4 Best UFO Led High Bay Lights in 2024

Lights are the most crucial part of any space, and this is precisely why we took the time out of our busy schedule to introduce you to the best UFO led high bay lights 2024. These lights aren’t only for show off. They are intended to make the job easier for you and your employees. The market offers many options, but we’ll try to connect you to only the best pieces available. You’ll have a rich choice of quality products, so pick your surprise basket without a fear that you’ll be poisoned by a rattlesnake.

1. LE Dimmable UFO LED High Bay Lighting

img source: amazon.co.uk

This UFO LED bulb stands out for its compact size, which stands at 14.17″ x 5.12″ for the standard piece. This makes it much smaller than its counterparts, but it takes nothing out if its quality. Thanks to its size and efficient structure for cooling, this bulb guarantees longevity on the roots of its class.

Dimmable UFO LED High Bay Lighting is known for its frugality, which is something you’ll notice on your electric bill after a few months of using it. Once you start using it, you’ll also see that it’s almost maintenance-free, which would save you money and time you’d spend replacing regular bulbs or other similar models.

This model, which you can find at Lepro, is praised for its appearance thanks to its die-cast aluminum build, which also makes it both scratch and fade resistant. We should also mention that it is waterproof, which makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor usage. Because of this, it is perfect to be used in various locations, starting from supermarkets, gyms, and garages to warehouses and furniture stores. Regardless of the site, you’ll be thrilled that its starting time is less than 0.5 seconds. This means that these bulbs do not need warming up. It works on all voltages starting from 100 VAC, all up to 240 VAC.

2. Grandlumen Ufo Led High Bay Light

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This product stands out due to its high durability. If you opt for this option, you’ll get a device of the highest quality of manufacture. There’s also an option of pairing it with a Luxeon LED light, which gives you fantastic light options and top-notch brightness. GRANDLUMEN UFO LED High Bay Light meets all the safety standards of both commercial and industrial needs, thanks to being ETL certified.

If we are talking about its heat disposition, we can conclude it is also on the highest level, and well above being only acceptable. This product also comes with quite a longevity, all due to its cold-forged aluminum frame, which wards off excess heat. With all of this, you can also shift between voltage offers.

If you are curious about the numbers, you’ll be glad they come in 150 watts, 200 watts, and the biggest one with 240 watts. The voltage also dictates the price, so you should have this on your mind before putting one in your basket. The part that thrills the customers the most is the five-year warranty that comes with this product. If the worst happens and it breaks, you can call the company representatives, and you’ll have your piece either fixed or replaced.

Another fantastic thing that GRANDLUMEN UFO LED High Bay Light offers is the safety rope, which allows you to put it hanging from the ceiling. Thanks to this rope, you can make sure that it states fixated in the place you want it to be. The one thing you need to pay attention to is the brightness. It takes 200 lumens to keep a 10 x 100 building bright enough. For a surface, like this one, you’ll need 16 pieces of 200 watts versions.

3. Hyperlite Led High Bay Light

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Now, this option is one that varies in what it brings to the table. There are a couple of sizes/watts available in stores. It goes from 100W all up to 250W, with 150W and 200W in between. The high-quality is light is what you’ll get regardless of your choice. It is highly compatible with what you need in commercial surroundings.

This product is considered to be a high-performing one. This attribute comes from its ability to produce 140 lumens per watt. If you opt for a version with a reflector, you can add another 20 to this amount. But, it’s going to be enough light for you even if you do not opt for the reflector.

Regarding the certificates, this product has both UL and DLC certificates. What makes it superior to some of its rivals is the fact that it’s both dust-proof and water-resistant. Another trait that customers love is its durability. Same as the model above, it is cold-forged and aluminum-made. Because of this, it is praised for its thermal transfer, and it’s less likely to be damaged in addition to its longer life span.

From its light traits, we would single out that it’s a low-profile light, a circular one, which is singled out for its beauty and uniqueness. They are perfect for every situation as they can be paired with dimmer bulbs. The fiver year warranty is not only available, but it guarantees that HYPERLITE LED High Bay Light will work for the said period. If the worst happens, you can ask for your money to be returned, or you’ll get a new one.

4. Hykolity UFO LED High Bay Light Fixture

img source: amazon.com

Here we have a versatile product that is equally adept in being used in commercial, industrial, and warehouse spheres. Wherever you need lighting, Hykolity UFO LED High Bay Light Fixture can help you. Its design is rather attractive as it reminds people of an extraterrestrial vessel more than any other model. It can be deemed as a smaller piece, but it fits perfectly in any setting.

Regrading the light it provides, it is without a flaw. Bright as you needed to put it that way. Whatever the size of the area you need to be lightened, it would do the job. The heat disposition is one of the best in its segment, and it’s all due to its case made out of die-casting aluminum. If the conditions in which this light works change, it doesn’t matter, as it would work in spite of high heats, air pressure, or humidity.

The size varies as with the other models. In this case, the diapason is from 150 watts to 240 watts. You’ll pick the option you find the best for the space you have in mind and the amount of light you’ll need. Compared to the regular bulbs, this one offers much more brightness. The best part about it is that it saves up to 80% of your regular bulb energy spending. This is going to be noticeable when the bills start coming.

Unlike the options above, which is water-resistant, this one is sealed so well that it makes it waterproof. This is what makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. But, despite all the positive sides and sturdy built, it can’t be used underwater, so don’t even try this.