CRM Application – Individual Project Versus Ready-Made System

Many companies are now interested in implementing CRM software – such as ITCube CRM. Nevertheless choosing a modern CRM system that best meets our expectations is not an easy task. After an initial familiarization with the offered solutions, we get many offers and assurances that this particular product is the best. Therefore, it happens that the customer after familiarizing himself with the selected applications comes to the conclusion that there is no ideal solution on the market and decides to create a CRM system for his own company “from scratch”.

Should I choose an individual CRM system project?

The main reason why customers choose an individual project is the lack of a ready-made CRM system that would meet all functional requirements. Requirements may relate to basic issues such as the lack of key features or accusations against the ergonomics of the interface. Sometimes, however, the reasons may be even as prosaic as the color scheme of the system. It should be noted that the company’s expectations grow with the number of CRM applications presented. In a word, often the original business needs are not at the root. For the interested reader, we recommend elaborating on the thread of conscious choice of a system.

Estimation of needed resources

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Unfortunately, the costs of attractively priced solutions will change significantly when the price of individual modifications is taken into account. It should also be noted that the project of an individual CRM system will be a very time-consuming undertaking for the company, which absorbs at all stages of implementation. This type of project can be described as “everlasting”. They are not ready-made solutions where the manufacturer cares about the implementation of future updates. As a result, the expansion with additional modules or even a simple adjustment to changing legal requirements remains in the domain of the customer. All this leads to a frequent underestimation of the resources needed at the very beginning.

Web-based interface

Nowadays, a CRM system should be primarily web-based, allowing your employees to use it regardless of whether they are in the office or stopping at a parking lot on their way to a customer.

Despite appearances, mobile CRM does not have to be expensive, especially if you choose the offer of a proven business software provider. Remember to use the demo version, which will allow you to test the most important functions of the program. This will help you avoid the wrong choice and save a lot of time and money.

Security and persistence of data

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One of the key arguments for purchasing a good CRM is that it will increase the security of the company in several areas. Not only does the CRM system provide a high level of data encryption (it can be compared to that offered by major banks), but additionally, the provider of such software makes sure that everything is compliant with GDPR and other regulations at all times. So you don’t have to worry that an employee will lose his laptop or the equipment will be stolen because the data about transactions and customers will be properly secured. Additionally, modern programs allow you to easily record the history of customer relationships, which improves sales management. Even if an experienced employee is laid off and a new person takes over his duties, it is enough to train him in the use of the CRM system, so he can instantly check the history and frequency of orders for each of the customers assigned to him. Many employers are afraid to share their entire customer base with new employees, which is completely understandable. Fortunately, the aforementioned system allows you to assign access only to specific companies or other information.

The system should be expandable as the company grows

Even the best CRM may not be enough for a company’s needs, especially if it uses many different tools and it is necessary to integrate them or expand the system. Thus, it is not worth using suppliers who do not offer off-purchase support, because such an investment is very risky. If there are problems with the program and the supplier refuses to help and you have to incur the costs of hiring programmers or change the program. It is better to use the offer of a supplier who specializes in programs for companies and has been providing full support to its customers for years and implements new features if necessary.

Do not forget about the initial needs analysis

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Preliminary analysis is a very important stage in the process of creating an individual solution. If it is done too briefly there is a high risk of overlooking important business functions at the next stage which will be the design of the CRM system. Adding in the future the elements that were omitted at the analysis stage is often associated with a large increase in costs and time expenditure.

Therefore, it is worth conducting a needs analysis for the future CRM system with an experienced external company. The result of such cooperation should be a comprehensive document containing a precise description of the findings. Of course, this type of consultation is another, not always originally planned cost.

CRM system documentation as a security for the future

An important but often underestimated element of the IT project is comprehensive documentation. On the one hand, we are talking about documentation for developers on the other hand for CRM program users. Employee turnover in any company is an inevitable phenomenon. So be aware that sooner or later the system will be developed and used by employees who were not present during the creation of the base version. Creating documentation in a situation where the program is used and changed on an ongoing basis is a time-consuming task. As practice shows it is often a task that is not taken into account at all by the customer.


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In summary, the idea of creating a system on your own is a complicated, time-consuming and more risky process than it may seem at first glance. Therefore, it is often worth considering the alternative which is the choice of a ready-made CRM solution from one of the recognized suppliers.