5 Dos And Don’ts Of Giving Paintings As Gifts

If you are in doubt about what to give someone, on important dates – know that a painting can always be a good choice for a gift. The painting will significantly beautify and ennoble the space in which a person lives or works. At the same time, your gift will stand out as special and unusual. However, choosing a painting for a gift can also have drawbacks – since you need to guess the taste and needs of the person you are giving it to. Therefore, here are some Dos and Don’ts of giving paintings as gifts.

Paintings As Gifts: Yes Or No?

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The reasons for giving gifts can be different. Gifts can be tangible or intangible, given on, or without a specific occasion. However, we always give them for a reason. Depending on the choice of gifts, we can always awaken different associations in those who get them. In today’s culture, the most common reason to give and receive gifts is certain holidays. Also, there is the celebration of important life events – such as the birth of a child, birthday, academic, sports, and professional achievements, weddings, anniversaries, moving into a new home, starting a life together, etc.

Common to all these occasions is a new beginning and our span through time. That way, the gift symbolizes the part of us that we give – as our contribution to that success, beginning, and duration. As such, paintings are an excellent choice because they represent a lasting memento to an event or occasion in which they are given.

However, when choosing, we must be very careful – because giving a painting is like walking on a wire. You can very easily slip and completely miss a gift. So here are some rules to follow when giving paintings as gifts. Which are Dos and which Don’ts?


1. A painting is a timeless gift

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If you want to awaken the most beautiful feelings in a person, satisfy the need for aesthetics, and make such a memory lasting – then painting is most definitely the best choice you can make. Whether it is top art, graphics, or photographs – this will be a gift that will have a long lifespan because it will remind the recipient of a particular occasion on which the gift is given. This makes the painting a timeless gift. It can’t be consumed like perfume or eaten like a box of chocolates – but it will last for years and be a fond memory.

2. The painting always evokes emotions in people

Unlike those practical gifts that we often receive, such as gadgets and the like – the painting evokes a completely different feeling in the person to whom we gave it. Like any art, the painting evokes emotions and awakens in us some beautiful memories of wonderful moments or events. Of course, this doesn’t mean that a painting as a gift cannot be practical at the same time. For example, if your friends have just moved into a new house, the choice of painting can be such that in addition to the artistic experience, it also provides a stylistic contribution. According to Diamondarthome, original paintings such as diamond paintings with some interesting frames – can bring a glam touch to their space, and yet be a beautiful memory.

The home of your friends will seem more beautifully designed, more interesting – and at the same time, it will remind them of a new beginning in life. So, in this sense, the painting is a perfect choice that allows you to satisfy the artistic – but also practical or stylish needs of those to whom you give it.

3. The painting is a very personal gift

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Of course, a painting cannot be given just like that, for no reason – and certainly not to just anyone. You have to show with the painting that you know the sensibility of the person you are giving it to – because otherwise, you will make a complete failure with the gift. So, you have to know what that person likes, what emotions such a gift will evoke – and ultimately, whether something like that will fit into her living space and style. So, we can say that this is a gift that is very personal – and reflects the intimacy and friendship with the person to whom you are giving such a gift.


1. The person to whom you give a painting doesn’t like art and doesn’t care for such gifts

While most of us claim to love at least some forms of art – there are still people who don’t care much for it. They certainly don’t need a gift that will just hang on the wall and collect dust – so in that case, you better choose something else. Also, take into account when choosing a painting as a gift – whether the person for whom the gift is intended, has a place where to put it. So, is there space in the home for your gift, and will it fit well into the entire space? When you make sure that it can work well – then choose the painting that will be likable to a person you’re giving it to.

2. You bought a painting that was too expensive or too cheap

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This is often a mistake we make when buying paintings for a gift. Of course, you shouldn’t spend enormous amounts of money on the purchase of art paintings – primarily because you do not know if it will appeal to the person you are giving it to. For something like that, you would have to be a good connoisseur of art, know artists valued by the person for whom the gift is intended – and ultimately, you would have to be willing to set aside a significant amount of money. On the other hand, you don’t want your gift to look too cheap like some flea market paintings or the ones you can find on AliExpress. Your loved one may misunderstand such a gift and conclude that you don’t care about it. Therefore, it is best to find the right balance – and above all, to satisfy the artistic taste of the person to whom you are giving such a gift.

The Bottom Line

Art is not always easy and understandable, even when you give it as a gift. So we hope that, before you buy someone a painting as a gift, you will consider all the pros and cons – and that you will still make a smart choice of gift that will be remembered.

Bogdan Radicanin
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