The Best Chew Toy for Puppy Teething

Puppy teething can be hard to get through.  Your puppy will try to chew on everything they aren’t supposed to and can destroy things or even make themselves sick.

However, they aren’t doing it maliciously.  They’re mouth hurts and they’re trying to relieve that pain.

Puppies start teething from about three to four months and stop around six or seven months.  That’s three or four months of dealing with teething.

A high quality chew toy like our Fenrir Hammer can help with teething.  The best chew toys for teething can be frozen, have multiple uses for play, and allow you to redirect chewing behaviours.

The best chew toys should also have a handle so that you can safely give your dog their toy.  An excited puppy may grab without thinking and accidentally bite your hand.  A handle will keep fingers out of the way.

Freezing Chew Toys to Help with Puppy Teething


A chew toy can help with the pain associated with puppy teething.  That’s w-hy it’s important to have a high quality toy made of rubber.   These toys are made with freezing in mind.

Ideally, you’ll have two toys so that one is always frozen and ready to go.  You can stuff both with treats and freeze.  Then give one when your puppy is gnawing on something inappropriate.

By having two frozen, you’ll have one that’s been in the freezer long enough to last a while and the other will be cooling off again.  You can rotate them out as needed and one will always be ready for you and your pup.

Playing with Chew Toys to Help with Puppy Teething

Just like with us humans, a distraction can help your puppy manage their pain.  What’s better than a distraction they can chew on?

The Fenrir Hammer has play in mind just as much as chewing.  When you throw it, the shape of the hammer allows it to bounce erratically.  Your dog will always be guessing what direction it’s going to go in.

Once your puppy has finally managed to chase their toy down, they’re rewarded with something they’re allowed to chew on and soothe their gums.

The handle also allows you to safely play tug-o-war.  You can hold the handle while your puppy bites down on the head of the hammer.  This will give them a chance to bite and chew while playing with you.

Redirection to Help with Puppy Teething

Due to their versatility, high quality chew toys are the perfect solution to puppy teething.

Whenever your puppy exhibits inappropriate chewing behaviour, you can offer them their toy instead.

You are not rewarding the inappropriate behaviour with the toy despite what some people may say. You are offering an alternative.

When your puppy redirects to the toy you can praise them with a “yes!” pets, or even a treat if they need a little extra incentive to move on from their original target object.

Mary Booker
Mary Booker

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