5 Reasons You Need a Hydraulic Lift Table for Your Warehouse or Manufacturing Plant

Clear processes, workplace health & safety policies and effective management strategies ensure efficiency and better productivity in warehouses and manufacturing plants. Other essential components include having the right equipment and a skilled team working for you so that your business runs smoothly while meeting the company’s bottom line.

Taking care of your workers’ health and safety is vital to avoid workplace injuries, costly medical bills to the company and potential lawsuits. Using equipment such as a hydraulic lift trolley can mitigate accidents and unnecessary expenses to your company. Read on to find out why hydraulic or scissor lift tables are necessary for your warehouse or manufacturing plant.

5 Reasons You Need a Hydraulic Lift Table for Your Warehouse or Manufacturing Plant

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1. Prevents Workplace Injuries

We’ve already mentioned the risk of costly medical bills and lawsuits associated with workplace injuries. You can mitigate these risks by:

  • Ensuring your workers undergo OHS induction training.
  • Providing the best equipment such as scissor lift tables and forklifts to make light work of heavy lifting.
  • Ensuring your workers know how to operate equipment such as hydraulic lift tables properly.
  • Making sure your employees comply with the company’s health and safety policy.

Ergonomically designed hydraulic lift tables offer stability while lifting heavy objects, reducing the need for workers to do back-breaking manual work themselves! Using this equipment reduces back or musculoskeletal injury to your workers while ensuring you comply with health and safety regulations in the workplace.

2. Makes Light Work of Loading and Offloading Stored Products

Warehousing teams are continuously loading or offloading stored products from high-reaching shelves. Fortunately, equipment such as hydraulic lift tables makes light work of this task, especially when the stored products are heavy. The same can apply in manufacturing plants when workers need to access parts or tools stored in hard-to-reach places.

Mechanised scissor lift tables can reach low or high levels, safely and easily. By pressing a foot pedal, the operator can elevate or lower the lift table. This gives the operator full control of the load, ensuring safe and convenient loading or offloading of heavy products.

3. Different Features Improve Workplace Efficiency and Productivity

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Various hydraulic lift table models have different capacities and features to boost efficiency and workplace productivity. These include:

  • Load capacities: Loading capacities range between 1 and 2 tonnes, so you can invest in the best model for your warehouse or manufacturing needs.
  • Flat or rotary tops: Customised units can come with flat or rotary tops (which can be powered). Deciding on which type of top you need depends on lifting and loading applications performed by your team. Some models come with a galvanised top which minimises corrosion, especially under damp conditions.
  • Height capacity: Hydraulic lift tables are different to spring-operated designs in that they can reach any height. This makes them ideal for out-of-reach storage spaces.

Manual labour can slow down warehousing or manufacturing processes, particularly if it entails loading or unloading heavy loads, parts or tools. Using hydraulic scissor lifts speeds up the process without compromising safety or efficiency.

4. Reduces Risk of Damaged Goods

Using manual labour to handle goods at height carries the risk of the products being damaged during loading or unloading. With hydraulic lift tables, your workers can lift or lower loads securely and safely without causing damage.

Goods can be moved from one end of the warehouse or manufacturing plant to the other without compromising its integrity. By protecting your goods, tools or parts during handling at height, you’re mitigating the risk of losing revenue to the company!

5. Cost-Effective Solution

The initial investment in hydraulic lift tables might make you wince but they do pay off in the long run! This type of equipment is a cost-effective solution for:

  • Faster and safer loading and packing at height.
  • Employee safety.
  • Better workflow and productivity.
  • Protecting goods during handling.

Scissor lift tables work efficiently in tight spaces or when workers need to load at angles, making them an affordable solution for handling loads in smaller warehouses or manufacturing plants. Investing in quality equipment also gives you a product that lasts longer, giving you value for your money.

Final Thoughts

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If you haven’t considered investing in a hydraulic lift table for you warehouse or manufacturing plant, maybe this is the time to do so.

A final tip: hydraulic or scissor lift tables can be used in many other industries such as agriculture, construction, engineering and logistics.

If your business entails using manual labour to handle heavy loads at height and you need a solution to solve workplace health and safety issues, consider investing in this equipment. Do partner with experts in the industry so you can enjoy all the benefits mentioned in this article, and also get five-star customer service and support when you need it.

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