Why are Human Hair Wigs so Expensive – 2024 Guide

Ever walked into a store and found the perfect wig for your face? Then looked at its price tag only to find that it costs you a leg and an arm. But of course, it is made of real human hair that’s why it feels so natural.

Why are these wigs so expensive? This is a question you must’ve asked yourself innumerable times.

The basic reason is that since it’s made from human hair, it’s expensive. Sourcing human hair is neither easy nor cheap. It’s getting cut from the length of someone else!

Human hair wigs are usually custom-made. They are tailor-made to match your preference, hair type and if possible, hair color too. You can go to an online store or a local trusted store to order these. Of course, buying a human hair wig is expensive, but don’t think of it as a commodity or thing that you are buying. Think of it as an investment, you invest in this type of wig. If you look after it properly and take precautions, it can last you for more than a year.

Unlike synthetic hair, human hair has a different texture, colors, and feel. They are also difficult to style and maintain. The main challenge is to make a wig with the same hair texture and color to suit a person’s choice. To meet the preference of different people, different textures are required, like, wavy, straight, curls, afro, etc.

We have enumerated a list of reasons why human hair wigs are expensive, but still worth it.

1. Quality of the hair

Source: dhgate.com

The quality of human hair is much better than that of synthetic hair. No synthetic hair can beat the natural feel and look of human hair. Sourcing such high-quality hair is a costly affair.

According to cynosurehair.com, about 50% of the cost of a wig is the cost of the human hair used to make that particular wig. It’s not only about sourcing high-quality hair, the process, and the craftsmanship used to utilize that hair and make a wig, but that is also the real challenge.

Maintaining the quality and shine of human hair while crafting it into a wig is also a precise process.

2. Variety available

Source: eleganthair.en.made-in-china.com

The texture of human hair is different, depending on person to person. Someone may have wavy hair, someone might have curly or straight hair. With this you have a lot of variety, be it in hair color or hair texture. You often look for a wig whose hair texture matches yours.

Not only texture but with human hair, coloring is not difficult. If you get a wig whose hair texture is similar to your original hair, you can get them colored to match your hair tone.

3. Long life of the wig

Source: tagerlyn.com

Buying a human hair wig is costly, but if you maintain it properly and take care of it, they can easily last you for more than a year. These wigs are made with top quality hair, hence they last longer than normal synthetic wigs. The life of a wig also depends on how you take care of it. A human hair wig may last you 1 year or more, but with proper washing and maintenance, they may last you for 2-3 years. So, don’t look at a wig as a commodity, rather look at it as an investment.

Investing in a good wig and maintaining it, is less expensive than buying synthetic wigs every 6 months.

4. Natural feel and appearance

Source: beautyclick.co.ke

Unlike natural hair wigs, synthetic hair wigs lose their shine rapidly. The look and feel given by human hair wigs cannot be matched by synthetic hair wigs. Though with the advancement of technology and methods, the quality of synthetic hair has dramatically gone up. Despite that, synthetic wigs can’t beat the natural appearance given by human hair wigs.

These wigs won’t look fake and will give a natural look to you. Usually, synthetic hair wigs have an artificial sheen or shine on them, and they tend to look fake. With human hair, that problem is solved. The feel of the wig is very natural and light.

5. Easy to match the texture of your hair

Source: simplywigs.co.uk

The beauty of human hair wigs is the fact that you can easily match the natural texture and color of your hair. With synthetic wigs, you might not get the texture you are looking for, which is essential for a natural look. The texture is the way a hair strand is, some people have straight hair, some have curls and some even have wavy. The benefit of such wigs is that you have the option of choosing or getting a custom made wig, similar to your hair.

These wigs are easy to style too. They last longer in whatever curl/straightening that you do.

6. Easy to style

Source: amazon.com

It is super easy to style human hair wigs, since they are real hair, so styling them is like styling your hair. You can use your straightening iron or curling iron and style them any way you want. With these wigs, you can change your looks easily. In wigs made with synthetic hair, it is very difficult to manipulate the hair with heat.

Another very easy treatment is dyeing them. Dyeing human hair wigs is super easy and fun. You can select a color and find a hairstylist who has the experience of dyeing human hair wigs. They can color your wig any color you want. The luxury of coloring your wig is not available if you are using a synthetic wig.


Even though they are a little on the costlier side, these wigs are worth it.  You won’t have a bad hair day if you know how to maintain and carry your wig. It is easy to style them and mount them. They instantly change the way you look. Adding a human hair wig makes you look royal and chic. With that in mind, keep your heads straight, and carry that beautiful mane confidently. Happy experimenting!