8 Reasons Why It’s Never Too Late to Learn to Hunt – 2024 Guide

Hunting has been a part of human life since the earliest stages of our development. That means it has been around for thousands of years. Naturally, it has evolved a lot during the years, and you’re no longer as likely to get mauled by an animal as in the prehistoric days, nor do we only use spears and bows and arrows. For more history check https://bowaddicted.com/.

However, along with the evolution process, our need for hunting has dropped. We’re started growing food from the ground and keeping animals for meat in our barns. The need to go out and hunt for food has ceased.

However, during the years, we’ve industrialised everything and that included the food industry. We’ve found a way for a chicken to grow to 2 pounds in a matter of weeks, keep the fat to a minimum and meat to a maximum in our pigs and so on. However, all of this is achieved in a non-natural way. Our food is filled with hormones, antibiotics and loads of different stuff that really should be something we ingest daily. So, how can we avoid that? Well, we could grow our food, raise our animals or go hunting again.

Raising our own animals seems easiest, but, it’s really expensive and hard to find food for the animals that is organic and not pumped with the same chemicals that are used in mass production. So, that leaves us with hunting. So, let’s have a look at why should we turn back to hunting.

1. Health

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First of all, as we’ve mentioned, the meat procured this way is a lot healthier than something you’d find in a supermarket. The meat from a wild animal is free of hormones and antibiotics and all sorts of other stuff that can be found in over the counter meat.

However, those are not the only health benefits of hunting. Hunting cannot be done from the couch. If you want to go hunting, you’re going to have to get up early and go outdoors. Fresh air, walking, being in nature and in the sun is very healthy for your mind and body, especially if you’re somebody that lives in a big city where the air is polluted, where you sit all day in the office and then again when you get home. This form of ‘exercise’ can be of great value to you.

2. It’s safe

It hard to imagine something involving a weapon to be safe, but it is. According to research, hunting is the top 3 safest sports activities. Naturally, it’s not compared to stuff like chess or dominos, since those aren’t physically challenging. However, as far as sports that require physical activities go, hunting is safer than most of them. A lot more injuries happen in football, basketball, soccer and even golf for that matter. So, if you’re looking for a safe activity, go hunting. Of course, you do need some basic knowledge first and you can start the learning process by visiting www.itishooting.com.

3. It’s good for animals

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It might be hard to wrap your head around the fact that killing an animal can be beneficial for species, but that’s the way it is. Actually, when you think about it, it happens all the time in the animal kingdom, so, there has to be something to it.

Like we’ve mentioned, we’ve developed a lot during the years. This has affected our need to hunt since we’ve found food in different places, which has affected the number of previously hunted animals. Additionally, we’ve affected a lot of natural habitat of wild animals by making it our own. With all that being said, it means there are a lot more animals around nowadays with a lot less place to live on, which also means less food for them.

So, managing their population by hunting them can actually prevent them from starving to death or spreading some diseases that could affect their population in a greater way.

4. A lot of money goes towards planet conservation

You cannot just go out and hunt wherever you want, nor you can kill any animals you please. There are rules in places, licences, fees and taxes to pay and so on. Additionally, you need to buy ammo, guns and other weaponry to be able to hunt down the animal. A great percentage of these expenses go towards saving the planet. Millions of dollars annually are donated towards plant conservation.

Many hunters are the world’s leading conservationists. Additionally, since they spend a lot of their time in nature, they tend to share knowledge about nature with others and keep the awareness high.

5. Traditional values

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Tradition is very important for mankind. A lot of great things are born out of tradition and some are still present and respected to this day. Hunting is one of them. If you’re a hunter, chances are you didn’t become one by a chance. It’s more likely that you’ve been taken hunting at an early age by a family member or a friend and you’ve fallen in love with it and you’ll carry on the tradition. A lot of families are generational hunters and that’s something they are very proud of.

6. Keeping the hunting alive

Sad thing is, the number of hunters is decreasing as the years go by. Only 20 years ago there were over twice the hunters then they are today. Hunting is something that has been in human nature since the beginning of time and it should be left to die.

7. It’ll keep you fit

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Live we’ve mentioned, hunting it’s not something that can be done from a couch via phone. You have to get up and go out and hunting can help you do just that. Occasional hike through the woods can do wonders for your fitness.

8. Much appreciated alone time

Although hunting can be and usually is a group activity it can also be something for you to do alone. Having a quiet time, far away from the city and noise, phone ringing and a lot of other things can be therapeutic for you. If you don’t believe it, try it out for yourself.

Those were some of the reasons we feel are more than enough for you to consider trying out hunting.