What Is a Mileage Log Book App?

Log books have always been in use. We need to record data and records. In addition to this, we need to keep the data safe. Therefore, log books have their importance. Previously people used to record the data in notebooks and diaries. This was a simple mileage log. Later on, we got excel and started recording data in soft form.

But is there anything better than excel? Yes, there is. It is a log book. Log books are specially designed for storing and keeping track of your business mileage.

The need for a logbook

Why do we need a logbook? Because we are earning money and also spending it. Therefore, we also need to pay taxes. However, we cannot keep a record of all the earnings and spending without a log book. Even if we make logs on excel sheets, we still need to make recordings for tax deductions. So how can we do so? It is very easy if we get a mileage tracker.

But wait,

What is a mileage tracker or mileage logbook app?

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This is software too, we better say it is an app. This is a tool that will keep a record of all your transactions and will also deduct tax for you. Thus, you won’t have to worry about making separate records and making a record for tax. Everything will be in one place and without much of your effort.

We would recommend you to MileageWise, which is a mileage tracking app. This is just like many other mileage-tracking apps that you will find in the market. However, there are many more things that you will get here. This app offers some amazing features that you will not find anywhere. You can download MileageWise’s mileage log book app here.

After downloading the app, you will have the option to use it for free for a short time. This time will be enough for you to analyze if you want to purchase the paid version or not. If you like its functioning and you think that you can save a lot of your time and effort with the help of this app, you will definitely go with the paid version.

Printable vs digital mileage logbooks

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There are mainly two types of logbooks present in the market. One is a digital one and the other one is printable.

We are living in a digital world and everything is available in soft form. For example, we have apps for keeping a track of our weight and doing exercises. Likewise, we have mileage tracking apps for our businesses too. So what is a better option? Is it getting a mileage tracking app or having a printable logbook?

Both of them have their perks. If you use a digital tool, you will be able to save a lot of your time. Furthermore, all the details will be catered to without any problem.

And if you use a printable logbook, you will be able to keep all the data safe and in printed form. You will not miss any data. Furthermore, you can give proofs and hard copies whenever you need them.

However, MileageWise offers you some of the best features that will take you out of the paper form of logbooks. This is an IRS-approved mileage log. The biggest drawback of paper logs is that humans are writing them. That is why there is always a risk of mistakes because humans can make mistakes. However, MileagWise does not make any such mistake. It is a digital app that will keep your record free from errors.

In addition to this, the digital app will do the tracking automatically. Thus, you won’t need to track your payments individually. All you will do is plug in your phone or connect your phone with the help of Bluetooth. And you can enjoy your trip. MileageWise has a web dashboard that will allow you to input your trips. You will add these details manually in the app.

What will you get in MileageWise?

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So if you are suggesting you use this app, let’s have a look at the features that this app is offering.

1 – $12000 mileage tax deduction

MileageWise is offering an average of 12000 dollars in mileage of tax deductions for 1 tax per car. So you will be able to save tax from one of your cars.

2 – Uses AI technology

MileageWise is an AI-powered technology that will help you in the recreation of your past mileage. So this app is going to analyze your previous journeys and the location of your clients. Thus, with the help of your previous journeys and tours, it will recreate your previous mileage.

3 – Google apps

This app is also going to be linked with Google Maps. Thus, your app will import your data from Google map timeline and also backup.

4 – VIP log preparation

This mileage tracker app is also providing you with the option of VIP mileage log preparation and delivery service.

5 – 3 in 1

This digital mileage logbook has a 3-in-1 automatic trip-tracking mode. These three features include:

  1. It will monitor the movement of your vehicle (thus, it becomes a vehicle mileage logbook and not just a regular digital mileage logbook)
  2. Track your car Bluetooth
  3. Plug’N’Go phone charge tracking feature

In addition to this, you will also have the option of recording things manually.

6 – IRS-compliant mileage log

One of the perks of MileageWIse is that it is an IRS-approved mileage log. Thus, you will be able to get the perfect log without human errors.


To conclude, MileageWise is a newcomer that is offering amazing features that not even other apps are not offering. You can check out the big names and MileageWise will offer more features. You can use this app for tracking your business mileage. Thus, this mileage tracker app will offer you ease in your recordings and logs and make taxation easier for you.

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