Can CBD Oil Help Those Who Can’t Sleep? – 2024 Guide

Millions of people face the challenges of falling asleep or overall sleeplessness. In some cases, the pressure from daily stresses keeps the mind active throughout the night preventing relaxation. There is too much thought as to what didn’t get finished or what needs to be started with the brain ruminating over these notions until the night passes you by.

Cannabidiol has been traced back centuries for its sleep-inducing properties. With its legalization, people in the modern age can access the substance for its benefits, and scientists can further test its therapeutic properties. What is known is that the product is a safe, non-addictive pharmaceutical alternative that has shown exceptional promise for individuals facing restless nights.

Can CBD Oil Help With Sleeplessness?

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CBD oil works cohesively with receptors among the endocannabinoid system to regulate physiological functioning such as pain perception, inflammatory response, immune system, hormone levels, and the wake/sleep cycling. In battling insomnia, the compound affects each person differently based on your body chemistry and the way you tolerate the substance. It is typically beneficial as follows:

  • Reduction In Anxiety Levels: Most instances of sleeplessness are based on anxiety levels from a stressful day’s activities with thoughts continuing to stir in the brain. Cannabidiol assists with cortisol regulation.

Cortisol is a stress hormone that has a substantial impact on “non-REM cycles of sleep patterns. CBD has shown properties as an anxiolytic meant to reduce stress and encourage relaxation which, in turn, can help to increase the overall quality of sleep.

  • Relieves Pain Levels: Some people suffer from episodes of pain either chronic in nature or acute leading to an inability to sleep. Pharmaceuticals bring undesirable side effects causing some to avoid them instead of choosing to suffer in silence.

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CBD oil provides a safe alternative for pain management without sedating. With the pain decreased and a greater sense of relaxation, comfortable slumber comes much easier.

  • Nightmare Prevention: Nightmares impact sleep patterns negatively often keeping people from wanting to go to sleep. REM “sleep behavior disorder” or RBD causes individuals to experience regular nightmares and significant restlessness.

Claims suggest that those who suffer from this disorder see minimal side effects when dosing with cannabidiol. The anxiety and stress is calmed substantially to the point of attaining a better quality of sleep.

  • Dual Effect: CBD oil purportedly has a dual effect based on your reaction to the products and what time you take it throughout the day because it has the capacity to regulate wake/sleep cycling.

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This helps to promote daytime wakefulness and a relaxed state during the nighttime. Sleep disorders of any kind can affect productivity in the day and sleep patterns at night. Daytime cannabidiol consumption promotes a level of alertness which can lead to a night of quality rest.

Post-workout benefits: Instead of using certain medications or drugs for helping your muscles recover and reduce soreness, using CBD oil reportedly helps with sore muscles, relaxing the body and reducing the discomfort you may feel at night, as a result of the previous long workout at the gym.

It can also relieve muscle cramps that usually occur after a training session, or during the night when the muscles are naturally recovering. Experiencing cramps can be very painful, and can interrupt your sleep, depending on their strength, so using a muscle relaxant like this can be beneficial.

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Fighting depression: Some studies have shown that there was a certain antidepressant effect after the usage of this oil. This is due to serotonin receptors that are being activated, not necessarily producing new amounts of this hormone, but instead helping the brain respond to already-existing serotonin in your brain and body.

Serotonin levels depend on various factors and sometimes it could be overwhelming to wait a couple of weeks for traditional antidepressants to start working. Along with the process, there are several side effects, while consuming cannabidiol has shown the faster and side-effect-free benefits linked to depression.

When dosing the compound, it is a matter of trial and error with the starting dose being minimal and gradually building up until you reach the anticipated goal. You should never follow someone else’s dosage guidelines because the products will have varying effects based on the item, the time it has taken, and your personal chemistry. Claims suggest the substance is ideally a short-term benefit for “sleepiness” because the effects note to diminish as time passes.

The recommendation is to take the compound approximately an hour before you plan to go to sleep. This allows the product time to take effect. The time it takes for the formulas to kick in will vary depending on the product.

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Generally, sublingual sprays or tinctures provide an immediate reaction. Edibles and capsules typically release the substance much more gradually taking approximately as long as an hour to take effect.

The thing to keep in mind is the applications that act quickly will also wear off faster, while those with slow reactions help you to rest for an extensive period.

Final Thought

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With the hectic pace faced by most people in the world, sleep is often an afterthought. Without the restful slumber that we are required to get on a given night, many suffer resultant health-related consequences.

Insomnia, anxiety, depression, seizures, cramps, pain, whether it’s a physical or psychological problem, have their roots in our everyday life. Modern technology also adds to the constant tension between all the tasks needed to be done at the same time: work, personal life, health, fitness, social life, and many more.

Fortunately, a large majority of the population is now starting to focus on wellness and the importance of rest. With the help of CBD, and maybe taking a step back from some of the chaos, maybe insomnia will become a thing of the past.

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