Why Are Some Cryptocurrency Names So Weird – 2024 Guide

The Crypto industry is the fastest growing business field in the world. If you are familiar with digital currencies, you know that 2024 started turbulent for them. That especially counts when we talk about Bitcoin. The price of the most popular digital currency is currently around 34.7 thousand dollars.

However, becoming a successful crypto investor is not an easy task. You need to invest a lot of time studying all aspects of the industry. We need to be honest and say those tasks are not going to be easy. Learning how to predict value changes in the cryptocurrency world is challenging. You need to improve your knowledge and gather the necessary experience to the fullest.

Making the first steps is going to be complex. You should primarily research which options you exactly have. We know that most beginners have the desire to invest in Bitcoin. Yet, BTC is not the only option you have. After that, you should also gather some basic information. For example, you should understand the difference between crypto coins and tokens. Most beginners usually believe these two things are the same. Websites like starofmysore.com analyzed that subject pretty well. Because of that, we recommend you visit the link we attached after reading our article.

Knowledge improvement should never stop. That especially counts in turbulent fields like the crypto industry. However, we would like to make your first steps a bit more entertaining. Not everything around digital currencies should be serious and challenging. We would like to talk about certain cryptocurrencies that have silly names. More precisely, we will see together why some cryptocurrency names are so weird. Our list will make your progress more interesting. Because of that, let’s find out that together.

1. PotCoin

img source: bizj.us

We probably think about the same thing after hearing the word pot. PotCoin is a specific digital currency that attracted a specific group of people. The purpose of this coin is to ensure a decentralized banking infrastructure for the legal cannabis industry. Despite the crypto field, the CBD industry is also one of the fastest-growing you can find in the world. Because of that, it doesn’t need to surprise us why we have a coin of that type.

If you are a cannabis lover, we have good news for you. PotCoin is not the only one that focuses directly on the CBD industry. You can also invest in KushCoin, Bongger, and Ganjacoinpro. All these cryptos have weird names.

2. DentaCoin

img source: medium.com

Yes, denta stands for dentists and the dental industry. The purpose of this coin is to ensure an effective blockchain network for the people that participate in the dental industry. Thanks to that blockchain network, dentists as well as patients can enjoy different benefits. Both sides can share all the medical records and data, trade dental materials and products, etc. Of course, paying for the entire procedure with DentaCoin is also an available option.

3. PutinCoin

img source: coinpaprika.com

We all know how Putin is, right? Well, it would be almost impossible to imagine that there is not a digital currency dedicated to him. More precisely, that is the purpose of the PutinCoin. It serves as a tool that pays tribute to all the people in Russia as well as their president. However, PutinCoin is not the only one. There is also a cryptocurrency known as PutinClassic. The reason why that digital currency has a weird name is a bit different. PutinClassic serves as a digital souvenir that commemorates the great leader of Russia.

4. BitCoen

img source: forwardcdn.com

No, we didn’t make a spelling mistake. The digital currency is known as BitCoen truly exists. It is an invention of Jewish people that dedicated a modern payment tool to all Jews around the world. If you invest in this virtual currency, there are a couple of things you can expect. First of all, digital currency ensures a safe payment system. Despite that, it also features an advertising platform, loyalty program, and marketplace.

The reason why that cryptocurrency has a weird name is probably obvious. The Jewish creators wanted to make it similar to the most popular one in the world. We are sure that is a good way to advertise a digital currency.

5. Sexcoin

img source: image-gmkt.com

This digital currency probably deserves to be in the first place of the cryptos with the weirdest names. Believe it or not, that is the first virtual currency that is dedicated to the improvement of the Adult Entertainment Industry. The creators wanted to make adult product purchasing a lot easier for people. You can buy sex toys, subscribe to porn services, etc. For people that are lovers of that type of product and services, we are sure Sexcoin is the right choice.

6. Useless Ethereum Token

img source: coinpaprika.com

We are sure that you have heard about Ethereum so far. However, Useless Ethereum Token is a bit different than that. It is the first initial coin offering that offers to all the investors absolutely no value. Everything around it is transparent, and all the investors are aware of the purpose that Useless Ethereum Token has.

You can visit the official website of that digital currency. They highlighted there that people are going to give money to random people to purchase stuff they want. We can all agree that the online world is full of strange things including this one.

7. Mooncoin

img source: redd.it

The level of creativity that people have sometimes does not have limits. At least, Mooncoin confirms something like that. The total coin supply is limited in a strange way. It is based on the average distance from the moon to the planet Earth. It comes with a professional programming language that allows decentralized blockchain record-keeping and decentralized app coding.

8. Garlicoin

img source: kym-cdn.com

Believe it or not, some digital currencies got the name thanks to memes. Farlicion is one of those cryptocurrencies that are created as a meme on Reddit. The reason why Garlicoin was invented is simple. Its creators wanted to make a competitive digital currency to Dogecoin, which is also a meme-turned-crypto.


These are some of the cryptocurrencies with the weirdest name in the world. However, we are sure that their developers had a good reason to decide on those namers. Without any doubt, they are different from others. Because of that, they can serve as a good advertising tool. We will see how successful all these digital currencies are going to be in the future.