CBD: Is There a Difference Between Synthetic and Natural? – 2024 Guide

CBD is probably one of the most popular common-use substances in the past couple of years. Some believe that it is the reason why so many people started to advocate for the legality of cannabis, THC, and the likes of it.

On top of that, CBD is also known to be of great help when it comes to modern-day issues and afflictions – such as depression, anxiety, muscle pain, and so on. However, it is also well-known that, when it comes to CBD types, natural products are much better.

But why? Well, let’s take a closer look and see if there’s a difference between synthetic and natural CBD!

Natural CBD – Characteristics

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Natural, pure CBD comes straight from the hemp plant. It is extracted from it and, usually, manufacturers aim for a high level of purity – beyond 99%. As such, oils, ethanol, and CO2 are completely removed from the plant and from the final product – the cannabidiol.

When CBD is extracted in a natural way, it can become one of the following:

Full Spectrum CBD – this type of CBD contains THC as well, meaning that it can cause what we know as the high. To obtain this type of CBD, there are usually no additional purification processes involved after the main extraction of the oil.

Broad Spectrum CBD – on the other hand, broad-spectrum CBD lacks the THC element. This means that, after CBD is extracted from the hemp plant, it goes through additional processing which removes THC from it.

In the end, when it comes to natural CBD, it contains no other elements or chemicals other than those required for the creation of certain products – such as CBD topicals, gummies, tinctures, or vape liquids which can be found in CBD shops.

Advantages of Natural CBD

Nowadays, natural CBD is known to come with a lot of benefits, some of which are proved and some of which still require further testing. However, this element, in its natural form, was shown to:

  • Relieve Pain Significantly – according to various sources, people used cannabis to treat pain since 2900 BC. Given that CBD has the same composition, sans the element responsible for the high, it comes with the same benefits. You can check here for more products that can help with pain if you’re particularly interested in this benefit.
  • Reduces Depression and Anxiety – natural CBD is the best alternative to the hard pharmaceutical drugs that some of us might have to use when dealing with anxiety and depression. As we know, these two affect a great majority of the population and the fact that CBD can reduce their symptoms is amazing, to say the least!
  • Improves Heart Health – some studies showed that, when CBD reduces the symptoms of anxiety and depression, it also lowers a person’s blood pressure. Other limited studies also showed how heart inflammation created by certain diseases can be decreased with the help of natural CBD. This is not something certain, but studies look promising, so far.
  • Major Stress Reliever – just like its high counterpart, natural CBD is the best stress reliever currently available on the market. It helps people with difficult jobs blow off some steam and, in some more exceptional cases, it can alleviate Parkinson’s effects, as well as those of PTSD.

Synthetic CBD – Characteristics

Obviously, synthetic CBD does not come from the hemp plant. In fact, hemp has nothing to do with the synthetic version of the element in question. This type of CBD is made of manufactured elements and chemicals that don’t contain anything natural in them.

This is the reason why so many CBD brands stress the fact that they’re using all-natural CBD in the making of their products. On top of that, even the FDA, despite not having clear regulations for natural CBD, advised people against the consumption of synthetic CBD.

Last but not least, synthetic CBD is known to come with the exact opposite effects of its natural counterpart – dizziness, sleeplessness, confusion, and so on.

Potential Effects of Synthetic CBD

Due to its synthetic nature, this type of CBD comes with a variety of side effects that can’t be ignored. Even if you find such a product at a cheaper price, here are some of the things that should make you strongly consider natural CBD:

  • Among the most common side effects, we have to mention palpitations and intense anxiety. Basically, conditions that natural CBD can improve are worsened by the synthetic one.
  • To top that, the synthetic counterpart can also be responsible for paranoia, vomiting, intense nausea, and confusion. In more severe cases – and with really bad products -, the consumption of synthetic CBD can lead to seizures.
  • Last but not least, it has been shown – although in limited cases/scenarios – that synthetic CBD is mostly made as a drug that comes with withdrawal symptoms. Despite its nasty side effects, the drug still contains elements responsible for persistent cravings and such – making it no different from a real pharmaceutical drug.
  • The FDA has also warned potential consumers that certain synthetic CBD products are likely to contain a very common form of rat poison – known as brodifacoum. It is believed to increase the effect duration of the drug – while bringing the risk of multiple illnesses and even death.

It goes without saying that, when it comes to consuming CBD, those even $50 extra are much more than just worth it, so to speak. Given the praise the natural product has received in the past couple of years, you really don’t want to skip on trying it yourself – in its natural version, of course!

The Bottom Line

img source: medicalnewstoday.com

What’s the difference between synthetic and natural CBD? Well, the difference is that only reputable and reliable brands use natural CBD, as they know it’s safe and healthy to use.

On the other hand, brands that don’t disclose what type of CBD they use are often using synthetic chemicals, and they keep this fact hidden because they know it harms people.

Overall, as with many things nowadays, paying the extra buck and choosing the all-natural version is much better – both for you and for the manufacturer that took the time to grow and tend to the hemp plant!