6 Healthy Reasons To Take Your Training Outside – 2024 Guide

Summer has come and with it the glow of our ambitions to finally get moving and start exercising. However, you just got new sneakers and a tracksuit when the first dilemma. Stay indoors or go outside? It seems simple, but to find out what are the advantages and disadvantages of both ways of exercising, we consulted with those who know it best. We present to you 6 healthy reasons to take your training outside.

Outdoor Training

Outdoor training is the perfect combination of good shape and a positive mood. Go outside and exercise in nature, in the park, in front of a building or house and treat yourself to maximum pleasure. The sky, the air, the sun, the wind, nature will supply you with an additional amount of energy to achieve all goals – not only in sports but in life in general. Outdoor exercise or outdoor training has become very popular among exercisers of all generations.

Is It Trend Or A Need?

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Those who once try to exercise outside in most cases become great supporters of this way of gaining shape – and have great reasons for it. The combination of nature, fresh air, sun, and physical exercises – strengthens the mind and body, raises the mood, self-confidence, and much more. It’s nicer outside, but you need to be careful, and here’s why: If you opt for outdoor training you should pay attention that the training ground is not near any pollutants, landfills, highways, places for cars, construction sites, etc. Another aggravating factor is the weather conditions – but today’s technology has solved that as well.

Popularity Outdoor Exercises

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There are a large number of outdoor gyms in all major cities around the world. You can find a large number of running tracks, sports fields, playgrounds, and other areas that can be used for quality outdoor training. If there is no outdoor gym near you, it is not a big problem because you can use a park bench, stairs, a swing and the like to exercise. So, there is nothing better than exercising outside. But to make the most of all the advantages that outdoor training provides – it is necessary to carefully design, organize, and adapt it to the needs of each trainee. Various fitness programs today can allow you to exercise outdoors with the personal or even online support of a personal trainer. This type of professional outdoor training gives the best results in a short period and provides many benefits to clients.

Healthy Reasons To Take Your Training Outside

Besides exercising in the fresh air, there are a few other great reasons why you should skip the gym this summer – and go outside for your regular exercise ritual. Take a look at 6 reasons why you should take our advice.

1. Sunlight

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When we exercise outdoors, we can enjoy sunbathing at the same time. Natural light in combination with fresh air will strengthen us and provide us with energy. The sun gives us the necessary vitamin D – but after a couple of workouts outside, the skin gets a bright tan, and the sun will lift our mood. Sunlight also stimulates the muscles and the process of oxidation in tissues. When we exercise outdoors, we should not forget about the possible harmful effects in case of excessive exposure to sunlight and sufficient fluid intake. Therefore, we shouldn’t forget to take sunscreen and a bottle of water while training outside.

2. You burn more calories when you train outdoors

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According to experienced fitness trainers – while running, riding rollerblades, or a bicycle, and the wind blows right into you – you burn more calories because you are fighting the wind. Unevenness, uphills, and downhills also help burn more calories, because the body adapts to the unknown – and is more active. According to fitnessflow.net – you can even use some of the smart gadgets to check your heart rate or a distance you have made while running. So, even if you transfer the simplest fitness routine outside, it will have many more results than if you were inside.

3. The environment is irreplaceable

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Let’s be realistic, those four walls in the gym can be very depressing and monotonous, right? What is great about exercising outdoors, in nature, is that you choose your view and environment. Whether you want to run in the woods or by the river, you determine the location of the training.

4. Training outdoors improves your mood

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Numerous studies have proven that if you train outdoors, it can significantly affect your mood in nature – by improving it. Training in the fresh air and outdoors improves mood, reduces stress levels. Also, oxygen in the fresh air penetrates faster to the brain, which releases “good” chemicals called serotonin – so not only will your training be more intense because you are outside, but you will also be in a great mood.

5. You can tighten the whole body for free

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There is no park, promenade, or river/lake/seashore that will charge you for training. You may not have noticed at first glance, but the parks are full of things you can tighten your whole body on, and they are free. Use benches, steps, handrails, walls, etc. as exercise equipment, and find the ideal series of exercises to tighten your whole body.

6. Water consumption will increase

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When exercising outdoors, the most important thing is to get enough water into your body. The body sweats, and sweat evaporates very quickly when you exercise outside, so you have the impression that you are losing less fluid. During training, you should drink plenty of water. So use some of the popular water bottles that will preserve the temperature and taste of the water – or some drink you consume before, during, or after your workout. These little practical things are a good ally when it comes to healthy rehydration.

Exercise In Winter

Exercising outside, in slightly colder weather, burns incomparably more calories, gets your body in shape faster – and benefits your health more. Exercises with the help of a Pilates ball engage twice as many muscles as abdominal exercises. Winter is not suitable for fast running and shorter distances, so use the winter colors for fitness training and running for longer distances. The first time you go out to run, it will be difficult – but every next time you will not even feel the temperature. You will gain enviable immunity and resistance to the cold, so there will be no more freezing when you go to the supermarket or wait for the bus. So start exercising.