5 Tips & Tricks On How To Beat Slot Machines – 2024 Guide

The world revolves around money and games. When combined those two produce a casino place that is filled with people trying to have fun and not lose all their money. When you think about it casinos and cities with them profit a lot. Vegas is the biggest tourist attraction as well as a mecca for gamblers. Did you know that in the USA average casino makes around 75-80% of its profits just from slot machines?!

Slots are a great source of income for casinos, but a great starting point for average better. It’s easy, simple to operate and it could be rather profitable if you know how to beat it. There is a lot of sites and people in general that try to share their views on how to beat “The House” in slots but if you want to know how you can read more on how to win at casino slot machines on sosgame!

Besides this, enjoy our tips as well and try them for yourself when you get a chance. Here are the tips that will make your chances a little bigger when playing slot machines:

1. Join the Players Club.

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Yes, we know, there is a lot of controversy regarding this move but hear us out. There is a lot of talks online regarding this and most come done to one thing. The casinos are watching you thanks to this and they know when you hit big cash and they can somehow “flip a switch” and stop your winning streak. But this is not true. Casinos based their business on one fact only – they always have the edge in the long run which translates to “The House always wins”. This is why not joining the Players club and getting their card is a bad move for you. The reasons to get the Players club card are simple – a lot of bonuses that will make your play a lot more worth it. When using this you cut down on your losses significantly and get some of the rebates back to you in several forms like free plays, gift cards, free meals, free rooms, free show tickets and lots more. Just keep this in mind, if you have this card then they know just how much to get back to you regarding the time spent playing and money spent. We think that this could be a win-win situation for both.

2. Always set a budget.

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This is important for several reasons. Casinos are designed to make you lose yourself in them. They use every trick to make your stay as long as possible and to make you spend as much as possible. That is just the way they operate. To save yourself from this be a strong person and set yourself a realistic budget and stick to it. If you are going to spend 2,3 or 5 days at a casino and have a budget of, let’s say $2000, then split that cash according to the time you plan to stay. A lot of people managed their money poorly which led them to lose all their money in the first or first two days. This is when you start to hit the ATMs for extra cash to pull yourself out and start to sink deeper. A strict and realistic budget is a must if you want to have fun in the casino during your entire stay.

3. Don’t always bet the max amount

As in life, the same rule goes here, be informed. It is not a good thing to always bet max amount, but sometimes it is. It depends on the machine you are playing on. If it is a penny machine that has some crazy wide progressives you should bet max, otherwise you are just building upon that jackpot for somebody else to steal from under your nose. When it comes to other types of slot machines inform yourself about the game itself and what is the amount of coin that gets you eligible for the bonus round. This means that you don’t have to max your credits to be eligible for the bonus rounds, you need to read the instructions to find out what is the lowest you can bet to still get to play the bonus rounds.

4. Watch for slot machines that take a lot of money

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When in a casino it is a good idea to relax for a while and scan the area for the game or machine you like and most importantly for the one that has taken a lot of cash out of someone and haven’t given anything back. It is considered that a machine like that is going to spit some of that cash back any time now. If someone loses a lot of money and nerves on a slot game like that it is a good practice to try and continue playing on it after the previous player gets up. It isn’t a sure thing that it will bring you a jackpot but it can’t hurt your odds as well.

5. Don’t get attached to just one machine

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Most of us tend to get stuck at just one slot machine for different reasons. Maybe it was profitable in the past or it is your game of choice. What is important to remember is that you should not spend a lot of time at one slot game that is not returning anything, or very little. Some state, although not confirmed, that the slot game will usually spit some cash back in the first few spins and if that doesn’t happen move away from it and find another. This could be true but it’s not tested, the one thing we can confirm is that it will not hurt to mix and match until you hit something.

It is important to know one thing – very few managed to get rich in a casino! If you go there to look for some fun time or looking for your lady luck you will surely find one of those two. Gambling should be a side thing in life and treated as such. Be smart, keep yourself in check at all times and it will never pose any problems for you or your family.