How Do Progressive Jackpot Games Work and the Best Time to Play – 2024 Guide

Today betting and gambling are usually done online. Land casinos are still a big hit, no doubt there, but what online casinos offer is the chance to play your favorite casino game from the comfort of your home. No driving around, no crowds – only big wins and thrills. All your favorites can be found online – roulette, poker, slots, and blackjack too.

Some of the most popular and widely played casino games today are those that feature a progressive jackpot. As a type, slots are definitely the game that first pops to mind. But before you dive in and start playing for the big win, it is good to know the basic features of these games and when is the optimal time to give them a try. Here are the details.

Main Principle of Progressive Jackpot Games

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Briefly said, these games come with an amount that is continuously rising – an amount for which each player can play, bet on and try out their luck. How does the amount get bigger over time? It is quite simple, really. Once a player places his/her bet, a portion goes to the jackpot. Since the amount is not fixed, it can get as high as becoming a life-changing sum.

That is what makes these games so popular. So, pick your most trustworthy online casino, and enjoy the game. A few of the most visited are Dux Casino, Rizk Casino, Hey Spin Casino, and others that all feature a progressive jackpot kind of game.

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Different games require different things to give out the jackpot. If you enjoy playing slots, in order to get the big win, you need to match a number of symbols on the machine reels. As for blackjack – you need to have a card combination in your hand to be the winner.

The Best Time to Play and Win

There is no doubt that winning life-changing money needs luck, but is there a thing or two you need to do to boost your chances a bit? Luckily, there are a few tricks that you need to have up your sleeve to get closer to winning. Here are some.

1. Play When Your Budget Allows It

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Not every spin counts as enough for you to get the big win. So, if you do want to go for that money, you need first to make sure that you have enough budget to play spins that qualify for the prize. The requirements are not the same for every game and casino – check the setup and check your balance.

The next step is to see whether you have enough budget for more spins – there are times when it is simply not worth the risk. Some casinos provide the option to play for the big money with a smaller amount of bet money – but the chances of winning are slimmer.

On the other hand, there are casinos that require a significant amount for each spin if you want a chance to play for the progressive jackpot. The critical thing to have in mind when deciding whether to play or not is to pay attention to your budget. How many spins can you play, how big are your chances, and whether it is a better idea to wait a while and gather some more gambling money. The decision is all yours, of course.

2. Play When There Hasn’t Been a Win for a While

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The odds of winning any prize are not always great. However, if you notice that a progressive jackpot has not been won for a more extended period of time, then the player’s odds of winning it become slightly better.

When you log into your favorite online casino and start betting on your favorite game, don’t forget to check how long it has been since the last progressive jackpot was won. Test your luck if there was no win for a couple of weeks. It may be worth your time and money.

3. Trust Your Intuition and Don’t Play Moody

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As already mentioned above, luck matters, and it has an impact on your game. That is fine and acceptable. But, what also matters when playing is your intuition and your mood. This shouldn’t even be discussed. It is not smart and useful to play any type of game when you are in a bad mood. This can end up with more than a couple of bad decisions, which can later lead to significant losses.

Intuition is worth considering as well. If your gut tells you that slot machines are in your favor today, then give them a try. When talking about intuition, it is essential you know that some players have won the progressive jackpot on their first try without betting a huge sum of money. You never know.

4. Make Your Own Jackpot Budget

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The last tip, but certainly not least, is to create a monthly budget that you will set aside just for progressive jackpot games. It needs to be a sensible amount that you can really afford and try to stick to it. For instance, you can decide to play 150 spins in one month on your favorite slot machine that you think maybe the one to bring you success.

If you do follow your plan, you will increase your chances. Don’t think that you can ever know when a machine is going to give out the jackpot prize. Or when the machine is hot or cold. Those are just phrases players use to reassure themselves that they should continue gambling. Instead, respect the following words – you must be in it in order to win it. So, make a plan, follow it through, and stay focused. And of course, don’t forget to have fun. Good Luck!


What progressive jackpot games offer is a different gambling experience that can result in big wins. It is a way to diversify your online casino routine while still playing your favorite type of game. Try out your luck, stick to your plan, and have fun.