Who Is Able To Play In The WSOP?

It is true that just about anyone can enroll in the World Series of Poker. There are only two conditions for this to happen, the applicant needs to be older than 21, and it needs enough money to enter. You will surely agree that any poker fan likes to witness something like this. Just think about any similar competitions, no matter what the discipline is.

Almost none of these will provide everyone with a chance to participate without meeting some conditions. However, there are some steps, widely known as qualifications, anyone who wants to participate needs to go through. The final face-off can easily consist of people who are complete novices. Without any doubt, this would make the competition much more exciting, at least for the viewers.

It is always great to see some new faces breaking through, no matter what competition we’re talking about. Not to mention that spectators always have a tendency to chant for the underdogs. You also have some big names in poker as well and this just goes to show that anything can happen, at any time. If you want to gain entry, try winning at some less-known tournaments, which will tell you whether you’re competent or not.

How do I Get Better at Poker so I Can Play in the WSOP?

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If you’re considering competing in the WSOP make sure that you invest your finest efforts to become good enough. Plus, make sure that you attempt and focus on getting the most money possible, for every hand you want to be a part of. Since this is not a discipline where luck makes the difference, this task will be much harder than many people believe it is. You cannot control your opponents’ moves. To get the most out of every hand, reading the opponent’s moves is a crucial skill.

So, be cautious and patient to learn the basic rules, then this will assist you greatly in the future, keep this in mind. It will make you an experienced player and it will sharpen your talents. GGPoker is the best site to play through if you are interested in learning how to be successful – many professionals ply their trade on this platform. Committing a significant chunk of your free time will provide you with many benefits in the future, think about that.

You should perceive it as some sort of practice, so, you get better at what you do with every chance you get. So, be prepared to invest countless hours before reaching the appropriate level to enter the highest of all the competitions. It makes perfect sense, there is no better way to get more skilled at anything than constant practice.

How Much is a Bracelet Worth?

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If you do manage to participate in this tournament and you are able to come out with a bracelet, then you should know that they are not cheap. In most cases, they are made of gold and they are also encrusted with solid stones. It is not known how much the bracelets cost to make, but one winner, Peter Eastgate, chose to sell his anklet on eBay and he came out roughly $150k in total.
He then chose to donate all of the cash to UNICEF. If you ask any professional about the value of their bracelet, then they will tell you that to them, they are priceless. That is why not many people know how much they are worth, and that is why they do not try and sell them. Of course, Peter Eastgate was the exception, as he was donating it all to charity.

But, let’s be realistic, there’s no way we can determine the right value of these items. If you ask us, this is not an item you should sell whatever the reason is. It is an item that shows how successful you were at a competition. Instead of selling it, you should keep it as some sort of reminder of how good of a poker player you were once.

Who is the Best Poker Player in the Game Right Now?

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If you are thinking about entering the world tournament, then you need to know more about the competition and who you might be up against. The image you have will give you a clear idea overall of who you should expect to meet. Sure, the best ones tend to be from the seventies and eighties so they may not be active anymore. However, that doesn’t mean that the current generation doesn’t have some standout names that live up to the name of legends of this game. In fact, there are some household names that still hold the highest places in the ranking.

If you conduct research, it will be clear that there’s no consensus on who is the most skilled one of all time. Johnny Moss and even Stu Ungar tend to be the best at what they do but it is possible to look at more modern players and then include them in your opinion. Phil Hellmuth has the biggest collection of tournaments and so far, his winning total stands at 15.

In case you want to focus on prize money, then Justin Bonomo has come out with more than any other player. This comes down to his win in the year 2018 where he came out with a big jackpot. Of course, the main tournament this year is being held at one of the best-known casinos in “Sin City”. Some of the events have shifted to online and this means that it is more than possible for you to play an event and win without going to the event.

As we’ve mentioned, deciding on who is the best out there is a matter of preference. Maybe you will prefer the style of someone who doesn’t have the highest results more than someone who has the highest achievements in every way. Not to mention that there are so many of them out there, and pretty much each one of them comes with its unique style. So, deciding on one of these can be quite a problematic thing to do.

Last Thoughts

As you can see WSOP is probably the only World competition where practically anyone can take part in. Over the years, we’ve seen many newbies making a significant move against qualified players. Some of them are now known as established individuals with respectable careers in this discipline. If you are confident enough that you can beat the most experienced professionals out there, you don’t have any reason not to enroll in the competition. So, meet all the conditions needed for you to become a part of the tournament and the journey can begin.

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