How to Choose an Ideal Smartphone for Your Needs – 2024 Guide

Young people in today’s world have different mindset and mentality compared to their parents. The main reason why we have this situation is the development of advanced technology. You can often see small kids using smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Their presence on social media like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok is visible as well.

Because of the changes caused by Internet technology, young adults spend their time differently. The younger population is willing to research things more. All pieces of information they can find with only a couple of clicks. Indeed, smartphones and other devices mustn’t replace the physical activity of younger people. However, having access to different education material is a valuable opportunity.

Things are not quite different for adults. Many of them adapted to advanced technology and they are active Internet users. Some of them use it just for fun. Yet, online entrepreneurship is experiencing popularity growth among the worldwide population as well.

Living without a smartphone in today’s world isn’t possible. Because of that, your main goal should be to choose the one that meets your requirements and expectations. Picking only one is tough when the market offers hundreds of different models. Fortunately, you came to the right place to get instructions on how to choose an ideal smartphone for your needs.

1. Before Everything, Pick the Operating System

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The two most popular Operating Systems in the world are iOs and Android. For instance, iOs (iPhone smartphones) are a more practical choice. In other words, iOs devices are easy-to-use and they offer a clean integration with other iOs products. Unfortunately, buying a new one will cost you a bit more money.

On the other hand, Android devices are more affordable for people. Even those with the strongest features will be less expensive compared to iPhones.

2. Determine Your Budget

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We will continue in the same manner. Purchasing a new smartphone is a long-term solution. You are not buying a new mobile to use is only in the next few months. Most of us decide on this move because they want to use the same device for 2 or 3 years. Spending a lot of money will be a good choice only if you are sure that you are making the right decision.

However, the same tip counts for all the people that plan to get a new device. Spending more than you can or need doesn’t have any sense. Indeed, the most expensive devices will bring you the best possible user experience. Still, you can find cheaper mobiles that also have good features.

3. Find Your Why

The universal explanation of “perfect features” doesn’t exist. It depends on the reason why you want to purchase a smartphone. Some people want to get one because of the fun. On the other hand, some people need it for business purposes.

Spending too much money on entertainment is not a smart decision. We understand the importance of social media for your file. You probably want to have nice pictures on your Instagram profile. However, spending more than you have because of that is an irresponsible act. This especially counts when we talk about younger generations that are still not financially independent. Until you start earning your money, don’t ask your parents to purchase expensive technology.

On the other hand, many young adults decide to start streaming on different platforms. In that case, purchasing an expensive mobile with powerful features is a necessity. You should primarily chase those that come with a good camera. It is a more affordable option compared to purchasing a professional camera.

4. Determine the Screen Size

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Many users don’t think too much about comfort when choosing the smartphone. They believe that mobiles with larger screens are more attractive. However, if you have small hands, the attractiveness will be the last thing you will think about.

People with smaller hands should decide on using screens small than 5.5 inches. The devices with this feature are well-known because of the ability to use them with one hand. Yet, the bigger screen also brings some benefits to the users. For instance, watching movies or playing games online is easier when your screen is big enough.

The good thing is that manufacturers realized the demand of people. Certain models with later screens fit comfortably for one-hand usage because of a more suitable ratio. For instance, some of them have an 18:9 aspect ratio which will make your usage easier.

5. Storage Matters As Well

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An average user is taking a lot of images daily. Despite that, we need to install many applications that require a bit more space. Because of that, storage should be one of the features that you should carefully analyze.

The mobiles with less than 32GB of storage are not good enough for the needs of an average person. In today’s world, some sort of new standard is 64GB storage. However, this also depends on the reason why you purchased a smartphone. If you are working with a huge amount of data, it might happen that 32GB of storage won’t be suitable for your needs.

6. Pick the Right Design

The part about the design of a smartphone is probably the most complex in this article. Defining a good or bad design is a matter of personal taste and style. However, there are certain tips that we would like to give you here.

You should primarily look for the metal or glass designs (or a combination of both). Plastic bodies are not durable which can bring you some additional costs later. As you know, we manage to accidentally make a damage to our phone. Even the most responsible users sometimes have to deal with this problem.

Bonus Tip: Do a Good Research

You will probably get a huge number of recommendations from people around you. However, as we said, we all have different reasons to purchase a smartphone. Despite that, the budget we have is different as well which makes things even more complex.

Instead of listening to the suggestions of other people, we recommend you look for help online. Start by exploring different blogs that have the credibility to talk about smartphone devices. Yet, websites like offer some additional help that can speed up the entire process. Some people heard about the IMEI number that every single GSM device has. You can type the IMEI number there and check the device features, blacklist details, and some other information that will make things easier for you.