Long-Term Effects and Benefits of Whole-Body Vibration Therapy

How many times have we heard “our body is our temple”?! Too many times we would claim, but that doesn’t mean that those words aren’t true.

Our body and our health are everything we have. There are no second lives and very few second chances when it comes to health which means we all need to behave more than responsibly when it comes to this. Thanks to a lot of factors that we can’t influence, mostly, our health deteriorates over the years and if we are not careful enough that deterioration might come even sooner than expected.

We live in a world that is filled with problems and if we allow all of those problems to get to use our health is the one thing that will suffer the most. To combat this we all need a filter of sorts for all things that do not concern us and we need regular exercise and a healthy diet. Now when it comes to food there are plenty of things that are unhealthy for us and most of us consume them for different reasons. As time goes by, we slowly shift toward healthier food that is now not so difficult to get your hands on, prepare or purchase.

As you can see, we will not be discussing the topic of food today, but the topic of exercise and a very special kind one if we might say. Whole-Body Vibration therapy is something that is not so brand new, but it is something with results and we will tell you all about them. If you happen to like the results and findings, we are about to present to you, then make sure to get one of these machines for yourself at www.hypervibe.com.

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When it comes to a whole-Body Vibration therapy, to some it may seem a bit funny and ridiculous but research has proven that it benefits you and that it has more than one long-term effect that is positive for you.

The first information you would find when searching for the whole-body vibration machines is that Russian astronauts use them to train for the trip to space. You will find info that claims that they use it to practice for the weightless environment as well as to train their muscles and decrease bone loss and increase circulation and so on. Now, this is all true and if they are using it, it means that there are benefits to this. Another fact about these machines states that the prototype of what is now a whole-body vibrating machine originates from the US and was made in 1880 in Michigan. Back then these machines were used to treat headaches, backaches, back pains, swelling and all of that with rapid vibrations from the machine. The first vibrating plates weren’t discovered as a piece of exercise equipment. It was designed to be a medical aid that will cure sport-related injuries, strain muscles, hard workouts relaxation, reduction of healing times and much, much more.

Okay, that should do it for a history lesson and an intro into what these types of workout machines are nowadays, now let us deal with the benefits you can experience if you start using them as intended.

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Whole-body vibration therapy will help its users to regain flexibility. Getting older isn’t anything fun and we all know it. You lose muscle mass, you lose muscle strength, you get tired a lot and you generally slow your way of life significantly. With whole-body vibration therapy, you can work on increasing your overall flexibility especially if you are dealing with weakness tied to getting older or if you are recovering from injury, operation or illness. This vibrating therapy is good because before you get stronger you need to focus on regaining movement within your body, where the flexibility can be looked at as a foundation of your workouts. These machines will stretch your muscles for you and even if you can currently bend down to touch your toes, for instance, with vibrating therapy you will receive the benefits of that action.

When it comes to those that regularly exercise and spend time in the gym, these machines are great because they will help you relax and relieve pain or tension from all of your muscles. If you are a hardcore gym enthusiast or if you are a pro athlete preparing for something where you have no time to waste, pushing yourself hard might lead to problems where your muscles are starting to cause you issues. Muscle relaxation is what this machine does better in combination with increased blood flow where you can also expect better muscle healing after injuries, tearing or other things.

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An increase in strength is another thing you can expect from whole-body vibration therapy. It can target several different body parts at the same time and it will also allow you to workout longer which we are all on the lookout for. This is the result of a better blood flow and circulation that these machines easily achieve, and that means that more oxygen gets into your body. The result of all that means you have more energy that allows you to work out even harder for extended periods. Another interesting thing is that your overall muscle strength will also improve as a result of your muscles staying at a certain vibration position for extended periods. They will expand and contract a lot quicker which in return builds up their strength.

Better sleep is a bonus and probably the best long-term effect of whole-body vibration therapy. Having these machines and working out with them will greatly impact the reduction of the stress we all have built up which in return help us sleep better. Stress is the number one cause of numerous health deterioration, and sleep is one of them. With whole-body vibration therapy as your daily routine, thanks to increased blood flow, circulation and oxygen throughout your entire body and brain you will see the benefits like faster falling to sleep and staying asleep for longer which is beneficial for good health. An additional thing that needs to mention here is the fact that the effects of a good night’s sleep can only increase your next workout, so these two act as a magic circle that drives you forward.

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