7 MacBook Issues and Ways to Eliminate These Issues


By getting a MacBook, you are also getting one of the most reliable computers you can find on the market.

Having said that, Macs are no different from other models in the sense that they also cause certain issues to the owners.

After a while, you might encounter a specific problem that requires technical knowledge. In some cases, you might need to seek professional help because the severity of a problem is not something you can solve yourself.

On the other hand, most issues ought to be simple enough that you can take care of them without professional help. It is about knowing how to deal with them.

This article will cover 7 Mac problems and ways to deal with them. After reading the information below, you should be familiar with the basics and have solid foundations to solve problems on your MacBook.

1. Screen Flickers

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Let’s start with screen flickers. Since the issue is related to a laptop’s screen, it is not like you are going to take the device apart and look inside without knowing what you are doing.

Screen flickers that occur randomly and seldom might be tolerable. However, if the flickering frequency increases, you will not be able to use the device.

What you can do is to check and see for available macOS updates. The root of the problem could be related to incompatibility between the OS and GPU. Similarly, you might solve the problem by downgrading to an older macOS version. It is worth a try, particularly if the flickering started after you installed a new macOS update.

2. Loud Noises

Loud noises are not something you can ignore easily. If you want to focus and not be distracted, eliminating computer noises is necessary.

More often than not, it is the internal fans causing the trouble. Too much dust inside is clogging the hardware. In addition to loud noises, malfunctioning internal fans also cannot keep the hardware cool. Overheating leads to hardware breakdowns, so you must clean the dust inside a computer.

As an extra precaution, you could also invest in a cooling pad. Laptops have different accessories, but if we are talking about pragmatic choices, then a cooling pad is one of the standout options.

3. Poor Battery Life

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The new MacBook Pro models are great when it comes to battery life. The estimated result is about 1000 cycles, and one charge should last for about 20 hours.

After a while, though, you might notice that the battery percentage drops faster than before. And this is when you need to make some adjustments.

For starters, check Activity Monitor and find out which background processes are consuming the most battery. You are bound to find one, two, and even more redundant background apps that you can quit.

Next, disable visual animations that serve no purpose. Continue to the desktop and remove the clutter you find.

In case the battery is not charging, read on here to find the solution to this problem. Otherwise, you might need to get a replacement.

4. Lack of Free Disk Space

Running out of disk space on a computer is easy when you are not paying enough attention. Since recent Mac models come with SSDs, the overall available storage is not that impressive.

You need to figure out what are the biggest sources for storage issues. For some, it is large media files because these people prefer to keep movies, TV shows, and music on a computer instead of relying on streaming platforms.

For others, the clutter accumulates from temporary system junk, duplicate files, such as images, and localization data.

Deleting redundant files permanently, transferring some data to iCloud or an external HDD, and sticking to streaming platforms should be enough to free up enough space so that at least 15 percent of drive storage is free.

In case the issue persists, and you cannot end it easily, you still have the option to reinstall the operating system and give the MacBook and its drive a clean slate.

5. Slow Internet Browser

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If you are a MacBook owner, you are likely to use Safari—the default internet browser for macOS. The tailor-made tool is great. However, it lacks certain features, such as extensions that Google Chrome offers or the privacy of Opera.

The lack of features leads Mac users to switch to a different browser. Sometimes, the switch turns into an issue rather than a solution because the browser feels sluggish.

To improve your internet browsing experience, you need to optimize the browser. To do that, delete unnecessary extensions, limit active browser tabs, and clear the browser cache regularly.

6. Failure to Back Up Data

Failure to back up data should not be that common, especially if you are using iCloud. Your cloud storage account is not one to fail.

The situation is a bit different with Time Machine. The built-in macOS backup tool has to be combined with an external storage accessory, such as a hard drive.

If you cannot back up the data to your external HDD, check if the accessory is optimized. Time Machine backups require proper formatting, so be sure to take care of that first.

As a side note, do not be surprised if the backup takes a long time when you are doing it for the first time. If there are many files, Time Machine requires time to process them. Once the first backup is over, future backups will not take as long.

7. Audio Issues

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Solving audio issues is not simple because they might be related to the internal hardware. As such, you will likely require professional help. But before you do that, there are still a few things to try.

For one, check the audio settings. Sometimes, random applications change audio settings on the MacBook without you realizing it. Messing with the input and output sound can lead to distortion or the sound not working at all.

If you have problems with the MacBook’s microphone, it might be related to individual apps that require permissions.

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