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2min garluda69
Lo-fi garluda(การ์ลูดาร์)

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2min njrochelle
Normal N I N A ☯
njrochelle My rock, good luck on your adventure see you in a year. I love you,xxo
#love #iloveyou #sister #myrock #myworld #myeverything #imissyou #lost #withoutyou #england #isluckytohaveyou #goodluck #acrossthe #world

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Normal We Outspoken
weoutspoken We had a great day in Rotterdam yesterday with our friends Pieter and Wouter! Today we are driving into Ghent, Belgium. Tonight we play in Olen, Belgium at JH Kapao. Show starts at 8pm. #musicomania2014 #weoutspoken #life #tour #world #memories #rocknroll #rotterdam #overseas #friends 2min

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Lo-fi IvashutinViktor
3min mongibello
Normal mongibello
Hudson Adri
adri_kapadri Welcome to the #world and our #family #babyboy #luca 4min

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Lo-fi Success Stories
grow_positive My Declaration of Self Esteem

I am me.

I am unique. There's not another human being in the whole world like me -- I have my very own fingerprints and I have my very own thoughts. I was not stamped out of a mold like a Coca-Cola top to be the duplicate of another.

I own all of me -- my body, and I can do with it what I choose; my mind, and all of its thoughts and ideas; my feelings, whether joyful or painful.

I own my ideals, my dreams, my hopes, my fantasies, my fears.

I reserve the right to think and feel differently from others and will grant to others their right to thoughts and feelings not identical with my own.

I own all my triumphs and successes. I own also all my failures and mistakes. I am the cause of what I do and am responsible for my own behavior. I will permit myself to be imperfect. When I make mistakes or fail, I will know that I am not the failure -- I am still O.K. -- and I will discard some parts of me that were unfitting and will try new ways.

I will laugh freely and loudly at myself -- a healthy self-affirmation.

I will have fun living inside my skin.

I will remember that the door to everybody's life needs this sigh:

Honor Thyself 
I have value and worth.
I am me, and I am O.K. (Adapted from Self Esteem by Virginia Satir)

#Success #Happiness #Love_Yourself #Life #World #Positive_Thinking #Positive #Self_Esteem

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Amaro Belle
bellecarbajal Places and buildings in my Neighbourhood.. #places #world #neighbourhood #home #buildings #architecture 5min

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