10 Fun Facts about the Adult Industry – 2024 Guide

Opening Word

The adult industry is a very diverse branch of the entertainment industry, as well as a very special one. It comes in various shapes and forms, from traditional varieties like strip clubs, sex workers, phone sex, and magazines, to more modern takes on pornography like various adult websites and online services. As such, almost all people in the world, no matter how much they claim not to, watch some kind of adult movies, commonly known as porn.

Since the adult movie industry is so immensely popular and widely present, there are some truly fascinating and even shocking facts about it that we will explore in this article. The adult industry is constantly evolving like everything else, and in the modern world, there is so much worth exploring and mentioning. To find out more about it, as well as to check the best porn site reviews, make sure to visit BachelorBlog.net.

Fun Facts about the Adult Industry

1. Stacks on Stacks

The adult industry as a whole is the most profitable industry in the whole world. Thanks to such variety as sex workers, strip clubs and lounges, phone sex, and all sorts of pornography, it is largely believed to have the highest revenue out of all other industries, especially the different branches of entertainment like movies, music, and video games.

2. Filmmaking Galore

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More than 13,000 adult videos are produced each year, with thousands more amateur videos nowadays being uploaded to the most famous porn websites like Pornhub or PornDoe. In total, these movies alone bring over $13 billion in profit annually. To put that into some kind of perspective, only around 500 movies and TV series are produced in Hollywood per year, generating around $9 billion.

3. Sports and TV Shows are no Match

We already mentioned that the adult industry is the most lucrative industry right now. However, to compare it in a more detailed way here is a fun comparison: the porn industry alone brings in more revenue than the combined industries of all sports and all TV shows. How crazy is that, and can you actually believe these statistics?!

4. Millions of Clicks, Views, and Searches

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While you are reading this, more than 30 million people around the globe are watching adult videos on their favorite porn websites. Top services like PornHub receive millions of clicks and millions of views every hour. In 2017 alone, this website had over 28 billion unique visitors. That means that over 28 billion devices and domains were used to view porn at least once that year alone. Furthermore, in the USA alone, around 25% of all daily Google searches are related to pornography, equating to an average of 68 million porn searches on Google per day. Around 20% of surveyed men have admitted to checking pornographic content while in the workplace, while some students also check their favorite websites in university and high school classes.

5. North Korea

In the conservative and quite politically isolated, as well as the controversial country of North Korea, sexuality and the adult industry as a whole are controlled by some rather strict laws. For example, simply watching porn is punishable with hefty fines and prison time, even with a death sentence in some cases.

6. The Internet is Wild

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Let us talk about the content on the internet for a second. You probably know that you can find basically everything you are looking for on there, no matter how weird or unique. And here we do not even mean porn. However, you are sure to come across a lot of it since it is estimated that over 50% of all the internet is composed of either porn or content in some way related to porn. An unwritten rule is that if something exists, there is probably a dirty version of in some form of adult-related content, be it a full porn video or some rather creative fan art or imagery.

7. Starting Early

One of the bad sides of the adult industry is how easily accessible it is to anyone with internet access. Therefore, a study carried out in Canada at Montreal College suggests that most boys start watching porn several times per week very early. As a matter of fact, most of them are only 10 years old at the time of their initial experiences with porn. Some find it accidentally due to inexperience online, while others, more are familiar with what is going on in the world specifically look for it. Parental control and strict internet boundaries are the only way to prevent this.

8. Actresses are the True Stars

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In the adult film industry, it is a known fact that actresses earn way more than their male counterparts. Moreover, they are much bigger stars, they film dozens of more scenes on average, and they are widely recognized and respected for their work. However, when gay porn is concerned, male actors earn three times more on average than female gay actresses. This says a lot about the popularity of different types of porn among the fans and supporters of different sexual orientations.

9. The USA Leads the Way

In the field of adult movie production, there is a little surprise about who leads the way. Similarly to the traditional movie industry, the USA leads the way with the majority of professional porn movies made there. The second place is strongly held by Germany. Other notable countries prominent in porn movie production include the Czech Republic, France, Russia, and Japan. To be more exact with the actual numbers, one porn movie is created every 39 minutes in the United States of America alone. That is a lot of serious acting!

10. Reality is Probably Different

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By this, we do not mean that the real state of affairs is different for the worst. Considering how quickly things change and how technology is becoming more advanced and accessible, it is believed that everything that we mentioned above is even larger and more prominent and dominant in the real world. Surveys and researches for this kind of thing are never precise and something on a global level and widely present as the adult industry can never be measured. Not everyone is nearly as honest as they should be about admitting to their actions! That is why it is probably safe to say that all of the numbers and percentages generally mentioned when this industry is concerned should be increased by some 20% just to be sure.