7 Reasons Why a Folding Arm Awning in Your Outdoor Space is THE Best Upgrade This Year

It’s no secret that the planet is getting warmer. With that in mind, many Australians are looking for the simplest ways to add shade to their homes and outdoor areas.

While planting more trees is a good way to start, the reality is you won’t reap the benefits of that shade for a few years to come. Another—faster—solution is to install the folding arm awnings Melbourne residents are adding to their homes and businesses.

Folding Arm Awnings Explained

ivory folding arm

If you’ve only heard of the more traditional awnings, you may be wondering what it is that makes the folding arm versions different. Simply put, a folding arm awning doesn’t require a bracket or post to secure them in place. Instead, these types of awnings simply fold against the building.

Smart Reasons to Invest in a Folding Arm Awning

There are several good reasons why a folding arm awning should be on your list of home upgrades. Our outdoor specialists have compiled a list to show you just how your home, office or restaurant space will benefit from these installations.

1. Folding Arm Awnings are Multi-Functional

Folding arm awnings are considerably more useful and functional than their traditional counterparts. Here are a few examples of the many functions associated with these awnings:

  • Can be used to create shade around your home, especially on verandas and patio decks.
  • Cover your car port or outside parking area to protect your vehicles from the harsh Australian sun.
  • Create shade and rain cover over your outdoor entertainment area.
  • Position around your office or restaurant area to increase the covered space your guests can enjoy.
  • Add to the area around your pool to create a shady spot where you can enjoy the time between swims.
  • Can be used at schools to create shady areas for students to sit in.

2. Retractable

According to some customer feedback, the number one reason folding arm awnings are so popular is their retractability. With this feature, the simple push of a button will instantly help you choose the amount of shade you want to create. When the awning isn’t being used, you can completely retract it to prevent damage.

3. Durability and Longevity

siena folding arm

While traditional awnings are quite resilient, they do need to be replaced if they’re exposed to harsh weather too often. The more modern, folding arm awnings have been designed to be stronger and therefore more durable.

Furthermore, the fact that folding arm awnings are retractable means they can easily be lowered in instances of severe weather. The retracting function is excellent for protecting fabric and components from strong gusts of wind, hail and other weather factors.

4. Automated Options

Did you know these fixtures can be motorised? This is a convenient feature for anyone who wants to avoid the manual labour of using a crank to wind the awnings open and closed. Simply do this with the push of a button.

Opting for the motorised option also makes it considerably easier to close your awnings in the event of a sudden storm or gust of wind. Some folding arm awnings can be kitted out with a weather sensor that detects a change in weather and can make adjustments accordingly.

5. Maintenance is Quick and Easy

With our busy schedules, it’s safe to assume you’re not looking for more cleaning and maintenance when you add features to your home! Fortunately, your folding arm awning isn’t going to add to your workload.

These awnings are quick and simple to clean. It’s as easy as rinsing off any dust with a light spray of water. Leave to air dry completely before closing the awning for the night.

6. Customisable

extreme folding arm

Many homeowners use their outdoor spaces to continue the aesthetic they’ve already started inside their homes or in outdoor areas. Since folding arm awnings are highly customisable, you can choose the type of fabric and frame, colour and even style of awning you want.

It’s a wonderful way to accentuate your outdoor décor, especially if you’re installing awnings in your restaurant or office space. With modern designs, awnings provide a clean and streamlined aesthetic.

7. Affordable Price Tag

Many Australians are surprised by how affordable folding arm awnings are! The price you pay depends on various factors such as size and style. Speaking to your local awning installer will help you find the most affordable option for your budget.

Additionally, you can also install multiple awnings around your home as your budget allows—it doesn’t have to be done all at once!

Final Thought

If improving your outdoor space is on your to-do list, then it’s worth considering a quick installation of a few stylish and convenient folding arm awnings. With their many wonderful features, it’s easy to see why they’re popping up all over Australian neighbourhoods!

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