute the air, and most important does not harm people around you. There are no passive smokers when people vape. They function on a simple principle – batteries are providing energy for the liquid to warm up and the vapor starts forming, inhaling it goes into the lungs, along with the taste, while exhale does not leave any kind of smell, only vapor smoke. The liquid used for vaping comes in a variety of tastes so that one can experiment and change from time to time, to make vaping more exciting. Any smell from, coffee, chocolate, peach, vanilla, coke, apple, menthol, and many other tastes available at

Cigarettes contain smelly substances, vaping liquids don’t

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Those who used to smoke, or still do, are very well aware of how cigarettes smell. It’s their trademark. It’s also one of the most common reasons people decide to quit. When it becomes challenging, they use the alternative- vaping. But the worry of smelling bad still stays. It’s the reason we’ll try to answer the question if vaping smells just as bad.

Cigarette stench has the ability to infiltrate every room and every cloth and to stick there as well. As soon as it comes in contact with heir, clothes, your car, it’s there to stay. Not only it stays, but the social life of many people suffers because of it, people simply avoid close contact with smelly people. Smokers are not aware of this, most of the time because they are used to the smell, and because they are surrounded by it. It becomes like a natural environment.

The reason why cigarette smoke smells so bad is the tart inside, along with the chemicals used for soaking tobacco leaves. When they burn this horrible smell gets soaked in your clothes, hair, walls, furniture, and so on. It is the reason why it is hard to get rid of the smell from the walls, once you stop smoking. Electronic cigarettes on the other hand do not contain these substances and therefore cannot cause such smell. Instead of smoke, you’re exhaling vapor which disappears almost the moment you exhale. Due to all the flavors we mentioned earlier, electronic cigarettes produce vapor whose smell matches the taste of the liquid. Way nicer than regular cigarettes, but doesn’t stay long.

Cigarettes cause bad breath

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If you have been experiencing people talking to you from the distance, then you should consider checking your breath. It is difficult to be aware of this because it’s impossible to have an objective perception of our breath smells to other people. Why does this happen? Every person has a certain bacterium in their mouth that loves the protein leftovers from the food we ate, that’s usually stuck behind our teeth. Well, not just the protein, but all the leftovers, therefore the importance of mouth hygiene is obvious. Smoking cigarettes provides an even more fertile area for these bacteria to multiply and flourish, mainly because of the dryness of the mouth caused by the smoke. Not only this but also close to 4000 poisonous chemical substances in the cigarettes that add to the stench.

When it comes to vape, it can also dry the mouth. Although it does not contain all the chemicals like regular cigarettes, the fact that they can dry the mouth is enough. Your breath will definitely not stink like normal tobacco, but the dryness may cause a stench to some extent. No need to worry though, because the solution is simple – hydrate, drink water whenever possible. Taking a glass of water or better yet, a cup of tea is recommended when vaping, to avoid dryness and bad breath.

Some think that mouth wash can be a good way for refreshing the breath, however, many contain alcohol. Alcohol is also a reason for dryness of the mouth, therefore is not a good idea. Better to stick to regular dental hygiene and regular hydration.

Switching from cigarettes to vaping can cause a bad smell

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Here’s an important point. While you are smoking cigarettes, the nicotine and tart don’t always stick to your clothes, hair, and other superficial materials. They are also accumulated inside your body; therefore, the organism needs time to get rid of all the junk collected throughout the years.

This is the period you can expect for the bad smell to start going out from your body. It goes mostly through the sweat and can get very nasty. Before you pass the blame to vaping and think it does not contribute to getting rid of the stench, consider how long have you been smoking. Be patient, give yourself some time to detox, and you’ll notice that after a while you’ll start smelling like normal people, or non-smokers. Just increase your daily hygiene until this period is over.

If, however, it does not stop, it might be because of some other reason, such as a medical condition. Make an appointment at the doctor’s, and check what might be the cause of the smell. Mentioning how many medical conditions are caused by cigarettes is not necessary. So many studies have proven they contribute to osteoporosis, lung and throat cancer, stroke, and many others.

While vaping has proven to have a lot less of a bad impact on the body.

Regular cigarettes as we already said, contain chemicals that cause all the medical conditions, cancer being the worst of them. Smokers who switched to electronic cigarettes or vaping have claimed how they feel physically better. Not to mention smelling like normal people again.