Best Treks to Try for Adventure Lovers in Kerala

Kerala is world-famous for its exotic beaches, beautiful waterfalls, and smooth backwaters. Tourists and travelers come here to explore God’s own country for a fantastic vacation experience. However, there is an adventurous side to this lush green state well known for its tranquility.

Kerala is blessed with some of the most enthralling trekking trails, which is why it ranks high on the list of avid trekkers. Log on to to know what makes Kerala a true haven for outdoor enthusiasts and trekkers. After all, the green southern state offers an unmatched experience, particularly in trekking. Thus, it is no wonder to see it the most sought after among trekkers.

Here are some excellent ideas on where to enjoy an adventure-filled trekking experience in Kerala.

Eravikulam National Park


Located in Munnar, the popular national park is a must for all those who love trekking. Spread across almost 100 97sq. Km, the protected area of the region, is world-famous for its natural habitat. It is home to the endangered Nilgiri Tahr species. Tourists can enjoy safari and trekking tours inside the tourism area of the park. Trek to climb to Eravikulam peak to enjoy a panoramic view of the Anamudi Peak and the Western Ghats. On the way, you get the chance to spot Nilgiri Tahrs, the Neelkurnji flowers, and other species such as leopard, lion-tailed macaque, giant squirr, and sambar.

Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary


Trek to the mystical Agasthyakoodam in the Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary. However, you will need special permissions for trekking in the area, which is home to some rare species. Agasthyakoodam is named after the famous Hindu sage Agastya. It is a thrilling experience to trek through the sanctuary and enjoys the sight of some amazing flora and fauna species. For example, you will learn a lot about Ayurvedic herbs and get the chance to see Neelakurinji flowers, which flourish only once in twelve years.

Kolukkumalai Peak


This is another of the most popular spots for trekking in Kerala. The trek to the peak starts at Kurangani, and the trekking trails that reach the peak, which sits at the height of 2280 m, can be challenging. The trek on the rugged terrain is about 1.5 km and can be tough during monsoons as the route can get slippery. However, the trekking is certainly worth every step and very much doable even for those with little experience of trekking. It is good to trek very early in the morning and before sunrise to reach the top. The trek may look difficult, but once you reach the top, you will be rewarded with one of the most breathtaking sunrises!

Chembra peak


Chembra peak is located in Wayanad district town and is one of Kerala’s most famous trekking sites. It is the third tallest peak in South India that is nestled amidst the charming Wayanad slopes and the nearby Nilgiri slopes. Chembra peak has been drawing enthusiastic trekkers for many years now and for good reasons. You will start the trek from Meppadi town, and it takes just two hours to complete the 4 km long trek. Get ready for a positively refreshing experience on this wonderful trek. Wayanad Forest Department Agency will offer you permission for trekking as well as serve as a guide.

Lion Tailed Macaque


The Lion Tailed Macaque trail is immensely popular among tourists, and it will take you through the evergreen forests of Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary. The beaten track is organized by the sanctuary and is a trekker’s delight. The sanctuary guide educates the tourists about the local flora and fauna. Some of the popular species one can spot on the way include Gaurs and elephants and butterflies, birds, and insect species. Experience an adventurous trek accompanied by guides and forest guards.

Meesappulimala Trekking


One can book a Meesappulimala trek with the Kerala Forest Department office in Munnar. Meesappulimala is a mystical place indeed, and as the second-highest peak in the Western Ghats, the journey starts from the base camp to Rhodo Valley. On the route, you should stop to see the Pandava cave. It is a highly adventurous path that takes you through the clouds and Rhododendron trees as you make the way up. The views are incredible, and the difficult trek is certainly worth all the effort as you reach the top. Just make sure to book your slot well in advance because of the heavy rush.



Another popular spot for trekking in Kerala for visitors is Ramakkalmedu, one of the most scenic hill stations in the Idukki district. Kerala Tourism Department makes extra efforts to offer comfort to the vacationers and trekkers. Trekkers love the route as they make their way to the most exciting trekking destinations and feast their eyes on the panoramic views of several hamlets in the area. The hill station boasts of the historical statues of Kuravar and Kurathi. As the legend goes, Lord Rama stopped here for a while when he was searching for Ravana. Although the Ramakkalmedu trek is a short one, the trek offers a valuable experience to the vacationers to get in touch with the pure natural beauty of the region.

Some tips for trekkers in Kerala

  • Dress accordingly to the trek and the weather conditions and stay safe and comfortable at all times. Wear proper trekking pants, a jacket, and hiking shoes.
  • Pack water, food, and medicines and cover your body with sunscreen and a mosquito repellant.
  • Be wary of wildlife, and you must watch out for snakes and tigers on those treks and follow your guide’s directions.
  • Always camp and park your vehicles in the designated areas for your own safety and security.

It is time to head for Kerala if you are seeking a mix of adventure with lush green nature and the aroma of tea plantations. Trek through breathtaking scenery-filled places with misty hills and cascading waterfalls for a rejuvenating affair. Trekking in Kerala offers the perfect blend of nature and thrill that indeed remains unmatched.

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