Getterback Review – UPDATED 2024 – Drone Recovery Float

If you are someone who sends your gear underwater, then you know the feeling of anxiety that is involved with it. Whether it is a drone, photographic equipment, or a fishing rod, putting your gear into an unknown environment can be stressful.

It is because you do not have control over what is going on underneath. The possibilities of damaging or even losing your very expensive equipment are very high. Unfortunate incidents such as knocking over your camera or other types of equipment can also be devastating. 

An inevitable encounter for those flying drones is the real possibility of crashing it into a water body. Nobody intentionally flies expensive drones into a lake or a stream. But technical malfunctions do happen, and drones flying or crashing into a body of water is a big part of drone piloting. 

Enter GetterBack, one of the world’s first underwater recovery devices. This innovative device generated a lot of buzz and excitement. This ingenious device is the perfect retrieval gear for when you go fishing or some other adventure out on the water. It is also the perfect device for flying drones without any fear of losing forever in a lake or a stream. 

In this comprehensive GetterBack review, we dissect the device at length. We weigh its pros and cons and see if it everything that it is touted out to be. 


GetterBack Review – UPDATED 2024

Getterback Recovery SystemFor those who had been using or had knowledge about the GetterBack, you will notice that the color of the device is different. It is because it has two versions; the original one was orange with black accents at the top. On the other hand, the new updated version is bright neon green with black accents at the top. In this GetterBack review, we stick to the updated version of the device. 

Material and construction

The GetterBack is made of premium plastic components which make it sturdy. GetterBack is patented in the United States. 

But the star of this device is the recovery line, which is made of Kevlar. For the uninitiated, Kevlar is one of the best fiber materials. It is lightweight, heat and rust-resistant, and extremely strong. It is the material used in bulletproof vests, brakes of cars and aircraft body.

You can only imagine how reliable this is for the GetterBack. The Kevlar line has a weight capacity of 10 lbs, which is impressive. But if you really want to push it, it could handle a 14 lbs device without any problem. 

The device is also weatherproof, which makes it even more convenient. You can use it in freshwater as well as in saltwater without any issue. The GetterBack is designed in such a way that water only enters the device after it goes below 4 PSI of water pressure. So there is no way it will be affected by exposing it to water, rain or even changes in the temperature and humidity. 

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The GetterBack recovery device has a simple and straightforward design. At a casual glance, you would be forgiven for mistaking it for a small torchlight. 

The device was designed in the United States and was licensed to another company for the production. However, this company took their manufacturing to China, which compromised the reliability as well as the quality of the device. Since GetterBack was not happy with this decision, they have moved the production to the United States. This is a great move by the company, and it clearly reflects their dedication to quality and work ethics. 

Since then, the color was changed from orange to bright green. You will also notice that there is a slight increase in the price of the device after the changes were performed. But the company has been transparent about this factor and clearly stated that it is due to the improved quality in the production, which is a fair point. 

The bright color is very practical as it makes it clearly visible even from a considerable distance. The black portion on one end of the device is actually a high-grip Velcro, which is used to strap the GetterBack onto gears and equipment. The Velcro is a non-destructive component. The GetterBack measures 3.5 x 1.1 x 1.2 inches and has a total weight of 12 grams or 0.5 oz.


In terms of performance, the GetterBack is truly one of a kind. It performs quick and effective recovery for drowning devices up to 100 feet below the surface water. It can take 1 minute to 2 to recover an object that has fallen underwater. Of course, this duration is determined by factors including the depth to which the object has fallen, the rate at which it has sunk as well as the temperature of the water. 

Objects which had a rapid rate of sinking in cool and warm waters can be retrieved the fastest. On the other hand, an object which has fallen into colder waters takes longer to recover. But it is never more than five minutes even in the coldest water with a slow sink rate.

The GetterBack is compatible with all types of gears and equipment that weigh 10 lbs and below. This makes it very versatile for use as you can strap it on to drones, cameras, fishing reels and hooks, and many more. It remains unaffected by factors including humidity and rain. It can be safely transported on planes without compromising its performance and efficacy. 

The device can be easily mounted on top of smaller drones such as the Mavic Pro. It is so lightweight that the drones don’t even notice that there is another device sitting on top of it. This is a great feature as it does not affect the performance of the equipment or gear in any way. You can attach it to your fishing rods, and it will not affect the balance or the performance of the fishing experience in any way. 

This innovative device is also a great one for kids who love to go fishing. Finding their lost rods, whether at the dock or the boat, is effortless while using the GetterBack.

The only drawback is that the GetterBack is a device that is made for one-time use. Of course, it is because the mechanism relies on a chemical reaction. But it would be great to be able to reuse it again. The price of the device is also reasonable, but it is not the most sustainable option to keep buying it repeatedly. 

GetterBack Recovery System – What You Should Know

When you use the GetterBack, the major process happens under the water. Although you will be executing the reeling in process, it is good to know what drives this device. 

The heart of the GetterBack recovery system is the chemical reaction that takes place when it hits a certain depth in the water. When the device goes in the water and attains 10 feet and more, the water enters the GetterBack. Water can only get inside the device when the pressure is 4 PSI or more. The water enters through a special check valve and enters the chamber that holds the non-toxic reactant.

Water reacts with this non-toxic reactant, which gives rise to carbon dioxide or Co2. The production of this gas builds up immense pressure inside the body of the GetterBack. The resultant pressure is 30 PSI and higher, which is much higher than the pressure of the surrounding water. 

This building pressure pops the body of the GetterBack. When the drone recovery float is deployed, it rises rapidly to the surface of the water. After it reaches the surface, the retrieval Kevlar line unwinds. At this point, you can catch hold of the GetterBack and reel in your gear or equipment. 

Pro tip: If the object that you are retrieving weighs around 10 lbs or more, reel it in slowly and carefully. This will reduce stress on the Kevlar line. 

How to use GetterBack

Using this device is pretty straightforward. You simply have to find a suitable place on the gear or equipment to strap it on using the high-strength Velcro. You can strap it anywhere in the fishing rods or legs of drones. For smaller drones without legs, you can strap it on to its back without any problem. 

Additional info about the GetterBack

The GetterBack is manufactured in the United States. However, there is a huge market for counterfeits, which are sold at a much lesser price. This crop of fake GetterBacks does not have the same reliability or the quality of the authentic ones. 

The easiest way to spot a fake GetterBack is to look for the Fisher Systems, Inc. at the bottom of the package. Any unit which does not have this logo is not authentic. The brand also sells GetterBack through its official website and Amazon. So be sure to verify their authenticity before you make the transaction. 


  • Exceptional recovery time
  • Weatherproof design for added safety
  • Recovers object up to 10 lbs of weight
  • The unique and innovative working mechanism
  • Very reliable and easy to use
  • Affordable 


  • It is a one-time use device

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GetterBack Alternatives – Other Drone Recovery Floats

We cannot imagine using something else other than the GetterBack as a drone recovery float. However, if you would are adamant about considering other alternative devices apart from this amazing device, here are some of the best alternatives.


Getterback Alternative

This is a unique water floating device that can retrieve a wide range of objects from laptops, cameras, phones, and drones. It has a high-tech trigger that activates within a few seconds of being immersed in the water. The recovery time is pretty quick.

It features an LED balloon which has an auto-inflate feature. The balloon gets activated when it comes into contact with water. This makes it easy to spot it and make a quick retrieval. The Waterbouy is made by Seatriever, one of UK’s leading manufacturers of sports and outdoor equipment.

Among the special features of the Waterbouy is that it can float up to 24 hours at a stretch and is also visible at night. It is also made of high-quality materials, which makes it reliable and convenient to use.



Drone Recovery Float

This device is not particularly meant for underwater retrieval. However, if you are concerned about keeping tabs on your drone, this is a fantastic tracker. The Trackimo is primarily a GPS tracker for drones. It can tell you the precise location of your drone irrespective of wherever it may be.

The waterproof feature makes it a great alternative for the GetterBack if the drone is all you are concerned about. To use the device, all you have to do is install the companion app on your android or iOS device, such as a smartphone.

It uses the cellular network to track the flight data as well as the activity of the drone. When the drone falls inside the water, it can still transmit its location to your device so you can hopefully make a quick dive into the water and retrieve it.

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Final thoughts

The GetterBack is a truly unique piece of the innovative device. There is nothing like it on the market in terms of mechanics as well as performance. Even for veteran drone pilots, flying over water involves a certain amount of risk. The situation is even worse for beginners and amateur pilots.

With the GetterBack in your arsenal, there is no need for concern, and you can fly your drone wherever you want. It goes without saying that everyone flies with responsibility and care, but one can never be too careful with expensive pieces of equipment such as drones.

Of course, you can also use the GetterBack for a multitude of objects and equipment that are used in close proximity with the water. It is versatile and effective as it is affordable. Secure your equipment and drones with this amazing device and fly to your heart’s content, or wherever the camera may lead.