How To Write An Essay In A Single Day – 2024 Guide

Even to those who love writing, when it comes to writing essays, it is not an enjoyable task. To add to this, if your school gives even stricter requirements, it becomes even harder. But this does not mean that you cannot do it. But this means that you need to understand special ways in which you can write your essay. To write your essay quickly, there are some things that you need to take into consideration. According to, these are the best tips for the fast essay writing:

You need to understand what your goals are

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When writing your essay, whether it is for school or a personal one, you need to know and understand the assignment’s goals. Each assignment has specific goals. Before you start writing, review the goals. Understand clearly the objective; this is essential, especially when you are time-bound.

Pick a topic

In some favorable circumstances, you may have a long time to pick a topic that works for you. It also gives you time to create an outline that will help you with the writing process. But when time-bound, this is not possible.

Write down the first ideas that you get. Have three or four of them. If you cannot do this, you can have your friend or parent help with this. You can review the assignment together and come up with a suitable topic. Do not spend too much time here. Writing the essay is more important than the idea itself.

You do not need to stress about getting a perfect topic for your essay. If you spend time waiting for the perfect topic, you might not have a topic to hand in at the end of the day.

Have deadlines set in place

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When having just one day to complete an essay, having deadlines is very important—a quick example of how to achieve this. You can have 10 minutes to brainstorm, 20 minutes to create a suitable outline, and give yourself some hours for writing. You can also have some time where you can review and get feedback. In between these hours, you should set aside some time to rest and recharge.

When putting the deadline to submit the essay, make sure it’s a few hours before the intended deadline.

Communicate to your reviewers in advance

The people you have considered to be your reviewers maybe your parents or friends. Make sure you have alerted them earlier to be prepared. Also, communicate when you will deliver the draft to them for review. It will help the reviewers to set aside time to focus on reviewing your essay.

Have an essay outline

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When researching how to write your essay, many resources can give you information on that. This article advises on the way to write our essay in the shortest time possible. It includes the idea that when you have a short period to prepare, you leave the outline. You need to note that the outline is very important, especially with a one-day time-bound essay. When you have an outline, you will be focused because you plan how the essay flows. It helps when you have time constraints, it ensures that you do not waste time.

Keep organized

When working under pressure, it is easy to jump into writing without a plan. Ensure that you have an anecdote to help when writing. It also helps to state your argument to your reader.

Do not panic

When you find yourself in a sticky spot, it is easy to panic, even though you are prepared to handle the situation and mobilize all the necessary resources. You need to understand that you are not the only person to be in the same position you are in. many students get caught up and write their essays in a day. Just adopt the proper mindset, and you will be able to write your essay.

Have regular breaks

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When working under pressure and time-bound deadlines, it is easy to be tempted to work for long hours to finish the task. But once you are tired, you start getting diminishing returns. It is tried and tested that breaks have some benefits. So, as you are writing, take some breaks. Relax, stretch, drink some water and then get back to writing.

Do not neglect water and food.

To have a clear mind and thinking, it is good to be hydrated. Food also helps to keep your energy levels. It will drain your energy once you finish writing. It is wise to have a stock of food and snacks that will be there as you keep writing.

Try different scenes

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Suppose you cannot concentrate in your normal work environment. It may be time you switched places. Try and go somewhere where you can concentrate. It may be a library or a coffee shop.

What matters is that the environment works for you. If you have someone who can advise on writing, you can use their expertise too.

Take stock of time resources.

Do an audit on yourself and figure out what time will be ideal for you to perform certain tasks and a realistic plan.

Remove all the distractions when you are in the process of writing.

When you are starting your writing, please note all the things that can distract you and take care of them if you need to turn off your phone or just the notifications. If you need to have a room by yourself, then go for that. Remove all distractions and ensure that your environment is perfect for study.