Why Should You Use Bitcoins? – 2024 Guide

Bitcoin is without a doubt one of the greatest inventions in modern history. It managed to revolutionize the global financial sector and provide the global population with a new payment method that is designed to protect and serve the users, rather than be a profiting tool for the banks and the governments.

There are many advantages that this cryptocurrency has, which is the reason as to why it managed to become so popular in such a short period. Right now, there are millions of people that are using it, and since it managed to headline the news once again due to its spike in value, we decided to devote our attention towards it by naming a few reasons as to why you should start using Bitcoins. Let’s check them out.

User Anonymity

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One of the technologies that power Bitcoin is cryptography. This is a method in which information is hidden through the use of codes. Bitcoin users are protected by cryptography, which hides their personal information, like their real identity. In doing so, users gain a certain level of anonymity and their online security is at a high level.

Being secure in the online world is a huge benefit, considering the fact that the number of online scams has spiked in recent years. The more secure you are online, the smaller the chances of you being the victim are. We should note that Bitcoin’s cryptography does not give you full anonymity.

Day Trading

The popularity of cryptocurrencies has grown exponentially, and today, there are numerous crypto exchange platforms where people can trade their digital coins. In day trading, you need to keep track of the price changes and then start trading accordingly. However, to earn maximum profits, you need to use the best trading strategies.

As a day trader, you must have enough knowledge about the working of the crypto industry. Initially, you can start with a small amount and then gradually increase the trading amount. However, you must know that bitcoin is highly volatile, and thus its price can fluctuate at any time. You will find numerous sites predicting the future price fluctuations of digital coins however, their predictions can be wrong.

There Is No Governing Body.

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Bitcoin is not controlled by any entity, meaning no government or bank has authority over them. They can be used or purchased by anyone. Since their trading cannot be tracked, no bank organization can prevent you from sending your bitcoins to anyone else via the Internet.

Bitcoins are stored in a digital wallet called a bitcoin wallet, a type of virtual bank account. But there is also a dilemma: if you fall into any trap, you cannot complain to anyone. Since there is no bank-like intermediary in money transactions in the cryptocurrency system, no one will be accountable for any fraud.

Easy Transfers

You can transfer bitcoin from one wallet to another by using public keys. These digital coins are generally stored in bitcoin wallets which have both private and public keys. Public keys help in conducting transactions using bitcoins. The transaction history is maintained in the blockchain. It is a ledger that features people’s public addresses, and you can check the previous transactions to verify the authenticity of the trade.

Limited Supply

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The distribution limit of bitcoins around the world is limited, i.e., only a certain amount of bitcoins will be circulated in the whole world, after which its production will stop. Out of 21.5 million coins, 18 million coins are already in circulation, and thus only three million coins are left to be produced. Moreover, the bitcoins’ value is determined by its demand and supply in the market. Thus, with limited supply, the demand for bitcoins further increases.

The Chance to Make a Profit

One of the main reasons why people use Bitcoin is because this cryptocurrency is because it allows them to make a profit. Not only that, but it can turn them into wealthy people in a matter of days. The way to earn Bitcoin is through mining, which is a process that requires you to verify and record every transaction made with this cryptocurrency. Every recorded transaction is called a block, while the log that has all recorded transactions is called a blockchain.

After you earn Bitcoins, comes the second hard part – selling them. Selling Bitcoins is much harder than you’d think due to the fact that this is a currency which has a high volatility rate. Its value changes from day to day. Miners are not able to predict the future price of Bitcoin, but luckily, there are expert sites which can do that for them.

You cannot use bitcoin directly. However, this does not mean you cannot make profits. You can easily trade these bitcoins on an exchange platform and earn profits. When other traders on the platform buy your bitcoin, the money will be credited to your digital wallet. You can transfer it directly to your bank account. The platform will charge some fees to convert the money into your national currency and add the remaining money to the account.

Platforms such as BitcoinTrader use advanced AI software that takes all of the data and predicts the future price of Bitcoin with massive precision. The daily profitability rate at this site is enormous. If you are into this business and looking to make the biggest profit, you can start trading Bitcoin and check about does bitcoin trader work.

Saving Money

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Bitcoin is a self-sustainable currency, meaning that banks and governments have no control over it. Due to that fact, they are not able to implement any extra or hidden fees to the transactions. So, by using Bitcoin, people actually save money whenever they make a transaction. The general fees, especially for international payments, are also much lower than the ones of the other payment methods.

So, not only can people profit off the cryptocurrency, but they also save money whenever they make a transaction, which is a massive benefit.

Fully Optimized for Online Use

We live in an era where most of the transactions that we complete are online. We shop online, pay the bills, book flights, etc. Bitcoin is a digital currency, meaning that it is fully optimized for online use. Every transaction with it is instant.

While you may think that transactions are instant with other methods, such as credit and debit cards, you are wrong. Each transaction has a processing time in which the details are verified. This processing time can be up to several business days, meaning that other methods are not quite efficient when it comes to online payments. That is not the case with Bitcoin.


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Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency. In the first few years, its value increased slowly, but after 2015, the rapid rise in its value made it famous among investors all over the world.

As you can see, Bitcoin has numerous great benefits which dwarf the competition. These benefits motivated millions of people around the world to use this cryptocurrency. The recent record-breaking spike in value is a sign of the growing infrastructure of Bitcoin.

Since Bitcoin is so well-accepted among the people, many experts even believe that cryptocurrency has the potential to become the global universal payment method in the future. Judging from its growth in the past couple of years, that is not an impossible scenario, but we’ll have to wait and see. We hope that the above-mentioned benefits encourage you to start trading using these digital coins.