How To Use Bitcoins? – 2024 Guide

As Bitcoin keeps shattering records when it comes to its value, there is no denying that this cryptocurrency has the potential to become an accepted payment method in the future. Its acceptance by the public grows with each passing day. That is why many experts believe that a point where a majority of the world’s population will use Bitcoin as a payment method will be reached, thus leaving governments no other option to accept it.

Until that day, the products/services that you can use Bitcoin on may be numerous, but they are limited to a certain point. With all that being said, while we wait for Bitcoin to become a globally accepted payment method, we decided to name a few places where you can use this cryptocurrency. Let’s check them out.

Book a Vacation

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First off, you can book yourself a nice hotel in every part of the world with Expedia, the world’s largest online travel agency. They started accepting Bitcoin as a payment method back in 2014, and these days, you can book around 700,000 hotels around the world with Bitcoin. Not only that, but Expedia keeps working on expanding its list of services that can be purchased with the cryptocurrency, and they claim that clients may be able even to book flights with it in the near future.

Make a Profit With It

Next up, we have the number one reason why people use Bitcoin – to make a profit. After they earn Bitcoin by either buying it or mining it, they turn to trade sites to sell it and make money. Trading sites have an interesting system that helps traders in this process, which is why we wanted to take a look at it.

Reputable sites such as Bitcoin Champion use advanced AI systems which collect data about Bitcoin from the market and use it to predict what its future price will be, thus making sure that the traders will sell their Bitcoins at the right time and maximize their profits. This platform is very successful in this process. You can see on the homepage that the daily profitability rate is high – that is the reason why it is so reputable and has thousands of users from all around the world.

Entertain Yourself With Games

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In the past couple of years, online gaming has become extremely popular, and online casinos are dominating this industry. They have millions of registered players from all around the world and are on their path to overtake land-based casinos as the biggest profit-makers in the global gambling sphere.

Online casinos have numerous benefits, with one of the biggest ones being the many accepted payment methods. Due to the fact that Bitcoin is fully optimized for online use and provides us with instant transactions, online casinos are very fond of it. Fast transactions are a win-win situation for both online casinos and players. Not only that but since Bitcoin users have a certain level of anonymity, the transactions are made. At the same time, gaming is much safer, and there are no chances of third parties gaining access to sensitive data.

Use Microsoft’s Services

Bill Gates has been a Bitcoin advocate, and he praised his existence. As time passed by, he even incorporated it as a payment method in his company – Microsoft. People can now use Bitcoin to purchase various services and/or products from Microsoft. You can pay for their apps, games, and you can even use it to purchase Xbox.

Shop online (Furniture and electronics)

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Who doesn’t love shopping online? Thanks to Overstock, you can now shop for your favorite goods online and make the payment with bitcoin. The platform offers not only huge shopping options but also ensures secure and fast payment. You can buy all types of goods from furniture, jewelry, electronics and much more. So, if you have a few bitcoins lying around, you don’t have to convert them into cash to shop. Visit Overstock to make payments directly. Furthermore, it also offers an opportunity for the retailers. Because the amount reaches them fast, and securely it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Gift cards

Some companies, especially online, may not allow you to shop with bitcoins but offer gift cards. Especially websites like Gfyt, CoinCards, and EGifter have taken the concept of gift cards and taken it to another level. Because you can make purchases of gift cards with bitcoins, it is an emerging market and is definitely a sight of the future!


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Many people like to do good by giving o charity. It is undoubtedly a noble act that can change lives. However, if you want to give some bitcoins to charity, you might not find enough options. But Wikimedia Foundation has initiated a new trend for giving charity. Since they have started to accept bitcoins for charity payments, they have shown a new way to other such organizations. And today, the list is only increasing.

Food and beverages

What if you have forgotten your card and cash at home and gone grocery shopping? Well, in the past, you might have to return home to pick your things up, but thanks to the bitcoins and several food-related brands, you can now pay via bitcoins! Well-known brands like Starbucks, and Wholefoods, now accept payments via bitcoin to make your life easier.

Other honorable mentions

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Some other honorable mentions in this article are Home Depot, Namecheap, AT&T, Wikipedia, and Wikileaks. These companies are well-known brands and accept Bitcoin as a payment method that can be provided by B2BinPay. Their popularity is the reason why we wanted to name them.

Bitcoin is not just an emerging concept that has changed the way transactions were made. It is also the future. The aim is to make our life easier and make payments fast and secure. Thanks to the many well-known companies around the world, we are witnessing the change as well. So, the next time you want to shop at any of the above-mentioned stores, make sure to use your bitcoins!