6 Great Brain Training Apps in 2024

How often do you exercise to keep your body in shape? We are sure that you understand the importance of exercise and try to do them as much as possible. Now, moving to the second question: how often do you exercise to keep your brain in shape, using apps, in particular?

Leaving the space for your answer, we want to draw your attention to the results of some researches. Although the testing occupied a short period of a few weeks, a study reported that brain training apps positively impact cognitive processes and working memory. Within schools and colleges, brain training apps work as stress relievers, motivators, and behavior enhancers.

We want to present you with a list of great brain training apps that you might find interesting. All in all, in addition to the mentioned benefits, you might have an app to spend time in the queue, waiting for something, etc.

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Brain Training from App Holdings

This free app has up to 15 different exercises focusing on various brain functions and cognitive processes. Pleasant interface and color scheme relax your tired eyes while you are choosing what to try first. A simple list with all exercises will assist you: Brain Training has listening, concentration, quick decision, remembering faces, and left and right brain exercises, for example. You can try everything or pay attention only to what you feel you need to improve with the help of this app. Also, developers (and we together with them) advise exercising for up to ten minutes a day, at least.

Skillz: Logic Brain Games from App Holdings

Skillz comes from the same developers as Brain Training. In fact, you may not find much difference in tasks and categories between these two apps, but we do not introduce Skillz without reason. It has a multiplayer mode, and you can train together with three friends or three other random players (unfortunately, four people max limit for this app). If you are overwhelmed with academic tasks and do not have enough time to enjoy all the benefits of this app, outsource your assignment to a professional writer at essay writing service Essaypro.com. It’s a good option for those who want to combine studies and self-development. Skillz app is specifically for those who like the competition feeling; it has ranks and achievements just for you.

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Smarter: Brain training & Mind games from Laurentiu Popa

As a short preface: in 2019, Smarter was awarded as the best Google Play app. Similarly to Brain Training, Smarter has different categories (9 of them) focused on your accuracy, math, logic, memory, and attention to detail. Its mini-games are fun to play. They may seem to be easy (like deciding whether you see left or right hand), but attention to details and no rush is significant in giving correct answers. Your results after each level will be colored. Remember the colors: green (you spent a relatively short time on a level), orange (you struggled a bit), and red (a level took a long time). Besides, Smarter offers you to revisit your progress in your profile, from which you can understand the areas you need to improve further.

Mystery Manor: Hidden Objects from Game Insight

Actually, any app that deals with hidden objects mechanic is a good choice for training your brain. Just think: you need to find a specific object among a variety of other objects and items to complete a level or unlock a piece of the story. In such conditions, you train your attentiveness to very tiny details (check any hidden objects game to understand what we mean). We selected Mystery Manor among them because it has an interesting plot, beautiful visual accompaniment, and mini-games as a variety for the monotonous search for hidden objects (match-3 or flip cards to find similar cards). Mystery Manor can please you with frequent and free updates, the opportunity to feel like a detective, and collections you can gather during play.

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Memory games: Memory Match – Picture Match from Branded Brothers

Old classic memory games come back with a new design, difficulty levels, and different categories to diversify your gameplay. It’s classic because you need to match similar images while “flipping” cards, which are randomly laid out. It is different because you can choose the visual wrapping of the cards whenever you want. Memory Match offers you animals, mobile games, vehicles, cartoons, and promising “more categories to see.” Along with difficulty levels, they will make the exercise less monotonous and more engaging to complete and train your memory.

60 Brain Games: Free Mental Training! from Peoresnada.com

This app is free for sure. Don’t mind advertising – developers have to eat something, especially after creating the app which focuses on four key areas of your brain. You will train your attention (focus and speed are included), long-term and short-term memory, calculation, and logic (problem-solving skills, who don’t want to possess them?). With 60 Brain Games, you also can track your progress; and the developers made five categories for that: speed, analysis, precision, memory, and calculation. Consider also an indisputable advantage of the app: you can train your brain anywhere, and this anywhere doesn’t need to have the Internet.

Training your brain has never been so easy, huh? We agree with that and wish you to have a lot of fun while exercising alone or with your friends.

Bogdan Radicanin
Bogdan Radicanin

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