6 Reasons to Hire a Professional Deck Builder – 2024 Guide

If you’re thinking about installing a deck this winter, you’re probably wondering whether to DIY it or simply call the professionals. While you may think DIY-ing is a more cost-effective solution, we’re here to tell you that it could be quite on the contrary instead.

There are many benefits to hiring professional deck builders, and in this article, we’ll go over them all to help you get the best possible results.

So, without further ado, let’s get to the bottom of it!

1. They have better tools and more experience

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The main reason for hiring professionals is their equipment and experience, which allows them to build better decks. Even if you had all the tools, it’s highly unlikely that you’d be able to do as good of a job as a professional. Amateur decking work may look decent, but it will lack in quality and durability only a professional hand can provide.

Besides that, purchasing the necessary tools and learning how to use them will certainly cost you more, and you’ll end up doing a worse job. So, save yourself from the trouble of searching for expensive tools, and just hire a professional to do it for you. Keep in mind that professional deck builders have probably installed dozens of decks similar to yours, and that kind of experience cannot be replicated.

2. They’ll do it faster

When it comes to jobs around the house, your primary goal is to finish it as quickly as possible. If you’re trying to install your deck yourself, you’ll quickly see how time-consuming it can be. This especially goes if it’s your first time dealing with such a project.

So, instead of taking days to finish your deck, leaving the front of your house in complete ruins, why don’t you call the pros? As we mentioned before, their experience allows them to do the job effortlessly, which saves a lot of time. Even if it seems like a simple job, getting the small details right can sometimes be quite difficult. So, don’t risk wasting your time and effort only to be forced to call the professionals anyways if something goes wrong or you’re unsatisfied with the results.

3.  You’ll be able to save money

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One of the first things we’ve mentioned in this article is the cost-effectiveness of professional deck builders. So, how will hire the professionals to help you save money?

It’s quite simple: if the job is done well, your deck will last you longer – you won’t have to replace it or fix it (both of which can be quite costly). Other than that, you won’t have to cover or hide any imperfections caused by negligence during installation.

What’s more, an improperly installed deck is prone to mold and other dangerous issues that can sometimes require you to replace the whole installation. As you already know, this is far from being a cheap process. Instead of going through that every year or two, hire a professional service and enjoy your deck for the years to come!

4. Better quality

Your main priority when building a deck should always be quality. Professionals in the industry can guarantee you’re getting the quality you need. Again, durability and visual appeal are what you’re looking for.

Of course, to be able to achieve the optimal results, you should be careful in choosing your decking service. You want a company that has a proven record of beautifully made decks, but who also offer their services at reasonable prices. Ask around and do some research until you find what best fits your needs and your budget. Also, make sure they offer the exact type of deck you want for your home. For example, San Jose based deckbuildersanjose.com offer booth wooden and composite decks.

5. They know the building regulations

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When building a deck, you also need to be mindful of different regulations and codes. Of course, these will depend on the area you’re in, and they can be quite complex.

If you start building without considering codes first, you might have to start over just as you’ve finished. Naturally, this is the last thing you want to happen. You can always do your research, and take your time to study the local building codes…or you can make the entire process easy by simply calling the professionals!

You’ll save on time, and you’ll be absolutely sure everything is done according to the building codes. This will put your mind at ease and it will let you enjoy the process a tad bit more.

6.  You’ll have more options

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If you try to DIY your deck, you’ll probably end up with the basic square shape, no matter how skilled you are. The professionals can offer you a variety of different options that completely fit the overall aesthetic of your home.

Whatever you’ve envisioned, it can come to life if you decide to hire reliable professionals for the jobs. They can also give you advice on what material is the most suitable for your needs, and they can make some great improvements to your initial plan.

Many companies offer free consultations, so use that to your advantage. Remember to always ask questions and look at their portfolio of work. Ask around for referrals, and don’t forget to check online reviews and ratings before you hire the company.

The bottom line

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There are many benefits to hiring professional deck builders: better quality, cost-effectiveness, variety of options, quickness,

better tools and materials, and finally knowledge of building regulations and codes.

Even though hiring the professionals might seem like a more expensive solution, once you try DIYing the entire process, you’ll see it’s not quite the case. You probably don’t have the experience nor the tools the professionals have, so you’re risking making some costly mistakes.

Overall, as much as you like working around the house when it comes to decks and patios, it’s always better to leave it to the professionals.