9 Most Expensive Vacation Spots In The World – 2024 Guide

Going on a vacation is the highlight of everyone’s hard-working year. Many people rush to famous tourist spots to catch a little sun and relax. Others, with much deeper pockets, choose less-known destinations that are free of crowds, drunken teenagers, and screaming babies. For them, paying thousands for peace and quiet is worth every dime. With tranquility often comes top-notch service and luxurious suites including everything from couture slippers to golden faucets. The Royals of the world enjoyed these accommodations, as well as presidents and movie stars. The reputation only adds to the tab becoming the prestige spot for the wealthy and privileged. In case you’re a commoner that puts one of these locations on your bucket list, ensure that your trip there is also as comfy as the destination and travel with airbusinessclass.com. The vast majority of the locations are comfortable to the inconceivable level, featuring indoor and outdoor pools, spectacular views, and personal servants, while others are more adventurous in nature.

1. Seychelles

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Off of the western African coast, in the Atlantic Ocean, lies an archipelago of Seychelle islands. Tourism is the most important, if not the only, field of industry that locals depend on. Most of them are open for crowds that flock mostly from Europe, and Northern America, while others are super- private exclusive villas. The most expensive one is the North Island Villa with a huge private beach and coconut trees. It features the gigantic deck that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and offers the ultimate privacy for its guests. However, be ready to cough up $11,000 per night for your little piece of heaven.

2. Fiji

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Fiji is a remote group of islands in the middle of the Pacific. Getting there is expensive already, and once you’re there, brace yourself for even more pricey lodging. The most premium one sit on the private island as part of the Laucala Island Resort. A private island in the middle of nowhere, far away from people and civilization in general provides the ultimate seclusion. This pleasure comes at $45,000 per night, but there’s a catch. Having money is not enough, since the island is privately owned, you’ll need to get the nod from the owners before setting foot on their property. So, bring your bank card and be on your best behavior.

3. Raj Palace, India

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Raj Palace in Jaipur, India is a truly palatial experience. The suite spreads out over four floors and it costs $15,000 per night. Privacy is the top priority with the private entrance and elevator. The top floor features jacuzzi from where you can enjoy the skyline of the whole city. The second floor is reserved for the private museum that displays Old Throne. A suite fit for the king is appropriately colored in gold tones and countless ornaments.

4. The British Virgin Islands

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Necker Island is the favorite spot among US presidents. Almost every one of them visited the ultimate private location at least once during and after their mandate. The secluded island features the usual water activities like scuba diving and surfing, but it’s also boosting with the spectacular wildlife. Palm trees are overshadowing the outdoor pool that overlooks the ocean. The whole suite can host almost 40 people at once, which is perfect if you’re traveling with an entourage.

5. Zermatt, Switzerland

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Zermatt is an upscale village reserved mostly for the ones with a huge budget. The world-famous Chalet Zermatt Peak goes for $55,000 per night and can offer accommodations for a dozen people at once. The place has its own private chef that is available exclusively for the guests. The chalet is situated on the top of the ski slopes and features high-end furniture and fixtures.

6. Musha Cay Island

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Musha Island is a small 700-acre island nestled in the eastern Bahamas. It’s privately owned by David Copperfield and the main emphasis is on privacy. There are no private chefs, servants, and not a whole lot of luxury like other places, but it does offer turquoise crystal-clear waters and secluded house on the beach. Waking up to the waves of the Atlantic Ocean hitting a deck in front of the vacation home could be priceless. It can host up to 25 people and is a perfect spot for small weddings, or romantic getaways.

7. Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas

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One might think that there is no such thing as privacy in Las Vegas, but this hotel has one suite that will give you just that. The premium accommodation is Sky Villa that has spectacular views on the city that never sleeps from its outdoor pool. In case you get lost and think that you just arrived on some secluded island, the inside furniture will remind you that you’re still in Vegas with its round bed in the middle of the room and the ceiling mirror. This ultimate experience costs merely $20,000 per night.

8. Alang Alang Chateau, France

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This Villa has 9 bedrooms, several outdoor pools, and private staff that are available to make your every wish come true. So, make sure to bring your friends and maybe you can split that $40,000 per night bill. The mansion is located in Cannes so it has a rich history of hosting many A-listers during the film festival. All of the 17,000 square ft were on sale in 2019 for $70 million. If this is a bit over your budget, you can always rent it for $400,000 per month.

9. Antarctica

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The unusual spot to have a vacation is also the most expensive destination – Antarctica. Not the comfiest or the most luxurious one, but you can’t beat this location, right? Be ready to shell out $195,000 for one day adventure. This includes the private plane round trip, 8 hours of guided exploration of the remote landscape, and the champagne in the end to ease the shock of this mind-blowing experience. Dome-like tents feature some amenities that you certainly wouldn’t expect to see on the South pole like a private chef that will prepare a delicious meal at the end of the day. Probably seafood.