Why Windows Is The Best Operating System For Ethereum Mining

Mining can prove to be one of the greatest ways to make a little extra cash, but it requires a thorough understanding of some technical details. As mining also requires some hardware investments you will need to know a little more about what you are doing to actually turn around a profit.

The Operating System that you are using to execute the miner is usually among the most important decisions you will make.


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It has been known to offer some nice scripting languages and there is always the ever-popular PowerShell.

This means that the Windows Operating system also comes with some pretty nifty and often advanced stuff. Here’s an example, say you have hooked up your mining rig to your gaming PC, then it will be able to automatically pause the mining process as soon as it detects something major playing.

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The good thing about Windows is that the automation process is as simple as it can get! All you need to do is put all of your miners in the batch file located within the startup folder.

In this way, the miner will start right after the user logs in!

Once every part of your miners is set up, that too with the Windows legendary drag and drop mechanism you pretty much don’t have to do anything. It is not a very human-dependent process!

Usually, you would have had to make an auto-run script after piecing together some code, a whole hassle that can be avoided with Windows.

This same kind of perk extends over to fan-speed control and overclocking methodologies as well. If you open afterburner you can simply enable “run on start” and

Best Driver Support

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The fact that Windows has the best driver support is no shocker. Armed with this premier driver support along with the highly compatible nature of the software it is favored over other operating systems.

As it is Windows, the latest Windows 10 software had come out with a squeaky clean interface and offered a higher level of stability and in turn reliability as compared to its predecessor Windows 8.

The only thing about it is, Windows can be a little more expensive as compared to other operating systems.

Perfect For Newbies

If you are just getting started on the whole Ethereum mining thing, then Windows may be your best bet. That is because Windows tends to give you the least resistance, and you are likely to be faced with fewer challenges.

When you go for other Operating Systems like Linux you will probably be a little confused by the more intricate nature of the software as well.

Third-Party Application Support

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This is the single most effective part of the Windows Operating System! Due to its adept mass gaming reputation, the Windows OS will come with all the add-ons users need to facilitate a better experience.

Whether you hone in on overclocking, monitoring, or RGB color tweaks, or pretty much whatever else you would like, Windows will likely have your back.

Ease Of Use

At this point, there is more or less no discussion, with a GUI and its mass availability and use Windows is by far the easiest OS you can get. I mean how many Windows users have even had to open the terminal? Exactly.

Something even better than all this is its widespread use. That means great support and a large community. Hence, the multitude of YouTube videos and channels that are there explaining how you can make your own Windows Mining Rig, or how you can turn around a profit with it.

If you are a sticker for convenience, and ease of use you probably should look beyond windows.

Level Of Comfort

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At the end of the day, Windows may just be the best operating system for Ethereum mining if you a beginner with limited technical knowledge. However, it is also about your comfort zone, and how easily you can get along with the system itself.

Honestly speaking, most people are ultimately more comfortable with the Windows operating system because of its wide use, availability, and GUI. Moreover, it doesn’t require much knowledge.

What Other Operating System Can I Look Into?

The two major players you need to consider when contemplating Ethereum mining are Linux and Ubuntu.

  • Ubuntu: It can sometimes be a shock for users to see a clean desktop, and the GUI is not bad, but you cannot get far with this operating system but you can’t go far without learning the terminal commands.
  • Linux: When talking in terms of the first impression, people seem to prone away from Linux. However, Linux is well known for its stability something that Windows sometimes phases out on. Linux is called a scripting operating system hence it is backed by Crontab. A perk that lets you run your mining operation including system reboot and other essential operations to keep a stable and successful mining operation.

GPU Set-Up – A Quick Way To Get Started

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Ethereum mining is something that people are still fascinated by, and there are many ways in which you can set up your Windows 10 PC to help make you some profits over time. The most basic form of getting started with Ethereum mining is via GPUs.

This is something that can easily be set up with the help of your Windows OS, and it also tends to be pretty effective too!

Summing It Up

As with all profitmaking side-hustles, hobbies, or businesses you have to get to know what you are really getting into. This holds to be especially true in the case of Ethereum mining, or perhaps even a little more true.

Whatever, the case the Windows operating system should be a great place to start and get to know a little about the mining world.